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Social media basics for small business

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  • Just in case you haven’t seen the news!
  • Show you the main things you need to focus on for successful social media and onlineReally going to focus on social media as this is the ‘game changer’ and understanding how online has changed is keySo by understanding these things you’ll be able to define what you should be doing with more clarityThe starting point is….
  • Talk to them - what makes them tick, what matters to themWhere do they spend their timeWhy do they buy from you – what need to you fulfill – what’s their pain point and how can you helpWhat benefit do you bring them
  • It doesn’t have to be complicatedBuilt from your business plan, mission and vision statement
  • Refining the message to the bare bones3 key elementsWhat is itWhat’s in it for meCall to action
  • For customer acquisitionBuild a websiteDrive customers to it – arrows towards websiteSearch is very importantNormally a hard capital cost involved – not really in your control
  • You can have a marketing strategy of search and social mediaCovers acquiring new customers and nurturing prospects and existing customers But can/should be combined with email nurturingKey point is the arrow going outwards
  • It’s always been true – but the value has sky rocketedGoogle focus on content especially original content There are no tricks to be exploited
  • Create compelling content becomes the key to online success
  • Most people didn’t engage or take part – they lurked
  • What has driven this massively increased engagement?
  • Driven by the creation of online tools that enable this – social networks, blogs etcHow to make sure you are part of this…
  • Original content is best – what’s interesting to your customers Key call to action – engage with me!
  • It doesn’t have to be across all channels evenly e.g other SM for the 80 - 1 twitter account for great offers/discounts
  • Social media can be your acquisition, prospect nurturing and customer service process rolled into one.Social media friends and connections are your marketing database
  • Content is the online currencyEngage with others – share, like, friend, follow etcThis will help search
  • Being where your customers are

    1. 1. General Principles ForSocial Media And Online Success Presented to small businesses by Alex Woodward of Cultivate Marketing Sept 2011
    2. 2. Why should I care? BecauseIt’s where your customers are
    3. 3. Some statisticsInternet is most consumed media (61% vs 54% TV)Social sharing now produces an estimated 10% of all web traffic and31% of referral traffic to sites from search engines and social networks.Monthly reach of YouTube currently stands at 19.3m UK adults.88% of Brits use social networking sites48% of consumers combine social media and search engines in theirbuying process.
    4. 4. Key principles for online success
    5. 5. Understand your customers
    6. 6. Have a plan
    7. 7. Refine your messageWhat is it?What’s in it for me?Call to action
    8. 8. How internet marketing has changed
    9. 9. Old internet marketing Pay per click search Natural Advertising search My Website PR Affiliates EmailAll about paying others todrive traffic
    10. 10. New internet marketing Pay per click search Natural search Advertising My Website Social media PRNow you can do a lot more Affiliates EmailyourselfSM driving direct traffic andsearch by spreading your content
    11. 11. One piece of good content goes a long way My Content
    12. 12. Content is king• Find what’s valuable information for your customers, ask them• You’re business is awash with useful information, find it, encourage it• Find it elsewhere – online, newsletters, RSS feeds, blogs etc – don’t plagiarise• Think about search – include keywords etc• Have a call to action e.g link back to you
    13. 13. How it was 1% are heavy content creators 9% are occasional content creators 90% are just lookingInternet users
    14. 14. How it has become 90% are creating and engaging
    15. 15. Community involvement
    16. 16. Community involvement• Content is key online currency• ‘Status’ updates are original content• ‘Share’ it – yours and other peoples• ‘Like’ it, ‘Friend’ it, ‘retweet’ it• Be engaged, get involved• Ask others to engage with you (call to action)
    17. 17. RememberUseful content foryour customers 80No hard selling 20 Hard selling message
    18. 18. General Principles• Understand your customers• Know what you want to say – be engaging• Content is king – it drives sharing and search• Just get involved – share, like, friend, retweet• Ensure clear ‘call to actions’• Social media is low capital cost, but can be high resource cost• Measure everything – content is just a link – etc• Lots of small things done over time lead to big things – it does take time
    19. 19. The 2 most important points
    20. 20. Thanks!