My coat of arms story

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Digital story explaining how a king's coat of arms came into being.

Digital story explaining how a king's coat of arms came into being.

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  • 1. By Mrs. Cucinella
    My Coat of Arms Story
  • 2. The year was 1012 when I was walking in the woods .
    I was contemplating what the design of my coat of arms should be, when suddenly, I came upon a small bird, who seemed helpless. I heard its sad chirping, as if he were longing for his family.
    Carefully, I picked it up and placed it in my carrying satchel.
  • 3. I tried looking for its family
    I felt loyal to the little bird, as I believed it to be my destiny to find its family. As I continued to walk on, suddenly I heard the roaring of water ahead. It was a raging river, I had no choice, but to cross.
  • 4. It was treacherous
    Carefully, I placed one foot in front of the other, calculating every step. The water rushed past, I almost lost my footing, but I was able to recover. The little bird and I made it safely to the shore. Our trip continued.
  • 5. Our Journey Continues
    Loud crashing noises broke the peaceful silence. The noise came closer and closer. What could it be?
    Oh no! A bear.
  • 6. I followed my instincts.
    Little bird and I dashed through the woods, my heart was beating wildly as I could hear the bear running close behind. Without thinking I picked up a large rock, and quickly threw it at the lumbering bear! He suddenly stopped, turned around and began to retreat. Amazed at my own good fortune, I continued to run with the little bird, still in my satchel.
  • 7. Peace at Last
    The sound of raging water turned into a relaxing rhythm of water, the woods melted into a meadow with a welcoming castle on the water’s bank.
  • 8. It felt like home.
    I heard the sound of birds chirping. Peace rushed over me. I knew I could release the little bird now, and he would be safe.
    We overcame the raging river, and the ferocious bear. I had protected the little bird, with loyalty and strength. We had a bond that could never be broken.
  • 9. My Coat of Arms
    I now knew what belonged on my coat of arms:
    Blue for loyalty & strength
    White for peace
    A Wavy line for water
    A Bear for protection
  • 10. The castle on the hill
    As I approached the castle the great door opened. It seemed that the castle was beckoning to me, and so I entered. The busy servants welcomed me as their king. To this day I reside with my family, with the mighty coat of arms above the entryway. I’ll always remember the little black bird who began it all, so long ago.