Cultural Fuel Trend Report October 2011


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Cultural Fuel Trend Report October 2011


  2. 2. NEWSLETTER CONTENT"Inspiration"Some creative ideas to inspire you !Trends"Hot trends and interesting marketing strategies!Insights & Opinions"Research news about target groups and marketinsights!
  3. 3. Inspiration"
  4. 4. KINECT CONTORTIONISTS"Microsoft has launched a print campaign for the Kinect, their 3D motion capture device designed to work withthe Xbox 360. The images show people forming the shape of a traditional Xbox 360 controller, bringing to lifethe slogan, “You are the controllerʻʻ. 
  5. 5. 700 LIVES. 700 ICE STATUES MELTING"Skin Cancer rates are growing worldwide, where every year in Spain more than 700 people lose their livesdue to melanoma. The agency Bungalow 25 portrayed the vanishing of these lives through life size icestatues, where the sun melted these away, disappearing just like the lives of individuals suffering from thedisease. This campaign manages to convey the message in an extremely powerful, artistic and experientalmanner that doesnʼt fail to grab attention. 
Via:! Watch it on Youtube:!
  6. 6. AXE CELEBRATES HALLOWEEN: HOT-GIRL VS. ZOMBIE"This is Axes bizarre take on Halloween—a 1:20 horror spot focusing on the classic encounter of hot girl vs.zombie. Itʻs an interesting and somewhat ludicrous twist on Axeʻs powerful brand promise of sex appeal—that literally anyone can get some hot-girl action when Axe is involved! 
Via:! Watch it on Youtube:!
  7. 7. TAKE THIS LOLLIPOP – WE DARE YOU...."With it being Halloween season, why not get a bit scared online? This creepy, live-action interactive siteprovides an eerie warning to those who upload personal information to their Facebook profiles. It reminds uspoignantly of the dangers linked to privacy in social networks and that we generally underestimate how muchpersonal details can be taken from them. 
Via:! Watch it on Youtube:! Connect on facebook:!
  8. 8. DUREX - VIRTUAL SEX"Durex promotes safe sex with their ‚Digital Loveʻ website. It claims to offer an interactive virtual sexexperience where “Innovative tactile technology” apparently permits transmission of real emotions throughon-screen sensors, allowing you to ‚experience sex without any risk.ʻ Give it a go! Just pick a partner andplace your fingers on the screen! Only youʼll very soon find yourself rudely interrupted with the revelation thatthis is only a hoax and that Durex are in fact the best way to have real, safe sex. 
Via PSFK:! Check out the website on:!
  9. 9. VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE JUICED UP WITH AR"Check out this innovative out of home advertising effort for the 2012 Beetle in Canada using augmentedreality that permits smartphone users to see Beetle Juiced Up animations that portray the aggressive andperformance oriented nature of this new vehicle. The animations see the Beetle launching itself throughbillboards, jumping off of a massive ramp coming out of a building and crashing through transit shelters. 
Via:! Check it out on Youtube:!
  10. 10. THE ART OF RUNNING – STEVE JOBS TRIBUTE"This documents a runnerʼs passion for mobile communication devices, heart monitors, GPS satellites, art andsocial networking services; these are all mixed with imagination and a desire to push both tech and his bodyto the limits, resulting in some interesting projects. His latest work shows his appreciation to Steve for hisvision and leadership. ! Check it out at:!
  11. 11. SONY IN TWO WORLDS"Sonyʻs stereo 3D commercial, “Two Worlds” employs computer-generated stereo 3D to bring to life the “Donʼtjust watch. Feel.” Tagline. It revolves around the overpowering feeling of love at first sight and brings it intothe 3D realm, observing a couple drawn to each other with such force that the physical world shatters apartaround them in response to the intensity of the encounter. 
Via: ! Watch it on Youtube:!
  12. 12. YOUR MAN REMINDER APP"Rethink Breast Cancer released the ‚Your Manʻ Reminder App, a cheeky smartphone application using hotguys to remind women to keep in mind their breast health. Using ʻhot guysʼ as a reminder is a fun and playfulway for women to learn and be both aware and proactive about breast health and protection.! Watch how it works:!
  13. 13. LOVE EVERY DROP 3D LIGHT SHOW"This ‚Keep it Clearʻ campaign from the wastewater company Anglian Water showcases an amazing 3D lightshow that depicts the scale of the problem when ‚unflushableʻ waste like fats, oils, wipes and sanitaryproducts are thrown down sinks and toilets, causing sewer flooding and environmental damage. It aims tochallenge the way that waste is currently being disposed of. 
