Passport to Adventure Introduction File 2


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Passport to Adventure Introduction File 2

  1. 1. Most uscan remember of still a childhood toldbya good story story- What teller. makes good a storyteller memorable? so A good storyteller draws listeners thestory, into helping imagine story them the them- selves thus and making their it own. may feel one the You not like of Suggested materlals tor Younger storytelling skill effective isa EhlldrensSouvenlr OPilon worlds storytellers, fortunately, great but thatyoucan develop following suggestions curriculum by the inthis LessonThree people,8 12 l: toy blocks to wooden andbypracticing simple a few principles. are Here some ideas tips and LessonFour sticks tongue 2. craft or on depressors to help become conftdent memorable! you more and you faces Bible of characters story which havedrawn 3: or cups thermos water LessonPlasttc paper and of A 6ood Beginning and Ending;Yc A good is beginning because much essential, it is an easier capture to audience it is than LessonTwo 4: Plates which PaPer on to recaDture after them attention wandered. their has youhave and faces hapPy sad drawn 5: sword, bow arrow, LessonToy toy and Bible Story Introduction and to a robe a belt a vest rePresent Tohelp make most theopening you the of minutes theBible of story, LessonBrown 6: paperlunchsackscontaining eachstory PossportAdventure in to begins anintroduction with In . bite-size of Bible-times (bread oieces food cubes, you finda question comment connects theintroduction, will or that grapes, pitted squares, dates, cheese etc.) raisins, anelement theBible of story a familiar with childhood ln experience. a creative children, 7. dozen blocks LessonSeveral wooden cardboard or to addition, help keep interest older you the of Bible technique storytelling issuggestedeach for lesson. children As LessonToy paper 8: or and/or crowns iewels areinvolvedinterviews, in props role-playing, storytelling etc., using they bemotivatedfollow will to along the with storyacti0n. LessonPictures magazinetheInternet 9: from or rain, grass, of oceans, sun, birds animals, Souvenir Option Activity paper Lesson Four l0: you plates which have on drawn course, Bible each also story (happy afraid excited) expressions surprised, and facial Toenhance theme-park the setting this of gives directions anoptional for 5ouvenir activity makes Option that use Lesson Six people, fabric paper 11. toy blue or to of a colorful bag. theBible foryounger gift In story children obiect(s) the represent and small a river a branch tOy or tree inthegiftbag is (are) asthebasis aninteractive oftelling used for way Lesson Several people, 12: toy magazine several theBible story. pictures food clothing, of and several of coins varying andbrown sizes to a field fabric represent TheSouvenir :,. tcson t ii" , ra. 0ption for activity Lesson Picture Jesus 1J: of Blble Story Ccntcr MderMtB16:1610 children older Collcd. &bh :.:. provides or one ftarodrdltr. tu! yor hwd. $4? volunkfl kl l.dr sq *.1. slngto k 5 l : i rhor fiomntueq ry:r. q u.otuldm l.i frt h.pFnd rorhi.ih.tus.tlseloarrlnqrhenorv kad.hrdrenmdikilq more items that 0ae il drorerod^d elhdr lhJ G^ b. ued dYortl rh€ areremoved thegiftbag theendof thestory given from at and to :**ffi.,;. children. items help These will remember choice children the being discussed lesson. inexpensive may purchased tnthe These items be fromcraftstores,office supply etc. stores,t. o a .:igi.::: taI la o 20086ospel Permission photocopy Light. to to purchaser PoJsport Adventure granted original only. t0
  2. 2. BibleStoryConclusionEach also story provides a conclusion-a summarythebasic brief offocus thestory howtheBible of and truthpresentedthestory in Suggested naterlats tor Olderconnects everyday This with life. conclusioniscalled Gods and Word Chlldrens SoayenrrOptlonMe. theconclusion, or more In one questions provided discussion are LessonSalvation 1: bookletsforyouto use helping in children express understanding their of thelessons and Bible focus the prayer verse.concluding issuggested A LessonPens pencils index 2: or and cardsforelementary-age lf theBible children. story toldina large is group Lesson5mall 3: water bottlesof 12 16children, small to form groups thediscussion for time. Lesson Post-it pads other 4: Note or notepadsStorwelltng Tips LessonColored 5: rubber wristbands Practice>Yr telling story the aloud. your Tell story yourself to