U6.LP6: International Organizations
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U6.LP6: International Organizations






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U6.LP6: International Organizations U6.LP6: International Organizations Presentation Transcript

  • Warm-Up
    If you need to increase your grade, make sure to come to one of the after school tutoring sessions.
    Unit 2 Review, Tuesday, May 3rd
    Unit 3 Review, Thursday, May 5th
    Unit 4 Review, Tuesday, May 10th
    Unit 5 Review, Thursday, May 12th
    Unit 1 Review AGAIN, Tuesday, May 17th
    Senior Final will be on:
    Monday, May 9 for B-Day
    Tuesday, May 10th for A-Day
    View slide
  • Unit 6: Public and Foreign Policy
    Vocabulary Review
    Public Assistance
    Structure and Organization of Congress
    Foreign Policy
    Structure and Judicial Review
    Land Use and Zoning
    International Organizations
    Affirmative Action and Equity
    Environmental Policy
    View slide
  • Students will analyze country case studies in order to evaluate what actions international organizations would play in aiding these countries.
  • Objective and Warm-Up
    Frayer Model
    Cornell Notes
    Guided Practice: Country Case Study
    Independent Practice: Country Case Studies
    Exit Slip
  • Frayer Model
  • Objective and Warm-Up
    Frayer Model
    Cornell Notes
    Guided Practice: Country Case Study
    Independent Practice: Country Case Studies
    Exit Slip
  • Types of International Organizations
    International Organizations can focus on different issues or regions of the world.
    One way to a categorize organizations is by whether they focus on:
    Military / Political interests
    Humanitarian interests
    Economic interests
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • United Nations
  • World Bank / International Monetary Fund
  • International Red Cross
  • International Organizations Categorization
    International Red Cross
  • Objective and Warm-Up
    Frayer Model
    Cornell Notes
    Guided Practice: Foreign Policy Event
    Independent Practice: Foreign Policy Events
    Exit Slip
  • Which of these does the International Red Cross provide in time of war?
    health care to prisoners of war
    trained personnel to assist in combat
    military protection to nations surrounding war zones
    ambassadors to help warring nations reach peaceful agreements
    Check for Understanding
  • Which of these is the main goal of both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund?
    to improve the economies of member nations
    to promote democratic reforms in member nations
    to increase reliance on agriculture in member nations
    to support the educational institutions of member nations
    Check for Understanding
  • Check for Understanding
    The headline is most associated with which of these goals?
    to increase migration
    to form military forces
    to overthrow governments
    to stop human rights abuses
  • The United Nations was organized to
    decrease trade barriers
    prevent further world wars
    establish a military alliance
    create a single world currency
    Check for Understanding
  • Which of these was the main purpose of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1993?
    to weaken Mexico's economy
    to attract United States workers to Mexico
    to encourage Mexican companies to move to Canada
    to open markets between the United States and Mexico
    Check for Understanding
  • Why did the United States government most likely sign the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?
    to expand the economy
    to establish a military alliance
    to provide direct funding to foreign countries
    to improve the transportation system between member countries
    Check for Understanding
  • The United States most likely joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to
    provide medical care to developing nations
    increase economic stability in other nations
    create a military alliance with member nations
    establish a single currency among member nations
    Check for Understanding
  • Which of these statements about the United Nations (UN) is true?
    Its membership rules exclude poor nations.
    Its policies discourage international cooperation.
    Its councils elect leaders for many nations.
    Its goals include international stability.
    Check for Understanding
  • Which of these is a purpose of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?
    to create a common currency among member nations
    to forgive the international debt of member nations
    to eliminate most tariffs among member nations
    to provide relief for refugees of war in member nations
    Check for Understanding
  • Country Case Study: Instructions
    We will read a country case study. While reading the case study, code the text as one of the following issues:
    Political / Military (PM)
    Economic (E)
    Social / Humanitarian (S/H)
    We will use this information to decide what international issues should tackle what issues and what they can do to help.
  • Country Case Study: Instructions
    Once we read and coded the text, we will then suggest how each international organization could help alleviate the problems that this country is facing.
    • Use the sentence starters and think creatively about the organizations focus and what they could do to help.
  • Country Case Study: Instructions
    Complete the three county case studies.
    Code the text (P/M, E, or S/H)
    Suggest actions of each organization for each case study.
    You have 20 minutes to finish.
    We will go over one country case study in 15 minutes. I will use your answers!
  • Guided Practice
  • DUE: U6.LP5 Foreign Policy Classwork
    ASSIGNED: Finish your classwork for today
  • Exit Slip
    Legislation promoting immigration would most likely cause
    a decrease in economic activity
    an increase in cultural diversity
    a decrease in population growth
    an increase in available housing
  • Exit Slip
    Study the political cartoon below.
    Which of these foreign policy concerns is most likely addressed by the actions in this cartoon?
    supporting democratic reforms in other countries
    promoting environmental protection in developing nations
    providing humanitarian aid during crisis situations
    protecting residents from possible security threats