Cultural Fuel Trend Report November 2011


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Cultural Fuel Trend Report November 2011


  2. 2. NEWSLETTER CONTENT"Inspiration"Some creative ideas to inspire you !Trends"Hot trends and interesting marketing strategies!Insights & Opinions"Research news about target groups and marketinsights!
  3. 3. Inspiration"
  4. 4. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: LIVE AUGMENTED REALITY"National Geographic used augmented reality technology in a really big way for shopping mall visitors to reallyimmerse themselves in the National Geographic World and see themselves visually interacting with contentfrom the National Geographicʻs archive such as dinosaurs, a leopard, an astronaut and a dolphin. !Via! Watch it on Vimeo:!
  5. 5. NOKIA LUMIA LIVE FT DEADMAU5 LIGHTS UP LONDON WITHAMAZING 4D PROJECTION"The first Windows-based Nokia smartphone was celebrated with a one-night event during which a spectacular 4Dprojections appeared on the full length of the 120 meter building of Londonʼs Millbank Tower. The show used the 800windows of the skyscraper as the canvas for the spectacle accompanied by the live music performance of deadmau5.Source:! See on !
  6. 6. DOMINOʻS PIZZA HERO FOR IPAD"Interesting example of providing game dynamics in what is usually a “Gimme Number 3 without Anchovies”process.
Posted by Alexander Wipf
Via! Watch it on youtube:!
  7. 7. ULTIMAT VODKA: SOCIAL LIFE AUDIT FACEBOOK APP "In the social media age, you are what you put on Facebook, where Ultimat Vodka is now there to rate thesocial media version of your social life. An app uses facial recognition API and a database of over 2.5 millionbars, restaurants and nightclubs to observe an individuals Facebook photos and check-ins. It then scoresthese social life assets, giving a pass/fail grade depending on the score, and illustrates them withpersonalized infographics using categories such as Gender Ratio, Average Mood and Social Status. Theapp also suggests local activities to help improve ones score. !Source:! Check it out on youtube:!
  8. 8. FLEXIBLE BUS "Community First Credit Union has launched a campaign which uses a 3D illustration to make a bus appear to stretchedout of shape. !Source:!
  9. 9. AUGMENTED REALITY CHILDRENʻS BOOK"Leo Burnett Sydney has created the first augmented reality childrenʼs book, creating a truly interactiveedition. The Parrot Carrot Safari iPhone app brings the characters in the book to life by turning the iPhonescreen into a pair of magic binoculars. It allows young players to peer into and explore a world of unusualrhyming animals, superimposing them on the viewerʼs own surroundings.!Source:! See on Youtube:!
  10. 10. PEOPLE AS PAINTINGS"Alexa Meade took an innovative approach to art by flipping things around, instead of painting people as lifelike as possible, she paints on people so they look like fine artworks. Some truly beautiful work.!Source:! Check out her site:!
  11. 11. HONDA CIVIC EXPERIMENT"Honda experiments with different ways of marketing to attract a consumerʼs attention. As part of its 2012Civic campaign, the automaker has released an online game that asks players to create a chain reaction onscreen by placing a set of pop-up windows in the correct sequence. The game titled The Experiment usesHTML5 technology that expands possibilities of browser based gaming. There are objects in each windowthat interacts with those around it to create hundreds of possibilities and combinations. After passing alllevels, players can create their own chains to challenge their friends with. !Source:! Watch it out on youtube:
 Check it out on:!
  12. 12. CHEVROLET BUNGEE JUMP"General Motors decided to take a social approach to launching their new 2012 Chevy Sonic by sending thecar off a 100-foot structure. The social campaign urged users to log into and click a buttonthat would get the car closer and closer to the edge. It took over 2.4 million clicks but one final click sent thecar over the edge where it was caught by bungee cables. Several cameras placed around thetower transmitted the action live on the site.!Source:! Watch it on youtube:! Check it out on:!