or LessonBookmarks 6: someoneyour in family. Make notes briefly or outline story. the LessonAnnouncements one more 7: about 0r your*k Have open Bible hand at you telling story. while are the Tell items(school supplies, canned soap, food, older childrenwhich in book theBible story befound. of the may toothbrushes, crayons, thatchildren etc.) and you lf appropriate, may theirfamilie.s collect give a charitable may to to plan read to some thestory of directly inyour organization community from your Bible. Referring Bible to the reinforces idea the the that Bible stories true are are and found theBible. oreschool- in With LessonGlow-in-the-dark 8: stars ers,frequentlyrepeat thestories trueandare that are writtenin LessonMedium-sized andmarkers 9: rocks theBible usto read. for Lesson Praise 10: music CDs While Bible>Y< the story being other is told, teachers helpers and sit separately thechildren. Lesson InvitationsPossportAdventureto 11: to to or among Encourage to fully them partici- another or event your childrensfamily at church. patewithchildren,reacting appropriatelyhaving Their and fun! presence encourage listening will children listen to attentively as Lesson 5mall of trailmix l2: bags well, they help and can redirect childrens attention to the back Lesson ltem 13: (wristband, bookmark, sticker, storyteller if needed. door pencil, thatshows hanger, etc.) the name Jesus of)lKUsedramatic expressions vary facial and your tone voice of :*,,. accordingthestory to action.,lKlf students indicatefamiliarity thestory, volunteerstellsome a with ask to of thestoryaction. sure clarify supplement Be to and information asneeded.>[rKeep story your brief. good of thumb a beginning A rule for teacher to is your limit story one to year minute each of thechildrens lf you for age. havemore one level your than age in group, target themiddle for of thegroup, beready shorten story theyounger are but to the if ones restless. Work maintaining contact your>lK at eye with children throughout story. the your Know story enough youcan well that glance your at Bible your and notes andthenlook uo.x Occasionally childrens watch or to you movies TVshows help beaware current of interests children. ofO 20086ospeLight Permission photocopy to t0 purchaser possport Adventure granted original only. to ...:.:i.
  3. 3. Art Centsr Ttps The Centera place Art is children become where can absorbed creative ina activity a way expressing understanding as of their of how lessons relates their the focus to incorporates lives. artactivity Each discussion children show love ofways can their and obedienceGod thechoices make everyday for by they in In art the you and life. each activity, questions ask thecomments youmal<e encourage will studentsapply truth everyday When to Bible to life. hands busy, often freely! students are they talk Ehoose the Appropriate Activity >Y< each In session, artactivity provided older an is for (elementary children age)and younger for children (preschool Provide centers, foreach level. youcann0t age). two one age lf provide cen- two ters,choose activity which have most the for you the children. activt- Each ty also includes t0 modify activity a way the (using same similar the or m a t e r i aflo re i t h e ro u n g e r o l d ec h i l d r e n . s) y o r Betore You Begin )K Preparation key making art isthe to an experience a ioyful, creative Noone one. enioyslonga stretch waiting of fora stapler scissors.make y0uhave following or 5o sure the supplies on hand: (to newspaperprotect surfaces), functional scissors, glue usable bot- GoD.s WoRD tles sticks, and working markers, usable crayons chalk, adequate and an {rsk rft pr Domh..tuAd,, .d hlld. li yq h..n 6r tu nd hlD tum tk &rd, ra rilt h ed., y , ( o rm e n o l ds h i r t s ) a n d t c h e r p e rr s u p p lo ft a p ep a i ns m o c k s t s bu pa o r.rrr..irr ru{q n tomnrtoJ t u .r o u n q { r r d a n .khrtutkddftrt.b&i L newsprint rolls at your end (ask localnewspaper office). . rh.rlidr h.venr.qn€bonih.b:(l Thalm..n! w.onpurrh.motrourr.iilq€raloB hopl.put iliqmB on th?r J.irrq.ilorr ro h.lp t[.m.n.nth lhlnqr arrive your at center, n t ll htlp ur i0 r.m.mher wiil the Before EverY ActivitY >Yr Before students ! Whl tr ttu n.m.r. r4stiI.n on ou ldsi Wh.n *.1ook ilour m.qn.t . L. ths 3rb. il eyt "3el.v. rh:l l4u ts rod.od lhai r. n rl v." "tord6 inolhd Dm. lor i.t!s o.ll.vinq in c o v e r ew o r ka b l e ( s ) wnte w s p a p ep l a s tti a b l e o v es , c u r i ntg