Creation of the Earth
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Creation of the Earth



middle school religion class- how did God create earth and all that is in it?

middle school religion class- how did God create earth and all that is in it?



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Creation of the Earth Creation of the Earth Presentation Transcript

  • CREATION How did it all begin?
  • Terms to Know
    • Genesis
    • Creation
    • Covenant
    • Genealogies
    • Universe
    • Scripture
    • Idolatry
    • Symbol
    • God
    • Polytheistic
    • Attribute
    • Human Dignity
    • Free Will
    • Conscience
    • Evil
    • Good
    • Science
    • The book of Genesis describes God’s relationship with humanity
    • stories of actual religious truths not necessarily factual events
      • What do you think that means?
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  • The Book of Genesis
    • Questions asked from the beginning of time
    • Where
      • How
      • Who
      • Why
      • When
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    • Science can answer how and when to a degree
    • Faith answers who, why and where
    • 2 creation stories in Genesis
      • God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh
        • How long was a day for God?
      • a simple story that tells us that everything in existence is created by God
  • Try to Imagine
    • What do you imagine when you think about God?
    • Draw what you see when you think about God.
  • Who is this presence we call God?
    • God is the one, true God
      • other ancient people believed differently
    • God is the supreme being
      • creates all life
      • keeps it in existence
  • What do we know about God?
    • God is eternal
    • God is all-powerful
    • God is all-knowing
    • God is ever-present
  • What does it mean to be human ?
    • List on the board some words about “ what it means to be human.”
  • So, where did we come from?
    • God created the universe and all living things in it
    • That means you and me!
    • Were we created differently than the trees, grass, stars, oceans ….?
  • Same but Different …. Huh?
    • Humans are created in God’s image
    • Each unique
    • Each has human dignity
    • All different but equal
    • All share same human dignity
  • What makes us different from all the other creepy, crawlers?
    • God gave us two special gifts
      • Free Will
      • a Conscience
  • Something to think about…
    • With all the greatness that God has given us, comes a huge responsibility.
    • What does that mean?
  • Project
    • Oh, Boo, Hiss!
    • Get over yourselves!
    • Have an open mind; it will be fun!
    • No Test
  • Project
    • Retell the creation story as told in Genesis
    • Ways to complete project
      • poster with pictures etc.
      • video
      • podcast
      • write a poem
      • write a story as an outside observer
      • write God’s diary/journal
      • PowerPoint- be creative
      • draw a comic book strip
    • Must incorporate aspects of ALL seven days. Be creative, colorful, enthusiastic. This is NOT to be a long project, but it must be a complete project.
  • Grading Matrix
    • Contains aspects of each day
    • Creativity
    • Colorful/enthusiastic
    • Grammatically correct
    • TOTAL
    • ( 10 pts- each day )
    • 70 possible points
    • 10 possible points
    • 10 possible points
    • 10 possible points
    • 100 Possible Points