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Presentation to structure some thoughts on current interaction issues / possibilities with both content & functionality (off- and online). Presented at Barcamp 2009 in Antwerp

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  • You're right about the interpretation of the 'command-line'.
    I corrected that while presenting. But a bit drastic to sterilize me for that don't you think? :)
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(inter)act now!

  1. 1. (inter) act now ! bar camp 09 - antwerp
  2. 2. rik rijnders » cubus linkedin.com/in/cubus delicious.com/cubus twitter.com/cubus www.cubus.be
  3. 3. 20 min. attempt to structure a thought
  4. 4. offline is where it starts
  5. 5. Hello World!
  6. 6. Chris Anderson “...along came GUIs and eventually the Macintosh - a graphical interface that made your computer easier to use, democratising the technology and putting it in the hands of people other than the IT guys (who would have seen GUIs as wasteful in terms of their demands on the processors).”
  7. 7. 1984 1985 Mac OS System 1.0 Windows 1.0x http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/03/operating-system-interface-design-between-1981-2009/
  8. 8. 2007 Mac OS X Leopard Windows Vista http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/03/operating-system-interface-design-between-1981-2009/
  9. 9. functionality each program is working differently functionality only works the program itself each program / suite has it’s own standard portability?
  10. 10. fan of the command line Launchy Quicksilver Windows Mac http://docs.blacktree.com/quicksilver/overview http://www.launchy.net
  11. 11. command = more than search Moving a file Queueing an album Emailing a File in iTunes Quick interaction across programs direct acces to functionality and uniformisation
  12. 12. After an adaptation period, Quicksilver becomes an extension of yourself; the process fades away leaving only the results. Lao-tze and S. Mitchell
  13. 13. IT professionals (command line) democratising (GUI) offline functionality (clutter) command line (only me?)
  14. 14. online similar pattern
  15. 15. IT professionals (terminal) democratising (UGC) online functionality & content (clutter) ...
  16. 16. IT professionals (terminal) democratising (UGC) online functionality & content (clutter) search ...
  17. 17. functionality each site works differently, but functionality could work outside the site too opensource movement / portability API’s / RSS Still: information & service = divided
  18. 18. http://labs.mozilla.com/projects/ubiquity/
  19. 19. my online command-liner
  20. 20. here is another one
  21. 21. interesting for functionality just talk to the cloud
  22. 22. but what about content? do we want to keep being depended of search only?
  23. 23. can’t we start a conversation and create interaction with ‘regular’ websites
  24. 24. site by site websites infosites branded information entertainment API-like SEO built on same structure (cms)
  25. 25. why by command line intuitive IM / mobile compatible fast visually impaired ...
  26. 26. could we start something?