th t i h or r c c re i hru! 6 lh. kn lh na t.oD.ver.h@te lo dor ln ql.d lhat l4trr t Gd! 50.rnd that H. trliv. withmasking if needed. outmaterials orderly tape, Set inan fashion, mak- i n gs u r e o uh a v e n o u gm a t e r i aost h en u m b e rfc h i l d r e n o i l l y h fl r o wh w visit ArtCenter. the lf table space limited, is set0utmaterials a nearby on shelf supply or table. Allow students getand to return materialsthe to J e su s places. appropriate lf most of your students are y0unger, olderuse stu- d e n ta sh e l p e ( f o r i s t r i b u t is u p p l i e sa p l i ne t,c . ) d u r itn g A r t s rs d ng st , g he Center time. AS Children Create >Y< children working their creations, While are on art look natural for opportunities theto ask questions at thebottom each listed of page ArtCenter t0 help children thelesson to their relate focus daily lives. As theactivitv Avoid making beyond t0 discovery value art ad d a g e r t a l kG u i d e d s c u s sw inl t a k e c h i l d r e ne a t t h e y r e e l a x e cr e, a r ludgmentschildren as ne to of Bibletruth. create . di ("Thats 0r "How nice." io l pretty!"). cst T,Zg F i r s a,n y h i l d h o h e n o e s nhte as u c h p o s i t i vu d g m ew t l lb ec r u s h e d . t c w t d r a ie ni Second most and important, focusing thevisual on appeal theartwork not of will help children better understand lesson. a childs looks farless the How work is important thechilds than processcreating work how child better of that and the can understand lesson. the [omment colors, andideas see on lines you represented. I see used of colors your Jenna, you lots on prolect. meabout work. Tell your As youinvite children tellyouabout to their work, opportunitiesarise you many will for to ask discussion the questions printed bold in type thebottom thepage to make at of or comments willhelp that chil- t" ,*.!, dren understand lesson the focus. ;: tt ia , , :l*4. tt tl q,36 t"^& &,&n ry ,9 Liqht. Gr2008Gospel Perrn ro to pufchaser qranted original ssion photoropy only.Possport Adventure to 4 e & {;
  4. 4. EameEenter Tips TheGameCenter betheperfect foryour can place students letoffsteam, outthewiggles beopen guided to work and to discussion relates lesson to students that the focus lives. Ehoose the Appropriate Eame >yr each In session, t€Jjot t .i: 6amc Center a g a m esp r o v i d eo ro l d ec h i l d r e n l e m e n t a r y ) a nfd r i fd r (e ge o lorfonl86ild@ t a6 I6t,6.aO y0unger children each level. youcannot age lf (preschool Provide centers, for age). provide centers, two two one choosethe g a m eo rw h i c h o uh a v eh em o sc h i l d r eE a c g a m e l s on - f y t t n. h a i aorlcd. Ptapa.c. 3b! (d r0o{,, pnqrhl Drne!.oDfl mi romilc rdr.,! {#^ I 0!rhutnniroro,I rt.r (]r 4doiUno,ol c l u d ea s u g g e s tmd d i f i c a t i o n i ntg es a m e r s i m i l a r a - s eo (us h o m nrcrnF, (hldren hrdnq rhil rolor Dhln! tei,rnd rhennod k5u5 ti ve A rh dri {n.r,il rkrtrh{ffNf, rhq h 166 r, !p t e r i a l so re i t h ey o u n g e r o l d ec h i l d r e n . f) r or r (hkrpfw[o kn((nrorh€ Eou0hdoreyor{i : Creating a PIaY Area >Yr leadinggame, your- Before a give ample to setuptheplay self time area. may You have space little in your classrooma play for area, consider so alternatives: outdoors, a . t@k.r il $. (oloR n rn n:thg! w.t. h.vlq tun plyLnq lhBqrm..ft o. b gymnasium vacant of thechurch which ora area from sound will ql.dio run rnd h*.dr x (.n b qhd drl kli {Erm.6fry. t nlr And notcarry disturb to programs. other . our 8lbl. i.lB ur,B.llm lbl ksi t td.toih.t ror l.or N. brllv."Lord" B.mth. dft w. .rl ,.!trr !od" to rhor lh.t k ,:.t ro lovr rnd ob 3h wh.h r.o! lld on trdh, X.did b r.l.ih. Dtr.Lhn.nt tor@rrono rdlonr 8ut tu mrd. l.iur Jk.r$li lsr 6 ilvl4 in h.rv.n rdry you Once have the plan you chosen area, what willneed. . wbr un rtr $m. *rF il d! h.rd.,..E r. .rn thoi rr blr.v. qld l!$r lov.r ut W.r.qli B .l!.? w. on b lhd r.d $n l.$ n iir. 8 tu! Thrnl You lor ldlq wd.d ur to do Yo[ bn In )Ak Willyou to move need furniture? fil .rh Oldar anldran. hr I n nq !D,iqi mr opoo! r. r D tp ilwinrolNin[]09 0!ipariL! nrormt turndvi. ih:J1Ainriltrilr iiq(rermir0rtrr 04r, ntim Nill rlnt r. rh.oil ilrf.rf.rr nril8 i,ryd r t r r o d dw o r r o r n s w h . [n1n! you *F Will need mark to boundaries?chalk rope Use or outdoors; r,ntr0rr.drfl{r0q.ri.