Via:! Watch it on Youtube:!
  14. 14. SECRETS BEHIND PAINTINGS"The “Secret Behind Paintings” campaign aimed to connect to a young audience following the museumʼsrenovation. “New Sukiennice”, an augmented reality app, brought paintings to life and showed their stories,showing short films with heroes emerging from the paintings. The app was part of an integrated campaign,including billboards, social networking and e-cards. 
Via: ! Watch how it works:!
  15. 15. LETS NOT DO LUNCH. LETS FEED STARVING AFRICANS"The social media fund raising ‚Letʻs not do lunchʻ campaign aims to raise the money that would ordinarily bespent on lunch. The intent was to „Create a social movement behind famine relief by tapping into socialexperiences we all enjoy, many of which are built around sharing a meal with a friend, colleague, businessassociate, even familyʻʻ. The Facebook application, Lets Not Do Lunch,ʻ leverages the social experience intoa social action that can be shared and activated through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTubechannels.“!Via:! Connect on facebook:!
  16. 16. THE WORLDʻS LARGEST QR CODE"Skanz, a tech startup that links personalized scannable bar codes to a users social-network contact info andthen prints them on such stunning fashion essentials as silicone bracelets, claims to have created the worldslargest QR code—80 gallons of paint covering 10,000 square feet. It doesnʻt appear to have that much of apractical purpose, other than its a fun project. 
Via:! Check it out on Youtube:!
  17. 17. WINE USES INFOGRAPHICS AS BOTTLE LABELS"With the intention of being transparent about the wine and its composition, the ‚Between Five Bellsʻ winerycollected data such as the vineyardsʼ vintage conditions, ferments etc to depict the wineʼs composition in aunique infographic style. In a very visually aesthetic and unique style, the ultimate intention was for the winelabels to tell you something about the wine inside, be honest about it, and maybe even help inspire a bit ofwine research. 
Via PSFK: ! Check out the labels on:!
  18. 18. NAMES ON COKE CANS"Coca-Cola wants to be on a first-name basis with Australians, 150 times over. In the ‚Share a Cokeʻ Summer Campaign,Coca-Cola replaced its traditional branding with one of Australiaʼs 150 most popular first names printed on their bottlesfor a new ad campaign in the country. Each of the 150 names also had an individual song written about it, which can beheard via the Facebook page. Via PSFK: ! Check it out on Youtube:! Connect on Facebook:!
  19. 19. JELL-O CUBE DANCES TO YOUR FAVOURITE BEAT"Kraft released a fun free app for the iphone and ipad allowing users see a cube of Jell-O bust soem seriousmoves to their favorite tunes. The app makes use of an audio analyzer to identify a songs rhythm and energylevel—enabling the Jell-O to dance in tune with the music. 
Via: ! Check it out on Youtube:!
  20. 20. ELECTRICAL BILLBOARD"Australias first volume produced electric car provides the power for the poster. Nice idea to dramatize the benefit. !HL: i-Miev. Australiaʼs first volume produced electric car is on sale now.! Source:!
  21. 21. FROM THE RUG TO THE MOVIE DIRECTORThis TV commercial showcases how inspiring the television channel Canal+ is. ! Check it out on Youtube:!
  22. 22. VIRGIN LETS YOU BOOK HOLIDAYS BASED ONTHE WEATHER FORECASTThe students over at the Miami School of Advertising have come up with a concept that aims to solve one of the biggestproblems when we go on holidays every year: the weather. Feeling a little adventurous? Instead of booking a trip, you canbook a weather. Yes, a weather, because that’s what more often than not can ruin even the most well thought-outvacation.Via: Check it out on vimeo:
  23. 23. GO BEYOND THE COVERDermablend succeeds in showing the qualities of their product, their Leg and Body Coverage Concealer – in a veryimpactful and effective way!Via: Check it out on Youtube:
  24. 24. LANDSCAPES – LAND ROVER DEFENDERThe advertising agency Y&R Brand in Milan show us a simple, but effective way of communicating Land Rovers allegedattributes – that with Land Rover you can „go beyond“. ! Source:
  25. 25. BECKʻS SOBRIETY TESTLeo Burnett In Serbia for Beckʼs beer have launched a mobile app as an extension of their “When I drink, I donʼt drive”campaign. Itʼs a super simple sobriety test: Prove you are sober by inserting a key into a moving keyhole (you need tokeep the key in for 25 seconds). If you fail to do this, then the application will automatically call a taxi that will come topick you up and drive you home. The application features a GPS service, so the taxi will know exactly where to find you.
Via:! See how it works on vimeo:!