  13. 13. BENETTON UNHATE KISSING"Benetton launched The UNHATE project, an integrated advertising campaign featuring print, outdoor, digital and filmfocusing on the kiss, the most universal symbol of love. The retouched images are designed to be somewhat ironic andprovocative and prompt consideration on how often confliciting and opposing topics such as politics, faith and ideasshould still facilitate dialogue and compromise.!Source:! Check it out on:!
  14. 14. REEBOK CREATE WORLDʻS LARGEST 3D PAINTING"Reebok has partnered up with CrossFit to set a new Guinness World Record. Street artists ʻ3D Joe & Maxʼhave turned parts of Londonʼs Canary Wharf quayside into the largest 3D artwork in the world. The 1,160.4metres square and 106.5m long painting was unveiled showing a breathtaking waterfall and rocky outcrops ina deep canyon image. People standing in both sides of the ʻcanyonʼ could play ball passing it to each otherwhile standing just ʻon the edge.ʼ People could join the Reebok CrossFit team in ʻextremeʼ workout and sharetheir results on Reebokʼs Facebook page.!Source:! Watch it on youtube:!
  15. 15. TELEKOMʻS HOLOGRAM CHRISTMAS SURPRISE"Deutsche Telekom surprised Europe with a Mariah Carey Christmas concert in five different places at onetime. Thousands of people shared the memorable moment and were at first convinced Mariah was there inperson but in fact she was a hi-tech hologram. There were more than 27,000 visitors to the live streamchannel. Each city was satellite linked to the other, to enable interaction. Each person at the concert wasgiven a QR code that took them to an app for a candle flame on their smartphone.!Via:! Watch it on youtube:!
  16. 16. SUN PLAY: TANNING TATTOO"SunPlay provides SPF and UV protection for sun lovers allowing them to play in the sun without worryingabout getting burned. To illustrate how their product works they distributed SunPlay Tanning Tattoo stickersto sun lovers on the beach. After playing and tanning in the sun, they could remove the stickers from theirskin leaving a mark.
  17. 17. SAMSUNG VS. APPLE"This is a great little poke from Samsung at the hardcore Apple fanbase and their self-hypnotising Applefanboy community. You know the ones, camping outside an Apple temple, turning their wait for a new iPhoneinto an event of massive (blogging and tweeting) proportion. Check out Samsungʻs commercial for their newSamsung Galaxy S2 to see how they did it.
Source:! Watch it on youtube:!
  18. 18. TRY AND RACE THIS AD"This is a fantastic experiental campaign by ASICS, highlighting their recent sponsorship of the ING New York CityMarathon. At a NYC subway station, a huge video screen (60 feet) wall installation challenged subway users to raceagainst and outrun a video of the renowned American marathoner Ryan Hall, who has an outstanding 4:46 mile pacethat he can hold for 26.2 miles! Itʼs a great example of bringing the racing spirit to life beyond the actual marathon dayand encouraging a high level of physical involvement and participation with the brand.
Posted by Mareike Jaensch
Via! Watch it on youtube:!
  19. 19. MICROSOFTʻS VISION FOR THE FUTURE"Watch how future technology could possibly help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, andstrengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.
Posted by Mareike Jaensch 
Via:! Watch on:!
  20. 20. LEGO CHALK ARMYAs a part of the Sarasota Chalk festival in Florida the Netherland based street artist group PlanetStreetpainting created an awesome Terracotta inspired Lego army out of chalk.Source:
  21. 21. POTATO CHIPS IN REAL TIME "Layʼs has built a vending machine that allows a peek into the way their crisps are made. Throw a potato intothe machine and observe the process in a simple, fun and straightforward way!!Via:! Watch it on Vimeo:!