{ hqnrrrftrrf il rf!rqd0h!ol{^rJ,rrrf ildr yarn masking works or tape (Remove indoors. masking from tape carpets each after session.) )lKHowmuchspace youneed? will Carefully thegame review procedures what to plan amount shape space and of will beneeded. From to time, stock your time take of classroom lsit time remove large area. to that table unused or bookshelf? the Should chairs rearranged rugputin a different be orthe place? changesarrangement result more 5mall in can in usable space! Forming Eroups or Teams >lK keep To interest andto keep students high cliques forming, a variety from use of ways determine orgroups. to teams >Ys teams clothing orother Group by color clothing (wearing features a sweater, wearing tennis shoes, etc.).( X /lace numberstwocolors paper equal of of in squaresa bag. Students thebag draw a square deter- shake and out toVmine teams.f ;F/Groupteamsbybirthdaymonth(fortwoteams,JanuarythroughJuneandjulythroughDecembe/to make numbers even. )k Group teams thealphabetical of their or last by order first names. teams telling( X)Group by them stand one to on foot: Those standing a right on footformoneteam; those standing onVh tettfootform other the team. After playinground twoof a game, a or announce theperson each that on team iswearing most who the (red) should r o t a t e t o a n o t h e r t e a m . T h e n p l a y t h e g a m e a g a i n . A s y o u r e p e a t t h i s r o t a t i o n p r o c e s s , v a * y.t h e m - "th ^r ro e play sothatstudents withseveral different students time. each ,. .:.Xi . O 2 0 0 8 G o s p e l LP e rtm i s s i o n t o p h o t o c o p y g r a n t e d t o o r i g i n a lP o s c h a ste oo n l v e n t u r e igh purspor t r Ady - . r t 2 l a o u.- .O a a t. nt c a
  5. 5. e&"rffi Explain clearly simply. helpful write therules thegame. Leadlng tne Eame >[r rules and lts to out to Make4W: you sure explain step-by-step. rules.,ffi#,&# round. playing Offer practice When a time your a game thefirst with for group, it a few play times forpractice. iust4W Students learn games will the and best playing game. structure rules byactually the"&&,ffiFt EuIdIng Conversatlon )rkUsing conversation a game guided turns activity discovery into learning! use Make*& questions ofthediscussion provided curriculum inthe throughout game You the time. might a ask gameswinners tozffi answer other answer a group. might questions consult each and orto with as You discuss questions three the betweenff*^", rounds a game ask questionthebeginning round, of or a at ofthe inviting answers is when round over. the sffi:: w#qra@ryrr.ry#e.&w,&M&&&w#&a6,-##w#&:e&,#w,iffi"#eqg"deff , td&@*egr& . o ./ r&&& tr?#sryryk"qpful,€4w *{% -Ffw "ffiqs* :d ,:#&*r;,r.fu"o,,lee; .-.r f$a",,-ld{TW . .sffif d-r. & a ^ tF -f h , rOr- - *illl)o Iryu/-. O...^i&ra vt - @ 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. to purchaser Possport Adventure granted original only. to4ruf ? .- a
  6. 6. Colortng/PuzzleEenter fipsTheBiblestory verse or coloring puzzle and pagesprovided each for lesson inPossportAdventure to provide activity youcanuse several an that in ways.Thesepages beused thebasis a separate may as of activity center which intheyoungest (preschoolers children and early elementary complete age) the page theoldercoloring and (older children elementary work thepuz- age) onzle. coloring puzzle The and pagesoftendirectly connect a lessons with Biblestory verse, sometimes or or provideadditional information. BibleAlternatively, pages beused supplementexisting these can to an center. Forexample,a Bible coloring can provided younger story page be for children toextend interest theBible their in story. children complete artactivity 0r who anbeforeothers bechallenged can to complete coloring puzzle Col- the or page.oring and puzzlepages also kept use can be for when activity short. an runsThecoloring puzzle and pages also sent may be home children a with onweekly asa way extending Bible basis of their learning thehome. into In the pages becopied transparencies,addition, coloring can onto proiectedandtraced butcher onto paper used wall and for murals bulletin or boards.Preparation#r ltseasiest copy one to at time thepages all rather photocopying weekly needed than ona basis. thepages Store in marked folders easy for use.