Geek talk sexy part2: The other half of the population

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  • 1. Geeks Talk Sexy: part 2 the other half of the population
  • 2. Geeks talk sexy: part 2 You can tweet us on @sexygeeksmcr Use the hash tag #sexygeeks Email us on
  • 3. Geeks talk sexy: Running order 7.15pm welcome and recap of previous event 7.20pm discuss the post it notes 7.30pm discussion 7.45pm show some web content 8pm short BREAK 8.10pm rants and raves 8.20pm discussion with special guest 8.45pm Conclusion 9pm round up and outlook for next event
  • 4. Geeks talk sexy: Recap What is a geek? What are the geek stereotypes? The conclusion we found last time...
  • 5. Geeks talk sexy: Meeting How do you meet people of the other sex? How did you meet partners in the past?
  • 6. Geeks talk sexy: Interacting How do you interact with the other sex? How do women interact in this male dominated world? Can men and woman really have platonic relationships? How to comfort a crying woman -
  • 7. Geeks talk sexy: To the internet The Game: Penetrating the secret society of pick up artists - The pickup artist with mystery - Neil Strauss interview - The lies people tell in online dating - The mathematics of beauty - How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get - White chicks and gang signs -
  • 8. Geeks talk sexy: Cocktail break Time for a BREAK... grab a cocktail and get ready for the second half in 15mins Dont forget to sign up for our special "rants" in the second half @sexygeeksmcr | #sexygeeks |
  • 9. Geeks talk sexy: rules of the rant Strictly 60 seconds per person (we will be timing) Stand up Bad experiences dating or meeting the opposite sex We will be taking note and maybe tweeting To get you started... fake male/female profiles on chat/IM/social networking platforms women seen as "dating material" at tech events white chicks and gang signs
  • 10. Geeks talk sexy: Special guest Tara Hunt aka @missrogue –
  • 11. Geeks talk sexy: In conclusion Good dates, bad dates, pretty fucking awful dates A brief idea of some of the dates I’ve had - Serial Dater = Cubicgarden?
  • 12. Geeks talk sexy: Next, the disclaimer We are fully aware that this title is only a vague approximation to reality and that gender is not just binary. We are in no way assuming that there are only straight, cis, monogamous, male or female geeks in this community. For the purpose of this talk we picked the most obvious intersection for arising problems, which is the role of women in the geek community that is usually only discussed from a professional point of view. We hope this decision does not offend anyone and that people of all genders and orientations Thanks for joining us for the talk. Look out for part 3 in March...
  • 13. Thank you for coming now to common...Ian Forrester | Samantha Bail | Hwayoung Jung Presentation : CC BY-NC-SA