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A Rose for Emily - US Civil War - IIB1
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A Rose for Emily - US Civil War - IIB1



A Rose for Emily - US Civil War - IIB1

A Rose for Emily - US Civil War - IIB1



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A Rose for Emily - US Civil War - IIB1 A Rose for Emily - US Civil War - IIB1 Presentation Transcript

  • A rose for Emily civil war comparison Humberto Paniagau
  • Background• After losing the civil war, the south was left whit a devastated economy and lots of reconstruction work to be done.• Whit their traditions challenged by the northern invasion the southerners could do little to keep their ways but to cling to them in an extreme way.• Whit the new state policy that said out whit the old on whit the new, many southerners are left confuse and seek comfort in exalting figures that remind them of their old ways.
  • Emily Grierson• She represented the south after the war, she is but a shadow of what she once was, her name no longer carries the same value as it did in past days, even so she still behaves like an important member of society.• She is very clingy to the old ways, to the point where she think that she must not answer to authority when asked to (exp. The taxes, the poison and the smell).• She has gone mad for all the years expend in solitude plus the mistreat from her father and the scorning eye of the town.• She might share a deep relationship whit Tobe.
  • Emily’s father• He is a traditionalist to the point where he keeps all of Emily is possible partners away from her deeming them unworthy of her.• He also kept her away from society, making her a hermit solely dependant of him for company, she refuses to let his body be taken away when he died.
  • Homer Barron• A foreman from the north, he is described as an opportunist that arrived to the town seeking fortune from the reconstruction works.• He enjoyed the company of young men, this refers to his desire for freedom as youth is mostly associated whit freedom.• He was Emilys only friend apart from Tobe, he does not wish to marry her but she poisons him and fakes their engagement by buying clothes and a toilet for him.• Although he was very popular he was seen badly be the towns people, and he was classified as a very poor choice of a mate for Emily.
  • Tobe• He was Emilys slave and maybe the only person that really knew her.• He took care of Emily until she died, he made her food took care of the garden and everything else.• When Emily died he despaired through the back door, no one saw him again nor knew anything from him.• His disappearance may be the representation of the end of slavery.
  • Judge Stevens• The mayor of the town, he guides the town during the times of change they are facing.• He, like many of the town is people, respect and pity Emily at the same time, they see her as a monument to old days thus they try to preserve her.• He is suppose to collect taxes, and do many other things regarding Emily, but he always hesitates to take decisive action when the mater concerns Emily.