>,Yryouplan use lf to for pages, markers thecoloring photocopy pages heavier to avoid those onto stock marker bleed- through. Provide>Yr a variety artmaterials coloring;addition crayons markers, of for in to and pencils watercolors colored and addinterest. Y<Have puzzle the answer (pp. sheets 242-245) available children for who Whlch Wdy to Choose? .lcent.M.hF are puzzle working theBible on pages. Discussion Opportanities )k While students coloring are or working the on puzzles, thequestions ask suggestedthecoloring puz- on or zlepages. Using thesequestions help connect coloring puzzle will you the or activity thelesson to focus. Encourage participati0n student byintroducing each question a statement asImlooking fourstudents with such for wear- ingredto answer question. this Another to attract interest stu- way the of dents to say, is Someone whose name begins the letterJ cananswer with thisquestion. Consider storing childs each coloring puzzle andlor pages a folder ina in or binder. timepermits, to these As refer pages a way reviewing les- as of past sons. theendof PossportAdventure, pages children take At to give to to n0meO 2008Gospel Permissi0n photocopy Light. to granted oriqinal to purchaser only.Possport Adventure to .."::
  7. 7. The gathering forpreschool- elementary-age thatisbest Center a large-group Worship is time and children at scheduledthebeginningtheend each or of session. goal to help The is participate children worship build in meaningful and enthusi-asm discovering about for more what means make it to decisions show and that love obedience every Fun forGod day. lesson-related saying reading Word prayer allprovidedtheWorshipgames, music, or Gods and are in Center. youth-group-type guide WorshipPlan have enthusiastic to an leader the Centeractivities. himor her dress theme- Ask to inrelatedclothing-perhaps a unique orvest, with hat clothing, to help tourist etc. establish or her his Consider name theleader a to (Rockin Tubular etc.) catch attention. Robert, Tracy, to kids gatherforthe "Choose or "The ofYour aschildren eitherPlaying Jesus" Ride Life" childrens Centerwill catch Worship helpinterest PossportAdventure. for to6ames *KEach week wacky a game suggested willcatch is that attention involve everyones and children team- inbuildingcamaraderie. thegame Often representatrves twoor more requires from teams. number children a The of onteam may vary,depending on group size. not (especially Although allchildren preschoolers) comfortable willfeel get-tingup in frontto lead participatea game, willenioy or in they being of a team cheering their part and for teammates.Worship Times aKAdults worship asoccupying withfrenzied sometimes childrens see time kids of repetitions Abraham" assimply"Father or teachingchildren worship thesame asadults. children informal to in way But need ownlevel at their opportunitiesworship Worship of understanding. designed meet experiences to needs childrens themrespond love praise theirheavenlyhelp in and to Father.Worshipindeedtime show is a to reverence respect God, it doesnt and for but mean sitting and always quiet. still beingThe offered theWorship activities in children help involve Center and them other withteachers interact each with and in praise God hearing Word.singing to and His Worship alsoA Place of Worshrp >fr is enhanced setting by a especially praising Tocre- apart place for Him.atea space your in classroom theWorship for prayerfully Center, the and of in consider ages abilities thechildrenyourgroup, kind worship the of forthem thetimeandspace appropriate experience and available.Consider such displaying ideas as picture spreading onthefloor a contemporary of Jesus, a rug upon children and which sit, a song to worship.playingtheme-related asa signal begin singingparticularlf taking offering, an a or candles analtarpiece part your responseplacing on are of churchs wor- adultship,occasionallythose add elementsto theWorship as explanation children Center well. a simple Give to help understandwhyeach these ispartof worship. of actsKeep mind theWorship in that Center notjust place entertainment is a for orobservation, goal to see your is child everyparticipate positive thatisin keeping hisor her ina way with development. O 2008Gospel Permission photocopy Liqht. to purchaser granted original to only.Possport Adventure to
