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Passport to Adventure Introduction File 1

Passport to Adventure Introduction File 1






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    Passport to Adventure Introduction File 1 Passport to Adventure Introduction File 1 Document Transcript

    • g:** Itii.E WelcomePosspoftAdventure, to to a 1J-lesson adventure children 3-12. funand for ages The excitement theme ofa $r y i park combined thediscovery everyday can ourlove and is with ofhow choices show for obedience to God.Urrw The Purpose and Eoals {r The purposePossport of toAdventure help isto children discover impact the thatw daily choices ontheir and motivate to make make lives to them choices show love and that their for obedience to God. sry Elementary-age experience children situations which must in they make criticalchoices affect that theirlives significant in sw Even young ways. very children beginning develop understanding are to an of rightandwrong This choices. course de- isUw signed help preschool- elementary-age identify choices willhelp to both and children the that them asfollowers live ofw God.wu The provide opportunity lead sessionsPossport Adventure of to the to children discoveringchoices can in 13 they make inw everyday Aschildren each life. Bible (simplifiedpreschoolers), discover study lessons verse for they will significant Bible!t that be in Christian (see 11 a complete and guides their truths can lifelong life p. for scope sequence).t* The Biblestories include variety bothOld New a of and Testament characters feature and lesser-knowncharacters as suchv Rebekah, Job, Philippian Cornelius Timothy. ofthestories lead Abigail, the iailer, and All will childrendiscover to positivet examples ofpeople made who choicesfollowers as ofGod. example, For children observe resultsAbigails will the* of effortsu to livein peace. willbechallengedmake They to prayer daily a habit theylearn as about prayers Mordecai. the the of EvenU disastrous ofJobs willpoint thevalue choosing events life out of totrust inallsituations. love His God Gods for children isEr part anintegral ofeach of help power making choices. lesson, children beassuredHis and and will in rightv* After Posspoft 13 toAdventure your sessions, children have anunderstanding choices can will built ofthe they make tos first a part become ofGods family then living His and in as followers.vryY SpesIaIFeataresv* *r Each story Bible offers creative techniques involve storytelling to children anactive In in way.ir addition, a unique Souvenir gives teacherelementary-age 0ption the of childrenU a take-home that help item will them remember putinto and practicetheU choice in (See featuredthelesson. p.35fora list these of items.)tv rft Becausechildren indiverse Possport learn ways, toAdventure with isfilledt a variety activities of to appeal kids to learning Ineach many styles. session,ir participate games creative activities* thechildren may inactive and art thatQ# willhelp them what are express they learning.w ik TheWorship provides forworship prayer well Center ideas and as astr games songs.w lively, kid-appealing andwkw,B{iSrtUt i {?:-tIt IlilIU,"*