  26. 26. CATCH YOUR BREATH –TERRA TRAVEL"DDB in Brazil has made a „breathtaking“ campaign for the travel agency Terra. See the photos enlarged:!
  27. 27. SWITZERLANDʼS ORIGINAL TOURISM ADVERTISING"Switzerland Tourism has launched a new winter advertising campaign featuring a real Swiss weather prophet, MartinHorat. Twice a year, him and his colleagues from the Muotathal Valley predict the weather for the next six months byobserving Nature. One colleague looks at pine cones. Another looks at mouse holes. Martin Horat makes his forecast forthe coming winter by studying the behaviour of ants.Via: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett See the commercial on Youtube:!
  28. 28. GOOGLE: THE ONLINE CHECKOUT IN REAL LIFE "Ever wondered what some of those annoying checkout experiences online would actually be like in real life? Well, hereis Google’s take on them. A satirical 2 minute video highlighting just how important getting the checkout experience rightactually is.Via: See it on Youtube:!
  29. 29. STOP MOTION: THE KING OF LEGOLAND"For those of us who used to love their toys, this stop motion video will take you on a journey of transformation from toy totoy as you might have collected them back in the 80′s… It’s just one of those videos which are great for pauseentertainment!Via: See it on vimeo:!
  30. 30. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJAS ARE EVERYWHERE.....if you start seeing it through the eyes of the author of A bit silly, but very cuteand fun as well.Via: Check out more photos at:!
  31. 31. TOYOTA AUTO BIOGRAPHY"The next commercial for Toyota is one year old, nonetheless it’s still a cute and refreshingly different spot in the world ofcar advertising.Via: See it on vimeo:!
  32. 32. ENGAGING THE CITIZENS - BEN ALI "A huge banner of the former president Ben Ali in Tunisia, who fled the country after massive protests from the populationin January 2011, evokes engagement and even anger among the people passing by. Some people decided to rip thebanner down and what appears underneath is a new banner saying: „Beware, dictatorship can return. On Oct 23rd,VOTE“.Via: See it on youtube:!
  33. 33. A BAD PART AFFECTS THE ENTIRE SYSTEM "A simple but effective print ad by AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil, for VW original parts. See it on: utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=volkswagen-original-parts-bad-part
  34. 34. COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA: I AMAUSTRALIANGoodbys spot for The Commonwealth Bank of Australia humanizes the bank, which is celebrating its 100th birthday.The black and white spot features a woman reflecting on Australian identity and history by focusing on notable heroes inits past and how the CBA has been around through it all.Via: See it on Youtube:!
  35. 35. THE ADVERGAME"This ‚paper advergameʼ is a great example from DDB Helsinki, for mobile operator Sonera, showcasing afun opportunity of how to interact with the brand, and get integrative in refreshing ways beyond basic QRcodes. !Via:! See how it works on Youtube:!
  36. 36. HIDE YOUR TIE WHILE EATING NO MORE"Or just dress up for dinner with this napkin tie. Source:
  37. 37. HONDA: MILLION MILES JOE’S SURPRISE PARADEMaine resident and Honda owner Joe LoCicero took his trusty 1990 Honda Accord to over 1 million miles, the longest thatmodel has ever gone. To honor LoCicero, Honda threw him a surprise parade, complete with floats, a marching band, stiltwalkers, an airplane banner, giant signs featuring his blown-up face--as well as a well-deserved award--a brand new 2012Honda Accord.Via: Watch it on Youtube:!
  38. 38. TRENDS"
  39. 39. THE SMARTPHONE AS A UNIVERSAL REMOTE"TeleTouch, a smartphone program lets you interact with your world with touch, but now from afar!Researchers at the MIT Tech Lab have combined two simple and well-understood areas of technology —WiFi and computer vision — to turn a smartphone app into a universal remote control: just point your phoneat an appliance, and then control it by tapping on your screen. !Via:!
  40. 40. PANORAMIC BALL CAMERA: 360 DEGREE PHOTOS"This ball-shaped camera uses 36 fixed-focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera and an accelerometer. Asthe foam padded ball is thrown into the air, it can detect when it reaches its highest point and simultaneouslytake photos in all directions.The 36 images are then merged together to create a full spherical image whichcan be viewed using a spherical panoramic viewer… and you can see what you look like right after a throw.Via:! Watch the video on:!
  41. 41. QR PEDIA CODES"QRpedia allows a single QR code to direct you straight to the mobile-friendly version of any Wikipedia articlein your own language. This system is unique to Wikipedia as no other website has manually created linksamongst languages spanning such an range breadth of topics. Check it out on:! A label within the exhibit Carousel Wishes and Dreams in The Children‘s Museum of Indianapolis that uses a QRpedia code to direct users to the relevant Wikipedia article.
