Porfolio final Sabrina Fine


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Porfolio final Sabrina Fine

  1. 1. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011Portfolio Studio 4
  2. 2. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011 Design a residential Space using Vectorworks Create original furnishings And lighting CAD Kitchen Project
  3. 3. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011 CAD Kitchen Project
  4. 4. Sabrina Fine’s Designs Cuesta College 2011 The Tavern at Greenwich is inviting from the street and even more so the minute you step inside. The wood paneling in the entry continues throughout the space to create the warm New England feel. Accent brick walls help to create the color palette and are found in the alcove booth setting and in the three fireplace focal points. Cozy wingback chairs in subtle, Classic fabrics make the lounge space charming and inviting, while leather couches and benches give the space a club feel. A large bar area is the perfect place to grab a pint with friends, and the dining space is a romantic and intimate choice for a couple. Round iron chandeliers create ambiance, smaller lighting fixtures help set the mood as well, and flickering candlelight and fireplaces crackling invite conversation and laughter. Wood beams on the ceiling are a beautiful architectural detail, and wide wood plank floors create character. The food will be beautifully prepared and presented, and The Tavern at Greenwich will quickly become a New Yorker’s favorite spot. Bathrooms Women’s Stage Lounge Coat Entry Kitchen Closet Dancefloor Bar Stage Men’s Dining Dining Stage Dancefloor Bar Lounge Lounge Kitchen BarBathrooms Dance Entry Kitchen Floor Coat Closet Dining Coats Entry The Tavern at Greenwich Restaurant
  5. 5. Sabrina Fine’s Designs Cuesta College 2011The Tavern at Greenwich Restaurant
  6. 6. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011Two material boardsShowing furniture,Lighting, fabrics,Flooring material,And renderedPictures of theRestaurant. The Tavern at Greenwich Restaurant
  7. 7. Coffee/Break Area Equipment Room Reception Sabrina Fine’s Designs Restrooms Presentation Large Cuesta College 2011 Waiting Room Conference Area Training Small Room Kitchen Conference The main theme for this space will be nautical,which will create a soothing and calming atmospherefor the staff and other visitors. The existing building Waiting Reception Training Areais a turn-of-the-century boathouse, and the lower Roomlevel is used for rowing sports. Water-like colors anddesign will create a relaxing environment and yet beneutral enough to be considered professional. Vintage-inspired boating décor will make the Coffee Equipment Presentationspace comfortable and inviting. More modern touches Area Roomwill give a sense of elegance and sophistication. Aglass floor-to-ceiling waterfall wall will be thefocal point behind the reception desk, unifying otherglass accents throughout. An aesthetically pleasing Largeroom partition will allow the two conference rooms Kitchen Small Bathrooms Conferenceto be separate or combine to make a larger space. The Conferencecoffee/break area will also be a nice flow-thru areafrom the waiting room to the rest of the building. Because this space is home to a new mediafacility, the technology will be advanced and allowthe eyes to experience the architecture of thebuilding. The functional aspect of the space isextremely important, and each area will connect tothe others by means of coordinating colors andcomplimentary design. Interesting furniture pieceswill give the space a modern and advanced feel.Overall, the space will be inviting, stylish andprofessional.. Meeting/Marketing Facility
  8. 8. Sabrina Fine’s Designs NauticalCuesta College 2011 Inviting Professional Meeting/Marketing Facility
  9. 9. A hanging mirror will separate the two vanities and createSabrina Fine’s Designs Interest.Cuesta College 2011 Traditional pieces and classic details make this bathroom inviting and charming. Residential Bathroom
  10. 10. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011The renovated space of client JeffreySamuel will have an open conceptFloor plan with traditionalarchitectural details throughout. Asubdued green color palette willextend throughout the residence,along with stainless steel accents inthe fireplace surround and kitchen.Elegance and masculinity will connectthe client’s needs and style withinthe space. Jeffrey Samuel Residence
  11. 11. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011 This design is a living space For a family of four who love To entertain and want a Comfortable environment. Craavy Family Residence
  12. 12. Photographs illustrate a journey to explore the built environment. Photographs take advantage of light And shadow to emphasize form and space.Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011 Framed Context
  13. 13. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011 Freehand Art
  14. 14. Sabrina Fine’s DesignsCuesta College 2011Portfolio Studio 4