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Dreamscape introduction for barcampman3
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Dreamscape introduction for barcampman3


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1.
  • 2.
    • You can share your dreams with anyone
    • 3. You can learn and understand more about your and other peoples dreams
    • 4. You can track yours and other peoples dreams is the flickr of dreams
  • 5. But why?
  • 6. Everyone has dreams
  • 7.
    • You may not remember them always
    • 8. Writing them down helps you remember them
    • 9. Keeping a dream diary helps you improve your dream ability
    Everyone has dreams
  • 10. People share aspects of dreams
  • 11.
    • Because its embarrassing
    • 12. Because it might offend that person
    • 13. Because its too weird to explain
    • 14. Because its not always that interesting
    • 15. Because they can't remember it
    But not the whole thing
  • 16.
    • We all enjoy a good tale, idea, dream
    • 17. Social capital or good whuffie
    • 18. Some things are too good not to share
    • 19. It might involve the other person or a place
    But there are advantages to sharing
  • 20.
    • Were social animals
    • 21. Your friends and family know you better that you know yourself
    • 22. Strangers can shed new light on your dreams
    • 23. The ability to track trends/memes such as if someone else is having the exact dream as you
    Advantages of sharing
  • 24.
    • Together we will generate a massive amount of lovely rich data to learn from
    • 25. We will be able to finally categorise dreams
    • 26. We will get a better understanding of what dreams are and where they come from together
    • 27. There has never been a massive social experiment like this for the study of dreams
  • 28. So how will it work?
  • 29. So how will it work?
  • 34. The editor
    • The editor will be like SubEtherEdit or Etherpad. You can specify which bits people can see
    • 35. You can write your dream then add metadata via tags, links and other metadata
    • 36. Going to use the W3C's annotation spec
  • 37. The levels
    • This is where you specify groups or individual permissions for what people can see
    • 38. As default everything in black is public with everything in red being private to you
    • 39. You can set up to 8 different levels in between, easy to administrate
    • 40. We will only harvest the metadata if the dream is set to all private
  • 41. The viewer
    • The aim is to be as open as flickr, so as default every dream will be public (levels dependant)
    • 42. If the person logins in, they maybe able to view a lot more that the public
  • 43. The trend analyser
    • Like you can get a 1000 meters view of all the public data
    • 44. There will be a live dream dictionary which is updated with everyone's contributions
    • 45. You will be able to dive into the trends using the analyser
  • 46. The trend analyser
    • Search and compare...
    • 47. Tags within the dream, geolocation of dream, places, mood, objects, people, vividness...
    • 48. Sex of the dreamer, age of the dreamer, location of dreamer, day of the dream...
  • 49. The blog
    • Like oktrends we will use the blog to publicise the best parts of data collected in the trendier
    • 50. We will contribute as much data freely for people to use and learn from
    • 51. We will always guard and protect private user data
  • 52. Into the business model
    • Sell access to the live dream dictionary (PRO users), it will change based on what people say about there dreams
    • 53. There may also be a limit on how many dreams we hold unless your a pro user which means its endless
    • 54. Only Pro users can tag/annotate other people dreams
  • 55. Into the business model
    • If your not a pro user, you will get adverts next to the dream your reading.
    • 56. We can also add advertising to the aggregated and tagged pages
  • 57. Into the business model
    • Different resolutions on the dream data
    • 58. Payment means you can get much richer data ( obviously depending on the users preferences and privicy )
    • 59. It would be possible to work out how many UK citizens are dreaming about a certain delegate just before an election. Not only that but if those dreams or positive or negative!
  • 60. Into the business model
    • People dream about a certain location or a certain product. If you own that location or product you may want to own the aggregator page and make it more yours
    • 61. - links to a page about the iphone4 in dreams and have images and links to the item its self
  • 62. Into the business model
    • 63. Would obviously link to the Northern quarter in Manchester with information taken from, google maps and other open sources
    • 64. You may be interested in advertising on such a page?
  • 65. Into the dream...
  • 66. Into the dream...
    • “ Every night Paul has the same frightening dream. He's standing at the edge of a vast empty field, trying to move towards a large, glowing sphere. A small boy is in terrible trouble... and paul must save him. Paul's convinced he's losing his mind ”
  • 67. Into the dream...
    • “ ...until he learns that his classmate Francine is having the same harrowing dream! The two of them are determined to solve the mystery and save the little boy – before there nightmare becomes terrifying reality ”
    • 68. Into the dream – by William Sleator
  • 69. Deep into the dream
  • 70. Deep into the dream
    • Are dreams just your mind working out the previous days or is there something more to them?
    • 71. Can you have an original thought, or is everything connected in some way?
    • 72. What makes a nightmare so scary?
    • 73. We will discover through the data collected
  • 74. Deep into the dream
    • Are people having a similar dream to you?
    • 75. Who else is having the same dream and why?
    • 76. What/who influences your dreams?
    • 77. Can you influence your future dreams?
    • 78. Can you share a dream?
    • 79. How much control can you have over a dream?
  • 80. Thank you, any questions? Ian Forrester | | Presentation : CC BY-NC-SA