  42. 42. SOON, THE WORLD WILL BE ONE GIANT TOUCHSCREEN"Even though it is a bit far away from being commercialized, the idea is not as far-fetched as it might sound. We mightsoon be able to interact with technological devices on any surface. In fact, these projection devices are already inearly development OmniTouch enables you to project interactive touchscreens on nearby surfaces (even on yourown arm!). !Via:! See how it works on Youtube:!
  43. 43. FACEBOOK GESTURES ARE NOW MORE THAN ‚LIKEʻ"Facebookʻs ‚Likeʻ button holds huge appeal for websites; It took less thn a month to emerge on over 100,000 ofthem. “Likes” are however merely an endorsement on the social web, limiting deeper engagement possibilities.Facebook is now launching Facebook Gestures where theyʼre expect that more will click a button saying theyʼve“Listened” to a song or “Watched” a video, not just liking it. Thatʼs why Facebook will be rolling out “Watched,”“Listened” and “Read” buttons, amongst others. !Via: !
  44. 44. DIVING INTO THE PASTʼS FUTURE VISION"The next clip shows how Apple in 1988 envisioned how the technology in the future would be an integrated part of oureveryday life. With the „Knowledge Navigator“ you could keep track on your appointments, gather information on the„University Research Network“ and even speak with other people simultaneously as you could see them on the screen!Sounds familiar?Via: See on Youtube:!!
  45. 45. ANIMATED HUMAN FACES ARE FRIGHTENINGLY REAL"Animation shop ‚Janimationʻ created this video game cinematics demo, where real human faces aretransformed into a photorealistic animated talking head. To create the video, a mix of motion capture withinternal technology and techniques was developed, and a new render engine called Arnold. Janimation saysthe technology will be a game changer for rendering use in commercials and film, because everything is somuch more immediately realistic. ! Check out the video via: !
  46. 46. THE IMPORTANCE OF SOUND"Watch this great short documentary by Sound Cloud, an online audio distribution platform which allowscollaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings. They gathered insights and opinions from varioussound experts to illustrate what exactly it is about sound that lets it play such a crucial role in how we relate to andconnect to the world. May offer interesting implementations for multi-sensory branding opportunities. !Via: ! Watch it on vimeo:!
  47. 47. YOUTUBE SENDING USER-SUBMITTED SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS INTOSPACE"YouTube Space Lab is now accepting submissions from students that will send their science experiments into spaceto be tested by NASA and European Space Agency astronauts and those experiments will be broadcast live onYouTube. The two winners will be hand selected by world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking along with a team ofjudges from NASA, the European Space Agency and Cirque du Soleil. Each contestant must submit a two-minutevideo explaining their science idea which must be posted on the YouTube Space Lab page. The actual experimentswill be launched into space in Summer 2012. ! Check it out: !
  49. 49. 10 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR FACTS ON TWITTER"Just how powerful is the Twitter connection between consumers and business? A study investigating thebuying habits of 1,491 consumers revealed amongst other things that:!1) 50% of people who follow a brand are more likely to buy that brands product!2) 60% of brand followers recommend the brands they follow to friends!3) 75% of people surveyed said they never unfollow brands after making a commitment to them!4) 67% of brand followers demand unique content from followed brands.!Via:! Check out the study on: !
  50. 50. ARE CAMPAIGNS BULLSHIT?"Interesting quick conversation among creative leaders about the merits of campaigns in this day and age.Luckily, the group quickly settled on the fact that it isnʼt about the word campaign, but about doing somethingto change how brands tell their story. 
Posted by: Alexander Wipf in:! Watch it on:

  51. 51. SOCIAL SHARING: THE SHAREPOCALYPSE"The social online world is flowing over with information. This is a great infographic listing some interestingdetails on the growth of our social sharing behaviours and key consumer patterns on social web sharing. !Via:! Check out the whole infographic on: impending-sharepocalypse/!
  52. 52. WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED FROM STEVE JOBS?"The interwebs have been full of eulogies and tributes to Steve Jobs - but some of my favorite articles have beenthe ones that talk about what people learned from the man behind the Apple.  Because you donʼt have to like orown his products to see and respect the many lessons he learned and principles he lived by. !Posted by: Jay Denhart in:! Read the article on:!