    • wqA#qW *r Get quick a list overview ofeach supply forquickly lessons by your to collecting materials leaders teachers the and Page. page also activitiesreferringthePlanning This can function a need. asff.# {k Theme CD fresh fun that your singing week about it means Music offers and music willkeep kids all long what toft# choices show forand make that love obedience Makecopy every totake to God. a for child home!adQreffi of you Best all, willappreciate flexibilitythiscourse! church every the of Every and group childrendifferent. of is.#q# you a Whether are large with groups church separate foreach level a small age or that church combines preschoolels{&# andelementary-age togetherone children you use curriculum in group, can this your to meet needs. activity The and"# choices you the schedule provide with opportunity to customizelessonmake perfectforyour the to a fit Youll church."uF{ find you theresources need involve to children build and relationshipsthem. with Possport can you toAdventure helpPry make difference the betweenleading infunactivities guiding inlife-changing sothat are kids and them lessons they equippedmake choicesGods to right as followers.re*l$"#*k*kw*w#vk#}-+*tFUftFry*#*1##*+#fury*#trbdt#{k###ry*#*ft#*##re a - & * - ag - - aIENT a. - - @2008cospelLight.Permissiontophotocopygranted . . . purchaser PossporrAdvenrure to original only. to Oa .ifiFa
    • - - a - _ - i- j CJ 1q j ri c ! OJ CJ T l-l r v r €?i s 5 c N l r t i .4.; , 6-F 2 0 O-< E = 4 -Cl # : 6 3 9lo t:J Fi r = - a o o) P c) c.J s v OJ .p H P t] F{ r c)- L O I c I (q (J bo i a i o o€J tt HSi 1 - O (! AJ ,i ^ = > trx c >r qJ o- x v o - *s l!l F-L , G - e F .g ro OJ >bo E = qJ G c w c : 3 3 6 >,€ O ;= b-N g 5 o w c : v > c) : E ,Cr P F-o O O R i I : ; P E f > r 0 J , > ts 9€ E .9 bod G O s w 6 < s O H , , c o 0 6 CJ O c o- c) z b o rn f.tl t/1 CJ Z t5 7 - - - , - ,-; > : 60r+ ]--sQ : !.tN ; )ru c ; i : 9 q t n A s- ;:F - = r bDo,; o E o ol U O g bo :--, == 6 u ;;,:. : ; r c c - - = o c P Y : € N ; c hni .Em Y 5 = , Y .-.-, ; n F o;; "." 3 - = >, . Fa = t r o 5 C C 6 i.c oic * o - , ^ :ro G n - O !2 >F A - a c o o = + ^o- "-9e ril P c s !i o- u 9 0 = 30- = H b E 6 U: G O : . t s ; - , d n |r4J -_ (5=i -v; 9 ;; ! . O o d n o.9 d c 9 ! Y i B : . ta >r ,^ c c > q E P| rs i o E O E a - * E E ! - o L O ttr 1 ! o ! u , ; O 6 eE( o N -n o O ! , 9 ; i - = o -6 ** . o 6 6 > o o = o l 9 L Jtu F 9 i j : . E e,9. e *9= - : 6 o : = -: x >01 ; - ; 9 ; O o c +z+ o d u N ,; - .- E nr :i y F : l o o - N E B 5 0 . Y c : l ! 2 o P = - = = : - o : l e - {rt x : 6 ! r -yg! : x ; .l Lo 6 t d L C = d h ^ = - > : - , o ! . ) ! o 6 c > o @ G rcc fo o ! i 9 l i o ;s vi.g -- ! - o 5 ! c o ! F € M :- o 6 n-t ! - < ,X Yoo E S b i 6 @ E o o o "i :.r > c G F TO _ : o ;er =E O P ls e ; o - c o - < O E o . Q A- N O c , ^ > E =fl ; . c c - ! . - -V MP ,q=s ! = E E h 3 9.8 6: > 9 FUI - € 3 - > = tFE BV ^ , E (O 9J e! =tr N O = c (J : - N U = N O uur bo .- O c c! c , ^ E z O 9q! O =G a .:z : O .v o , A E G O 6ol I _ c ,^ Ln C { a -(f : :- N v c O o , j ,?< -F- N O c < Oe rX vu ! - l ", Ln - ri > . F E , co 6.l - 4 c h - _ ;i $ 5 - i C n .! !. a ; :() >- i -V o) e t i Gbl : r L : 6 * a -6c . -tr ; 6 U U o: o t-: ii O- t/) ro= O -o i < rl q < s r m O > = Rl K^la o .= rn l- F E C p E o - G = q) -d .n .3 O a 5ul u=z -o 3 + E I z - c Ofq bo .: -o . = >I C O o G -o; 0J di 3 = rc(5s c ; f > . C c ) o -c, Y O U -tl c 6 : b ! n r O -o- t rf 6 o bo g) 5 B E -j: P g U O > , ! , q r X > ; o L j E I , n } a.)(..:) .E ^n o . n = rc+ E o c rcqY * o - : L ) - ,=t E dvl O > R = = : o >; e ool c ! t - a i : F - r o : CJs o nr c o > . L ;49 xl= , ^ OF M X O c o = - 0c ) .E h!4 x > o x 2 ; > =,^ A J ; r c o , ^ Y l = 6 Lr l ! O : .c r c - F c O OIJ o i.- L:5 > ; -cJ , : ! - E > , >,.Q h -o (52. G >.-o > n F 0 ) P - O (:rI] C J O 5 > r r N F c)ro - >- -=i;r - - (5 > o c = -==0 P G cLn _ o a u! rc d= - w = = c J - V O F < P x L O r c 6 C o-r m O O T- RI -cJ ro C _ O c _ >.,x = 0)+ CJE + c ro+r r o - > S # - =! o - O ; E 4 L : V > CJ G -o ij 3_3 ti t C rcb! N h O _ r c U Cq = - LiG _,I! O - = - c J J 3 o.= rcij U ; r 6 p " =E 3 E i s, g 3 s EI Et trl e IEiF I $ t f;ssE EEIr I I |r SF5 is $ tr E e e T E tE r| :E sls s s , E HE$E s$ EE !s T !| E t-l g T gs tu rXE M XH e uellrl- rl T IE s U S* la gl tr F F F t t : 2008Gospel Light Permission photocopy to qranted originapurchaser Possport Adv€nture to only to
