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Famous From TuróN Famous From TuróN Presentation Transcript

    • By children in
    • 6th grade
    Monument to retired miners. San Francisco Quarter Turón
    • Hello!!
    • My name is Mar.
    • My famous person is Nacho. He’s from Turón.
    • He is famous because he is an internet cafe owner.
    • He is very kind with his clients.
    • He is very tall.
    • He sometimes wears blue jeans and an orange shirt.
    • He goes out alone and watches films. He likes playing computer games.
    • He plays football for “Peña Barcelonista”
    • By Mar González
    • Hello!
    • My name is Yoli.
    • My famous person is Blanky. She is famous because she is a kiosk owner.
    • She’s tall. She has got brown eyes and brown hair.
    • She is a nice person.
    • She often wears blue jeans and T-shirts. She sometimes wears skirts.
    • She always wears earrings.
    • She sometimes goes swimming.
    • She likes looking magazines.
    • By Yolanda Martínez
    • My famous person is Juan. He is famous because he has got a restaurant.
    • He is very kind with his clients.
    • He has got a family: dad, mum, granny and grandad. He has got two brothers. Their names are Manuel and Miguel.
    • He has got a dog.
    • He likes playing football and basketball. He also likes swimming, skiing and doing gymnastics. He likes going to the library, cooking, feeding his dog, writing and painting.
    • Sometimes he goes to the internet cafe.
    • His favourite colours are blue and green.
    • By Silvia
    • My name is Karina.
    • My famous person is Montse. She is famous because she is a butcher and also works for Recollo buses.
    • She often wears tracksuit or jeans and T-shirt.
    • She never practises sports.
    • She likes animals.
    • She has got a dog, a cat and a bird.
    • Her mother has got a bar: “BAR EL RANCHO”
    • She works very much.
    • By Karina Calviño
    • My name is Sara and my famous person is Toñi.
    • She is famous because she is a bar owner. The name of the bar is “EL PARADOR”.
    • She often wears jeans and jacket.
    • She often wears apron when she is in the bar.
    • She always wears a watch and a ring.
    • She often plays football.
    • She sometimes does aerobics.
    • By Sara García
    • My famous person is José Carrete de Julián, “Carrete”. He was famous because he was a famous football player. He always wears shorts, T-shirt and football boots. He sometimes plays table tennis, basketball and tennis.
    • In his free time, he sometimes visits his family in Turón.
    • He played for Valencia CF, Oviedo and Spanish National Team.
    • Now he is football coach for Villajoyosa – Alicante.
    • He has got several businesses. He was born in Cabojal – Turón.
    • He has got two children.
    • By Olaya Peleteiro
    • My famous person Carlos (Pericón)
    • He is famous because he is a coal man.
    • He’s from Turón.
    • He often wears jacket and trousers.
    • He likes sports. He plays football and tennis.
    • He likes playing wii and watching TV
    • He likes pets and particularly cats.
    • He likes singing.
    • By Saray Lorenzo
    • My famous person is Tinín
    • He is famous because he is a football player.
    • When he plays football he always wears green T-shirt and black shorts.
    • In he free time he always plays video games, watches films and plays football.
    • By Rubén Torres
    • My famous person is Jesús.
    • He is famous because he is a librarian.
    • He is never sad, he is always happy.
    • He has got short black hair.
    • He sometimes gives presents: books, magazines, DVD films…
    • He is my cousin.
    • He lives in Ablaña.
    • By Fernando Riesco
    • I’m from Bulgaria. I don’t know any people from Turón.
    • My famous person is Martin Petrov. He is from Bulgaria.
    • He is a football player.
    • He plays for Manchester City.
    • By Nico Biserov