  8. 8. tlusic lust for You! >YrConsider makingcopies theTheme of Music to help CD yourstudents becomefamiliarwiththesongsusedduringPossport Adventure.variety musical to A of making easy you styles represented, are it for your yourto customize worship to include students time favorites.Leadlng SongsEach theupbeat of songs theTheme on Music isdesignedhelp CD to children aware theopportunities have be of theyevery to make day right choices Gods as followers.Children participatesinging, may by playing clapping, rhythminstruments, holding word up charts, operating overhead theproiectoradiusting CD or the player. children Help that understand allthese have goal: honor praise activities one to andGod. examplesincere Your of worship thetone-itisthestrongest sets teaching worship children receive. about the willLearning songs bedifficult some new can for teachers. to thesong theTheme Listen on play Music Then thesong CD. againandsing along. Practice it several times (listen it while to driving thecar, in youcook, You want choose while etc.). may tothree four or favorite songs theTheme from Music and CD repeat them each at session, than rather teachinga variety ofnew songs. younger children themore The the are, repetition shouldbeprovided.Toteach new a print song children, thewords a large to on chart use song or the charts thisbook in (pp.246-254)to make to project anoverheada transparency on proiector to make or PowerPoint Proiect words a place slides. the on wheretheymay seen be easily allthechildren. byAsyouplay song, along thesong, the sing with children loin withyou. isusuallygood to sing inviting to in lt a idea onlyonestanzaand/or chorus first the timethrough.lf youareusing overhead, theentire an cover transparency a blank withsheet paper. yousing, of As move paper reveal the to words line a time. one at Creating motions some thewords for of orphrasesthesongs also children thesongs. in will help learnEhoosing Addltional Songslf your church chooseslead to studentsadditionalworship select in songs, songs thesame with prayer sensitivity and withwhich youd adult plan worship. Utilizing simple worship your choruses hymns among ownchurchs and from favorites willprepare worship a gradual, children thetransitionadult-level for to in age-appropriate Inthis manner. way, will childrenbecome familiar a body songs inadult with of used worship.Whatever youuse, sure explain words concepts areunfamiliarchildren. songs be to any or that to lf unfamiliar are wordsused, thetime give brief take to a definitiontheword. a childrens dictionary of Use Bible if needed. example, word For The to or When singthatGod holy, means Heis pertect without lf you"holy"means bechosen setapart. we is it that and sin. putcannot thewords conceptsa song terms child truly or of in a can understand, recognize thesong probably that isappropriate foradult only worship. .. at - r a:o a. Oa.3 2008 60spel Light. to photocopy Permission granted oriqinal to purchaser Possport only. toAdventure .:::ig
  9. 9. v_v.v i:;qF."51r:rli;1:, "ir,"r,:l jt S; *,i#.,i*r*o*;,,,,.. BIbIe Yerse *r The verse provided simple activity encouragesw to hear rize verse the as say Scripture creative that students and/or the ina invites participation. children often their While may way memo- part thisactivity, memorynot of the is Bible theprimary Instead, goal simply interac- goal. the isw tivereading hearing Gods or of Word.w abilitieschildren thenumberteach- lf thereading of and of ers permit, children find may and in read verse Bibles the as part this of activity.VY printing each Consider out weeks ona computer verse banner*t foreasy lf possible, PowerPoint to display reading. use slides the verse. stores make Copy can on board you. posters poster forwYY to hold withfolded still hands bowed and part Prayer flme * Prayeranintegral ofworship. deny is heads long for Dont of children privilege periods time. this involve Instead, they because seem in unable children prayer ways inw thatwillhelp keep studentsyour in them posture; prayer understand prayer something can Dont times a that short make and for is them that will they do. times high of classmodel prayer they follow. your that Remember your involvement. that Keep prayers and simple brief use pray a particular insist students in prayers the give words.Longw sentences long Each and Worship Center prayers prayer boring notsomething a child. make provides prayer seem and for prayer ideas a large-group attheendof theWorship Inaddition activity for time. tow these prayer you also ideas, may invite to sentence studentssay requestsa large ofpaper, allow requests. call on sheet and prayers, requests answers prayer record and ina childrenpray eyes sothat are to read re- to with open they able list iournal, andwwwv*wt*vi#vvr-Y a @ 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Liqht. granted original to purchaser Possport Adventure only. to