    • ,?q-. tq=F-.F t l a a a a a a a r?,,? Many adult Christians back their look to years childhood asthetime when accepted asSavior. children they Christ As mature, they grow their will in ofthe understanding difference right wrong. willalso between and They a sense their develop of own need forgivenessfeel growing for and a desire have personal to a relationship God. with However, younger child themore the the is limited orshe beinunderstanding terms. he will abstract Childrenallages of are likely beinconsistent to infollowingthrough their on intentions commitments. and Therefore, need they patient thoughtful, guidanceincoming know to Christpersonallycontinuing and to grow Him. in PraY aYr God prepare studentsyour Ask to the in group receive good to the news Jesus prepare to communi- about and you cate effectively them. with Present tne 6ood News >Yr words phrases students Use and that these understand. symbolism willconfuse Avoid that literal-minded Remember each thinkers. that childs will places learning beatdifferent onthespectrum ofunderstanding. Dis- cussthesepoints enough allow forthinking comprehending: slowly to time and wants to become child. youknow God a. God you His Do you why wants inHis (See family? 1John 3:1.) b. You I and thepeopletheworld done and all in have wrong wrong "sin." doyou things. Bible fordoing The word is What think should to we (See happen uswhen sin? Romans6:23.) c. Godloves somuch, sent Son dieonthecross your Because never you He His to for sins. Jesus sinned, istheonly He One who take can the punishmentyour 0nthethird after for sins. day lesus God (SeeCo- died, brought back life. 1 Him to rinthians 1John 15:3-4: 4:14.) you d. Are sorry your for sins? God youare. youbelieve died take punishmentyour Tell that Do Jesus to the for sins? God Tell that, lf you too. your and you admit sins tellHim dobelieve accept and your Jesusdeath away sins-God to take forgives allyour (SeeJohn sin. 1 1:9.) e. The says you Bible thatwhen believe JesusGods and Heisalive that is 5on that today, receive giftofeternal you Gods This you of This God you and (See 1:12; life. giftmakes a child God. means iswith now forever. John 3:16.) Give students opportunities about many to think what means bea Christian, them a variety lessons it to expose to of and descriptions meaningsalvation their ofthe of to aid understanding. TaIh Persona[IY wltn the Stadenf *re talking aboutsalvation one-on-one creates opportunityask the to and questions. questions move student answer Ask that the beyond yes noanswersrecitationmemorized simple or or of informa- tion. open-ended, Ask questions as. what-do-you-think such "Why you )YK do think important. . . ?" its to #K"What some are you things really about like Jesus?" "Why you )YK do think Jesus to diebecause that had ofwrong you I things and have done?" )YK differenceyou "What do think makes a person beforgiven?" it for to students abstract orphrases have When use terms they previously, as"accepting intomyheart," them learned such Christ ask to t. i r tollyouwhat term phrase the or means different in words.Answersthese to you questions help discern open-ended will" a o a - o o.o- - how much student ordoes understand. the does notoa A ra. rlt | - ^ I l - t -- -t t... -a ^-^ a O2008GospelLight.P€rmissiontophotocopygrantedtooriginalpurchase .W? .