  22. 22. OLW: #cheezgateOLW Cheez Doodles is one of the most popular snacks in Sweden. For years there has been a nationalfeud regarding the Swedish name whether to call them ostbågar (cheese bows) or ostkrokar (cheesehooks). JMW Stockholm created an attention grabbing ”walk-thru voting machine”, a cheezgate, thatexplained the entire campaign with two physical steps. The cheezgate was placed in the center ofStockholm and invitations to go vote were sent out via Twitter using the hashtag #cheezgate.Via:
  23. 23. COCA-COLAʻS DIGITAL 3D SODA FOUNTAIN"A giant 52-foot-tall digital Coca-Cola fountain is currently on display at the El Condado shopping center inQuito, Ecuador. It offers an innovative and interactive 3D experience where viewers can interact with theCoca-Cola Cascada through having their motions captured and mirrored on the fountain. The interactveelement of the exhibit is part of Coca-Colaʼs aim to encourage active participation as opposed to passiveviewing. !Source:! See it on Youtube:!
  24. 24. STARBUCKS CUPS COME TO LIFE WITH AR APP "Starbucks is launching its first major augmented reality app this holiday season that will let customers animate theircoffee cups with their smartphones. As demonstrated in the video below, the app works by pointing your phoneʼs cameraat the companyʼs red holiday season coffee cups and 47 additional objects, such as bags of coffee, on display atStarbucks retail locations.!Source:! See it on Youtube:!
  25. 25. NANDOS COMMERCIAL: LAST DICTATOR STANDINGThose were the days, my friend. In a new commercial for the South African restaurant chain Nandos,Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is spending a lonely holiday without the company of former fellowdictator-friends.Source: Check out the bizzare commercial at youtube: v=38YWB8iX7OY&feature
  26. 26. BJØRG JEWELRY: HERESYProducing unusual, strange and diverse ads in order to create buzz around brands is not a new invention,nevertheless the Norwegian jewelry brand Bjørg is showing us a new way on how it can be done.Source: Check it out on Vimeo:
  27. 27. PYTHAGASAURUSWhen the directors at the Aardman Animations studio are given free reign, they come up with the crazystories like this one below about a dinosaur who’s good at math. Without a doubt a great self-promotionshowing what they are good at.Source: Check it out on Vimeo:
  28. 28. VISIT NORWAY"Using in-tunnel advertising, presents Norwayʼs landscape as an alternative to riding theunderground subway. In-tunnel advertising is an innovative outdoor medium, where multiple LED screensmounted on tunnel walls create an animation that is perfectly aligned to each passenger window. !Source:! See it on Vimeo:!
  29. 29. AMBIENT: LONGEST OUTDOOR VIDEO MAPPING IN THE WORLDThe Saks Fifth Avenue Snowflake & the Bubble projection show is bigger and even more spectacular for2011. The 3D Projection mapping show runs every night for 5 hours, from Nov 21st till Jan 6th. Making itthe longest outdoor video mapping experience in the world.Source: Check it out on youtube:
  30. 30. FRIEND REQUEST FROM YOUR UNBORN CHILD ISACTUALLY A CONDOM ADWhats the best way to scare a guy into using a condom? How about sending him a creepy Facebookfriend request from the baby he might have if he doesnt use one? Brazilian agency AGE Isobar organizedjust such an insidious campaign for Olla condoms recently, as outlined in the case-study video below. Theagency apparently targeted specific guys and created actual Facebook profiles for their unborn children(by tacking "Jr." on to their names), who then attempt to friend Daddy.Source: Check it out on youtube:
  31. 31. PENNINGTONS SURPRISES THEIR CUSTOMERSIN STOREThe customers of the American clothing chain Penningtons get a nice surprise when they are trying theplus-size clothes on in front of the custom-made ‘magic’ mirror; it’s not everyday you get roses from twohandsome firefighters!Via: Check it out on youtube:
  32. 32. VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN - DUELVW get their point across in this new ad, showing the Tiguan’s innovative technical features in a veryhumoristic way.Source: Check it out on youtube:
  33. 33. JC PENNEY USE OF QR CODES: WHOʼS YOUR SANTA?"JC Penney, the US department store chain, is encouraging buyers to personalise their Christmas seasongiving with an innovative way of using QR tags and mobile phone technology. “Santa Tags”, in the form ofQR codes, allow buyers to record personalised gift messages for each of their gifts. !Source:! Check out how it works on youtube:
