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U6.LP1: Public Assistance Programs
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U6.LP1: Public Assistance Programs


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Warm-Up
  • 2. SW evaluate public assistance programs created by the federal government in order to analyze political cartoons.
  • 3. Objective and Warm-Up
    INM: Public Assistance
    GP: Analyzing Political Cartoons
    IP: Analyzing Political Cartoons
    Exit Slip
  • 4. Agenda
    Vocabulary Review
    Public Assistance
    Structure and Organization of Congress
    Foreign Policy
    Structure and Judicial Review
    Land Use and Zoning
    International Organizations
    Affirmative Action and Equity
    Environmental Policy
  • 5. What are the purposes of government?
    In democratic countries, like the USA, the government establishes programs to help society live good lives.
    Two main purposes of government are to:
    Provide Public Services
    Promote the General Welfare of Citizens
  • 6. What do we have government?
    The USA provides public services and promotes the general welfare of citizens in order to make sure
    People are economically secure
    The USA has full employment
    People are healthy, especially mothers and children
    Children get a good education
    People have equal opportunity to achieve
  • 7.  What are Public Assistance Programs?
    Public assistance is government benefits for the need in form of a service or money. This is also called entitlement programs.
    Some public assistance programs are
    Social Security
    Medicare and Medicaid
    Welfare programs such as WIC, Section 8 Housing
  • 8. What is Social Security?
    Social Security is a federal insurance program that provides income mainly to retired people (people over 65 and no longer working) but also to the unemployed and disabled.
  • 9. What are Medical Assistance Programs?
    Medical Assistance Programs are government-paid health insurance programs that provide coverage for people based on their need.
    Medicare is insurance for the elderly and disabled
    Medicaid is insurance for low- income families and children.
  • 10. CFUS
    Which of the following is probably NOT a public assistance program?
    Social Security
    Food Stamps
  • 11. CFUS
    Which of the following people is most likely to receive Social Security benefits
    A young college graduate with student loans to pay off
    A elderly couple who has just retired from working for 40 years
    A veteran who is disabled from the war
    A child in foster care in a big city
  • 12. CFUS
    Which of the following is a reason why we have medical assistance programs?
    Provides income assistance to low income families
    Provide education opportunities to disadvantaged youth
    Provide health services to those who can afford it
    Provide housing for individuals with disabilities.
  • 13. CFUS
    What is likely NOT a reason we provide public assistance programs?
    To ensure a healthy society
    To ensure equal opportunity and equity
    To work toward increase immigration to America
    To work toward full employment
  • 14. CFUS
    Which of these is a purpose of Social Security?
    granting retirement benefits
    enforcing affirmative action laws
    monitoring unfair business practices
    developing workplace safety regulations
  • 15. CFUS
    Which of the following is an opportunity cost of providing Medicare services to elderly Americans
    Government spending allows Elderly to spend their money on other needs besides medicine and doctor’s visits.
    Government spending may be cut in other areas and/or taxes may have to increase.
    Elderly citizens live healthy and happy lives
    Elderly citizens have access to affordable prescription drugs
  • 16. Guided and Independent Practice
    We will analyze 2 political cartoons about public assistance programs.
    You will answer the following questions:
    What are the symbols in the cartoon?
    What do the symbols represent?
    What is the subject of the cartoon?
    Is the cartoonist for or against funding this public assistance programs? What tells you this?
    How might the cartoon influence its reader?
  • 17. Independent Practice
    You will do the rest on your own.
    Lastly, you will create your own cartoon about public assistance.
    You may either explain what you would draw or draw it.
    Give it a title.
  • 18. Guided Practice
  • 19. Guided Practice
  • 20. HOMEWORK
    Create your own political cartoon, or find 5 that relate to public assistance programs!!!