  53. 53. FAKES MAKE YOU PHONY"Simply wearing fake designer items actually causes individuals to act in a greater unethical and cynicalmanner. A research study provided young female subjects genuine and expensive Chloé sunglasses towear, but half of the participants were told they were wearing fakes, where they found that:!1) When told that cheating would not be found out, subjects wearing “fake” sunglasses were more than twiceas likely to cheat on a math test (69% vs 27%). !2) Subjects wearing “fake” sunglasses judged other people as more likely to behave in a dishonest manner. !Takeaway: Good news for luxury brands where authenticity counts. Instead of an ego boost, wearing fakesmakes one feel like a phony. !Via: ! Find the original paper here: Gino, F., Norton, M., & Ariely, D. (2010). The counterfeit self: The deceptive costs of faking it. Psychological Science, 21, 712-720. !
  54. 54. BRANDS MAKE YOU HOTTER!"Researchers set up an online dating simulation where 5 minute phone conversations were held with apotential match. Half of the subjects were provided a brand-name cell phone battery, and half a generic,which were replaced before the conversation. When estimating how attractive their match would find them(Scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being most attractive): The branded group averaged 4.6 whilst the generic groupaveraged 3.7. Their “date” had no way of knowing, yet the generic group considered themselves 20% lessattractive than the branded group. !Takewaway: Using authentic branded products strongly influences our self-image even when these arenʼtvisible to others. Avoiding generic or fakes plays a key role, as only if we ourselves feel authentic, weʼlltransmit that feeling to others. !Via:! Find the original paper here: Chao, Y.H., & Chiou, W.B. (2011). Genuineness matters: Using cheaper, generic products induces detrimental self-evaluation. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47 (3), 672-67!
  55. 55. DOES MCDONALDS MAKE YOU IMPATIENT?"Providing an interesting insight into consumer behaviour and how we react to fast food brand symbols, abehavioural priming study found that:!1) Even an unconscious exposure to fast food symbols can automatically increase reading speed whenunder no time pressure!2) Thinking about fast food increases preferences for time-saving products !3) Mere exposure to fast food symbols reduced peopleʼs willingness to save and led them to preferimmediate gain over greater future return, ultimately harming their economic interest .!Takeaway: Even incidental exposure to fast food and related symbols can induce impatience and instantgratification beyond mere eating, holding significant implications over the effects of brands and resultingbehaviour. ! Find the original paper here: Zhong, Reference: C. B., & DeVoe, S. E. (2010). You are how you eat: Fast food and impatience. Psychological Science, 21, 619−622.!
  56. 56. INFOGRAPHIC: A VISUAL HISTORY OF TWITTER "This is a great collection of info bites related to the most popular microblogging service, including lists ofrecord-breaking tweet events, business models, adoption rates, most-followed accounts and interesting andfun facts. !Via: ! Check out the whole infographic at:!
  57. 57. SHARING ON THE WEB. HOW, WHEN AND WHAT TIMEDO PEOPLE DO IT?"Who shares your links? Where? What day and time are people more likely to share? Check out theinfographic compiled by bookmarking and sharing service ‚Add Thisʻ covering 5 years of sharing data from1.2. billion users:! Check out the whole infographic:!
  58. 58. HOW ARE YOU? BREAK THE ICE IN FOREIGN LANDSThe average tour guide translation for “hello” in different languages are dull and often not really what the locals say.Skype gives you an example of phrases on how to really greet native speakers in their own language. Check out all at:
  59. 59. THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF BEING WEIRD"Glee celebrates it. Austin wants to stay that way. Apple embraces it. But what can marketers learn from beingdifferent or even a little weird. In this brief TED talk, Derek Sivers explores how weird can just be the existence of theopposite of what youʼre expecting, given your past experience and circumstance.!Posted by: Jay Denhart! Check it out on:
  60. 60. WHAT THE TECH?!These past few months have been full of all types of new tech news – from the release of the new iPhone 4s Netflix’sflipping and flopping with separating their streaming / DVD by mail services (although keeping their price change ineffect) and Facebook changing their profile layouts. With all these breaking tech updates, it can be a challenge to stayon top of it all – and more importantly, to see how people feel about all of these changes. Lab42 launched a survey to500 Americans asking them about their thoughts and opinions on these tech related updates. Have a look at the whole infographic here:
  61. 61. ANATOMY OF AN AGENCYAt last someone had the surgical mind to dissect what all our agency bodies are made of. Contrary to the title itis no empiric study but an entertaining look at the daily ‘marketing grind’. Find your own discipline and thenshare this graphic with your ’91 followers on Twitter’. Have a look at the whole infographic here:
  62. 62. Released by Planning Department Frankfurt
October 2011
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