  34. 34. CANAL DIGITAL – THE MAN WHO LIVED IN A FILMThe agency Try/Apt has created this humorous commercial in Norway to tell the viewers that the TVchannel Canal Digital now has even more films than ever before.Source: Check it out on youtube:
  35. 35. OLD SPICE MOTORCYCLEThe newest ad for Old Spice, "Motorcycle" features three guys who crack apart like porcelain while sittingin a hot tub just before riding off on a motorcycle. Old Spice quote "The scents of Old Spice turnembarrassingly normal guys into face model champions who smell like adventure and fine cutlery. Sodouse your body regions with the scents of Old Spice and "Smell Better Than Yourself.“Via: Check it out on youtube:
  36. 36. GUYS SCREAM FOR JUSTIN BIEBER IN MACY’SBLACK FRIDAY COMMERCIALPresumably Macy’s will sell a lot of Justin Bieber perfumes after the launch of this commercial.Via: Check it out on youtube:
  37. 37. ASPIRIN: HEADACHE LIGHTSBBDO made uses of brake lights on the back of buses to exaggerate the pain caused by headaches in anoutdoor campaign for Aspirin. When the buses braked, the lights lit up to highlight the throbbing pain.Source:
  38. 38. OBERMUTTEN. A LITTLE SWISS VILLAGE GOES GLOBAL.No one has really heard of the small village of Obermutten, thus no one comes to visit. Therefore the 78residents decided to do something about that by launching a Obermutten Facebook page saying thateveryone who likes the page will get their profile printed and hung on the information board in the smallmountain village. Over 60 million people have now read or heard about Obermutten through mass mediaand the fanbase has surpassed 14,000 people. That‘s what one can call a great marketing effort. Check it out on youtube:
  39. 39. MICKEY MOUSE BRINGS DISNEY MAGIC TO NYCDisney has created a fantastic augmented reality experience right in New York City where people cancapture an image of oneself with one of the famous Disney characters.Source: Check it out on youtube:
  40. 40. TRENDS"
  41. 41. GOOGLE MAPS INDOORSAre you used to getting lost, not only when you’re out and about, but actually indoors? Like in malls forexample? Google Maps has now come up with Google map for indoor use. Use it on your android phonein selected airports, shopping malls and retail stores to find your way once inside the buildings.Via: Check it out on youtube:
  42. 42. EBAYʻS NEW APP OUT TO ALTER TV SHOPPING"eBay have taken a pretty big step into the social shopping scene with their iPad update that features a brandnew app. It synchronizes up in actual time to any TV program in the US that may be currently running onscreen and allows you to browse relevant eBay search results related to the show. This looks like a prettyneat app and could be huge push on impulse purchases, straight from the comfort of your couch!!Posted by Mareike Jaensch!Via:! Watch it on youtube:!
  43. 43. TOILET GAMING TECHNOLOGY TARGETS URINALBOREDOM"UK design team Captive Media has devised a urinal-mounted, urine-controlled games console, which ithopes will relieve men of boredom across the country. It is called the first "hands-free" video gaming consoleof its kindable to detect where the urine is falling by means of an infrared device. The study device sits abovethe normal oval ceramic urinal bowl, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. The user is presentedwith three generous targets to aim for in the urinal: stickers in the unit that read "Start", "Left" and "Right“.The men can thereafter use their mobile phones to post their scores to Twitter and a live leader board. Theconsoles are also a platform for adverts targeted at men. "It is allowing brands to really engage in a fun andmemorable way“.!Read the full article:!
  44. 44. BERG LITTLE PRINTER AIMS TO MAKEPRINTING FUN AGAINThe design studio Berg, based in London, is launching an unusual product in an age where people areencouraged to go green and to only print when neccessary. Because with this mini printer Berg wants tomake printing cool and fun again, as well as green. Berg is collaborating with Google, the Guardian andNike.Source: Check it out on vimeo:
  45. 45. PANASONICS NEW SOCIAL TV APP PUTS TWITTERAND FACEBOOK NEXT TO YOUR TV SHOWS"Panasonic recently launchd a new Internet Social Network application, Social TV, that allows one to accesssocial media sites such as Twitter and Facebook while also enjoying programming simultaneously on theirTV. Get ready to tweet and facebook about your favourite shows or interesting programmes right whilewatching them. !Via:!
