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A short presentation of 3 elements I took away from the 2012 South By Southwest conference in Austin Texas from March 9th-12.

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South by Southwest Interactive

  2. From Austin, Texas . . . whoohooo!
  3. Quite possibly the largest gathering of people working in or with Interactive Media. Which include:• Designers• Marketers• Computer Scientists• Start Ups (Twitter launched here in 2007)• And now . . . . Libarians!!!
  4. My Goals @ SXSW iNTERACTIVE• Discover about emerging technologies• Participate in discussions about Libraries• Learn about new practices in education and technologies• Gaming design for education• Explore different Design practices
  5. I’ll share 3 takeaways from the conference:
  6. One of the Keynotespeakers of the conference was danah boydThrough her ethnographicresearch, she is an expert about youth and social media. Her talk was about FEAR in networked spaces.
  7. She talked about how fear permeates the discourseabout new technologies . . Especially when it pertains to youth and that many adults are to quick to react harshly.
  8. She reiteratedKrazenberg’s first lawTechnology is neither good, nor bad, nor neutral.
  9. These technologies enable people to act either good or bad But the media jumps onstories that have to deal withthese technologies and never questions the social and cultural contexts. Example Rutgers U. Students case:
  10. Instead of continuing the cycle of fear . . .
  11. In short, let’s see how and why people are using technologies to communicate and then make analysis and design services.
  12. Takeaway questions: Does FEAR permeate ourthoughts when we try to useor allow new technologies in our library spaces?How much of this culture has affected our profession?
  13. Gaming and Design Takeaways in Brief
  14. Gaming and Design Takeaways in Brief When developing game experiences, competition is good (it doesn’t have to be for greed). In collaborative team competition the strive is to make the group better.
  15. Gaming and Design Takeaways in Brief What are the rewards or the incentives that we create? In education, it’s not about money but about how much you can learn. Thus, you can have groups compete for badges or virtual rewards .
  16. Gaming and Designing Takeaways in Brief Create ways that users will fail. This will motivate them to be better. If it’s easy they won’t learn or won’t interest them. Failure builds motivation and learning skills.
  17. From education standpoint . . .
  18. Everyone agrees that technology can aid and provide support for teachers but it doesn’t replace them.Schools are trying blended classes where they meet for project-based assignments and then receive individualized teaching through technology. Get students to create so they can learn. The most inspirational storyabout teaching was by Emily Pilloton and the work she and others have done at Project H. Check this link out
  19. Just some of the highlights from SXSWi Oh wait what did I just say . . . . Highlight?
  20. The most talked about app at SXSWi? An app that connects you to others with similar interests according to GPS location. Pretty cool.
  21. Want more? Danah boyd’s full speech here: P992282 My notes and thoughts are on twitter! Handle: cudjoe70 - hashtags with sx Twitter hastag: #sxswi
  22. Thanks!
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