The politics of paying on the first date?


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The politics of paying on the first date?

  1. 1. Who pays on the first date?
  2. 2. Thank you for coming...
  3. 3. There are only 3 positions...*Male pays Go Dutch Female pays 100% bill 50% 50% split 100% bill *For the purpose of the next 4mins, we will only refer to dating within a hetrosexual context However we would like to explore homosexual dating later
  4. 4. What 100 random people think?Survey: completed in 19 mins, Nov 15 2011
  5. 5. What do we mean by first date?
  6. 6. The male pays...
  7. 7. It shows your not tight with your money, but it doesnt mean shes a gold digger
  8. 8. You wont see her again,its not about the money, its about worth
  9. 9. It shows you have the instinct to provideIt shows a woman that you will look after her
  10. 10. If you asked her out on a date then it makes sense you pay
  11. 11. It shows youre a gentleman that you have standards and you know how to treat a woman
  12. 12. It shows you can lead a relationship - dont mistake it for controlling a relationship
  13. 13. Go dutch...
  14. 14. Evolution and Equality
  15. 15. “God gave men brains larger than dogs so they wouldnt hump womens legs at cocktail parties” - Ruth Libby Hackers 1995
  16. 16. Not making the other person feel uncomfitable or belittled
  17. 17. Dating double standards...a modern girl will end the evening with the Offering, aninsincere bid to help pay the check. "They make like theyare heading into their bag after a meal, but it is adodge. They know you will stop them before a creditcard can be drawn. If you dont, they hold it againstyou..."
  18. 18. Money shouldnt be the most impressive thing about you“...I honestly think overly expensive dinners that are justaim to impress and show no thought on the guy’s part arehorrible first dates. It has the potential to turn a good girlinto a gold digger (hmmm … I’ve never run up the bill on aperson before … what better place to try it with these $80entrees). It all just feels so … so … fake"
  19. 19. Respect for each other and your uniqueroles in any relationship which happens
  20. 20. “What do you do...?Oh... I heard they dont pay very well...?”
  21. 21. “Love is deeper, don’t cheapen it” Reasonable reasons why... The man havent got it The man has got obligations The man is saving up for something The man is conservative with his money ...ignorant and destructive mindset?
  22. 22. The female pays...???
  23. 23. What do you do?
  24. 24. Many more questions... Is it any different in a same sex dates? Who should ask who? First time dating no-nos? First time dating problems?Politics around having sex on the first date?