  46. 46. SAMSONITE GPS TRACKER"The Samsonite Tracker is the first GPS incorporated luggage that allows users to track their luggageanywhere in the world using the smartphone Samsonite Tracker App.!Via:! See the image on: !
  48. 48. TWITTER RELEASES COLLECTION OF BEST “TWITTERSTORIES”"Twitter released a collection of Twitter stories that are meant to show the “humanity behind Tweets that makethe world smaller.” there are currently nearly 20 short vignettes that range from 100 to 150 words on averageand showcase what users can do with just a few snippets of 140-character postings. Among the top stories isRoger Ebert who used the service after he lost his voice, while another person received a kidney aftertweeting “sh*t, I need a kidney.”In another story a man tweeted and saved his momʼs bookstore from closingdown forever. Users of Twitter Tales will be familiar with the format although Twitter Stories appear to beshorter and more poignant than Twitter Tales which debuted in August 2010.!Via:! Check it out at:!
  49. 49. DO CONSUMERS PURCHASE INTERESTING PRODUCTSWITH CREDIT AND BORING PRODUCTS WITH CASH?"People who pay cash focus on different aspects of products than people who use credit cards, according to a new studyin the Journal of Consumer Research. In the experiments, people had to think about either credit cards or cash asmeans of payment and observed how participants evaluated different product attributes. "We find that people attendmore to product benefits when concepts related to credit cards are highlighted in their minds as compared to cashconcepts," the authors write. "On the other hand, when cash concepts are primed, people tend to focus more on productcosts (monetary and non-monetary)."!Key neuromarketing takeaway: If you are selling mainly to credit card customers, focus your advertising and sales effortson benefits. These customers will be less sensitive to details about price, shipping fees, etc. But for your cashcustomers, you should work to demonstrate that your offer is cost-competitive and a bargain, e.g., lower price, lowerinstalled cost, free shipping, etc.!Via:!Read the aricle: Promothesh Chatterjee and Randall L. Rose. "Do Payment Mechanisms Change the Way ConsumersPerceive Products?" Journal of Consumer Research: April 2012 (published online August 11, 2011).!
  50. 50. LOUIS CK ON SOCIAL MEDIA"Apart from the fact, that Louis CK is always hilarious, he has some pretty awesome observations on peopleʼs behaviorwhen it comes to social media.
Posted by Alexander Wipf
Via:! Watch it on youtube:!
  51. 51. THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2011"This great video infographic highlights and summarizes some useful up to date social media facts & figuresfrom 2011, covering various platforms, including Google+. Looks like there could be some pretty insightfulstats at hand!!Posted by Mareike Jaensch!Via:! Watch it on youtube:!
  52. 52. SOCIAL NETWORKS TO PLAY INCREASINGLYIMPORTANT ROLE IN 2012 ELECTION"A new study and infographic from Digitas finds 61 percent of social media users expect candidates to have asocial media presence and 38 percent say candidate information found on social networks will influence theirvote. Unsurprisingly, younger folks (18-34) were most likely (51%) to say social networks will influence theirchoice of candidate. Eighty six percent of social media users own mobile phones. Of these, 24 percent aged18 - 34 feel its important to receive information about presidential candidates on their mobile phones. Thestudy also found that 88 percent of social media users who are registered voters have mobile phones.!Via:! See the infographic on:!
  53. 53. WIKIPEDIA FOR WORLD HERITAGE (GERMAN)"We reported earlier this year of the idea to make make Wikipedia a world heritage by submitting a petition tothe UNESCO.!Here are the German Posters. Feel free to distribute and sign the petition (even if you arenʼt German) at
Posted by Alexander Wipf
  54. 54. Released by Planning Department Frankfurt
November 2011
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