Real Estate Facebook 101 Class


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Facebook for Real Estate is one of the most difficult topics for agents to understand. YouSocial has created a simple and easy to understand way to attract and convert leads on Facebook.

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  • MinimumSecurity Settings: Photos: Allow tagging with reviews
  • Newsfeed is exclusive to each user, it is not shared with anyone else. It is always defaulted to Top Stories Question: if you post a property to your page, will it show up in your newsfeed?
  • NewsfeedAdRecent Ticker
  • Show the cover photo, show the apps
  • KW sets you up with two website, a lead capture site and a site for your sphere. Or Mets and Have not Mets Remember to lead with revenue: utilize your two sites, one for have not mets, and one for mets. Begin here! With social sites, you have the branch out and link with your site. Through Twitter and Facebook you can expand sphere beyond what even you can think of.
  • Toggle between posts for different objectives: If it you know someone who Post regularly and you want to connect, switch to most recent. If you want to ride some popular stories, use
  • Real Estate Facebook 101 Class

    1. 1. Chris Webb YouSocial Marketing & Consulting Keller Williams Southern Arizona
    2. 2.   Facebook and all social media outlets continuously change their features, navigation, and policy. For this reason, YouSocial and the instructor are not responsible for any changes that may occur after the class date. Please feel free to contact YouSocial at any time for any news on updates or revisions.
    3. 3.  Where are you on Facebook     Profile Page Where should you be on Facebook How to effectively use Facebook for Real Estate What to post  When to post  Where to post  How to increase engagement 
    4. 4.  Your Profile: Your Online Timeline   Online representation of who you are Must have some Minimum tasks completed  Pictures, interests, groups, cover photo is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall  Your profile photo is 180 by 180  Be sure all information that you want out there to be there  Security Settings   Like photos
    5. 5.  Newsfeed    Ad campaigns     Unique to you None of your friends can it Typically on the side of the newsfeed Boosted Posts are in the Newsfeed Ticker Chat
    6. 6.  Why have a business page?    Differences      Indexed by Google Professional Image Cannot mention individual profiles Can mention other business pages Allows for text in Cover Photo Allows for Applications Live Play
    7. 7.     Facebook is about networking in a personal way Personal Profile Business Profile Other peoples pages and profiles
    8. 8.     Some tricks, tips, and best practices Trick: using the @ sign Tips: making an event Best Practices: Mention page to page
    9. 9.    Search YouSocial Marketing & Consulting and like the page Take a photo and post to your page and Tag each other in your post Optional: From your page, tag YouSocial in a post
    10. 10. Why is it Important? • Largest social networking outlet in the world • Business pages are indexed What can Facebook do for you? • Found by Google • Communicate with clients • Introduce you to the 21st century
    11. 11. A Few Terms to Know Analytics: Key Measurements used to rate effectiveness of websites and social sites The Box: A computer The End User: The person who is searching in Google, Bing, or Yahoo Index: The way that Google, Bing and Yahoo read your website. Search: Short term for Search Engine Optimization or SEO SEO: Search Engine Optimization Creating a search friendly site that will show up on page one of search engines Social: Short term for Social Media sharing or commenting.
    12. 12. PERSONAL  Add your clients to alerts by following them   Comment on all relevant posts BUSINESS   Share from your business page Follow a Posting Schedule ALWAYS Respond to Fans   If do not within a week apologies Use the Scheduler
    13. 13. PERSONAL   Join groups in the industry Like pages of other Realtors.    Locally Out of Town Toggle between Top Stories and Most Recent BUSINESS     Add Videos Remove the Links if possible Toggle between Top Stories and Most Recent Use Images
    14. 14. Homework Facebook Tasks 10 postings (1 Real Estate Property) 10 comments from Personal Profile on our comments or pages 10 comments from Business Profile to other Tucson Business profiles.