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Geek talk sexy part3


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  • 1. Geeks Talk Sexy: part 3 LGBT stand proud
  • 2. Geeks talk sexy: part 3 You can tweet us on @sexygeeksmcr Use the hash tag #sexygeeks Email us on
  • 3. Geeks talk sexy: Running order 7.15pm welcome and recap of previous event 7.20pm discuss the post it notes 7.30pm discussion 7.45pm show some web content 8pm short BREAK 8.10pm rants and raves 8.20pm discussion with special guest 8.45pm Conclusion 9pm round up and outlook for next event
  • 4. Geeks talk sexy: Recap What is a geek? What are the geek stereotypes? Relationships between men and women Pickup artists and the transparency of relationships The conclusions from last time...
  • 5. Geeks talk sexy: Questions How did/have you meet partners? Do you feel Geek culture is LGBT friendly? Name famous/well known LGBT geeks (from science, popular culture, comics, film etc...)
  • 6. Geeks talk sexy: LGBT Geeks Alan Turing - apology from the Prime minister Openly LGBT characters in comics? LGBT characters in video games / sci-fi / films? Wallace Wells - Fuck yeah Wallace wells -
  • 7. Geeks talk sexy: Common LGBT issues Invisibility - anything that assumes a straight male audience assumes the absence of both women, and non-straight men Sexualized environments - may be uncomfortable to people who do not conform to the majority sexual identity Online harassment - in the form of "faggot" and "dyke" jokes Male Gaze - in the form being defined as ugly by straight men and straight-centric culture generally. This is especially relevant to butch women.
  • 8. Geeks talk sexy: Interacting How do you interact with the same sex? How do gay and lesbians differ in there interaction? How do you feel about bi-sexual relationships? Dont mess around with bisexuals -
  • 9. Geeks talk sexy: To the internet XKCD : banter - XKCD : scientists - It gets better campaign - Friend Factor – Kinsley Scale - Bisexual erasure - Lezzbook –
  • 10. Geeks talk sexy: Cocktail break Time for a BREAK... grab a cocktail and get ready for the second half in 15mins Dont forget to sign up for our special "rants" in the second half @sexygeeksmcr | #sexygeeks |
  • 11. Geeks talk sexy: rules of the rant Strictly 60 seconds per person (we will be timing) Stand up Bad experiences dating We will be taking note and maybe tweeting To get you started... Over-ally camp profiles Funny homophobic experiences Embarrassing mistakes with transsexuals
  • 12. Geeks talk sexy: Special guest Ben Light aka @doggyb –
  • 13. Geeks talk sexy: In conclusion Are things actually getting better for whom? How can things get even better?
  • 14. Geeks talk sexy: Coming up soon The Dynamics of Sex and Relationships - Friday 15th April The Laws of Attraction – Saturday 7th May (tbc) Speed Dating for Geeks – Friday 20th May (tbc)
  • 15. Thank you for coming now to common...Ian Forrester | Samantha Bail | Hwayoung Jung Presentation : CC BY-NC-SA