    • Otter Opportunltles Wftnofi Pressure )k Children desire please normally to adults. characteristic This makes themvulnerable to being unintentionally bywell-meaning A good to guard manipulated adults. way against coercing a students response simply isto pauseperiodicallyask, you to and "Would like hear moreabout now atanother this or time?" Lovingac- ceptance student, when orshe notfully ofthe even he is inpursuing matter,crucialbuilding maintain- interested the is in and ingpositive attitudes toward part becoming of Gods family. Etve TIme fu Tmnh and Pray dK There great is value encouraging in a student rhink pray to and about you what have before said a Also moments quiet makingresponse. allow for thinking questions have about you asked. Respect the Students Responsa aK Whether nota student or declares inJesus faith Christ, isa need there for adults accept students There also need realize a students responses are thebeoin- to the action. is a to that initial to Jesus iust of processgrowing thefaith. ning a lifelong of in Eulde tne Student In Furtner Erowtn >lK There several are parts process. important inthenurturing a. Talkregularly your about relationship God. you about relationship, with As talk your thestudent begin feel its0K will to that to talkabout things. you comfortably thestudent share or her such Then can ask to his thoughts feelings, youcan and and en- to questions courage student ask the ofyou. b. Prepare student deal doubts. the to with Emphasize certainty salvation dependentourfeelings doing that about isnot on or good enough deeds. thestudent Show places Gods thatclearly in Word declare salvation bygrace that comes through faith. (See 1:12; John Ephesians Hebrews 1John 2:B-9; 11:6; 5:11.) c. Teach student confess sins. means the to all This agreeing God wereally sinned. with that have Assure student con- the that fession always (See results forgiveness. 1John in 1:9.)Gods forgiveness uswant dowhats instead whats helps to right of wrong. The Preschool ChIId and SaIYatIon young iseasily ,k The child attractedJesus. isa warm, to Jesus sympa- theticperson obviously children, children who likes and readily like Him. These perceptions thefoundation thechild early prepare for to receive asSavior to desire follow example Christ and to His in godly While preschoolers living. some may pray indeed to become a member Gods of family accepting astheir by Jesus Savior, expect wide variationchildrens in readinessthis for importantstep. Allow Holy the Spirit to work room within own His timetable. Talksimply. Phrases as"born such again" "Jesus or in myheart" symbolic farbeyond are and a youngchilds understanding. onhow makes Focus God peoplepart a of His familv. x Present love Jesus both the of by your actions your and words order lay foundation a child receive in to a for toa Christ Savior. foropportunities as Look inevery lesson totat talkwitha young who child wants know to more aboutJesus. a. O 2 0 0 8 G o s p eg h t . P e r m i s s i o n t o p h o t o c o p y g r a n t e d tc h a sg ir o n l y . P 0 s s p o r t t o A d v e n t u r e Li l pur oori e nal "..
    • Begin planning Possport Adventure choosing youwillschedule program. 13-lesson your for to by when the This curriculum can used be effectively programs, forsecond-hour programs, Schoolsummertime morning, midweek Sunday or 5unday programs weekday orhome groups. Nomatter orwhere when toAdventure place, are main Possport takes there two format Groups options-Self-Contained descriptionsselect learning that your and Learning Plan. thefollowing the Center Read and the format fits needs. Selt-Contained Eroups #r lf youare room have small confined a single to or a of Self- number children, Groups beyour option. this Contained may best In format, of students formed. group groups sixto eight are Each has teacher leads orher a who his in (lfthe of group theactivities. size thegroup larger, is teachers additional or h e l p ea s g g g d e d . ) rr n .................rr.r............. a a If Stouwuntto combineprcschal a Thegreatest benefit 5elf-Contained isthatteachers of Groups are a ond elemenury childrcnin the some able form to meaningfulrelationships thestudents with because a a a grcup, rcad "TeochingPrcschoolers a theyremain during entire together the session. a ond Elementu Child renTogelher" ry a a on pages24-8. Self-Contained areoften good Groups a option small for churches. a t a t a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a t Learnlng Center PIan ayr Learning The Plan Center offers exciting an recruiting schedule and variationfor PossportAdventure. to Inthisplan, teacher each prepares leads one and only activity.Guides (adults, teenagersor evenresponsibleseventh eighth and graders) groups students rotate lead of to (Bible between centers Story, the Art, Game, Inother etc.). words, teacher only each part thelesson. teachers leads one of Each responsibility one foronly centersimplifies preparation often teacher and improves effectiveness, asmakingeasier recruit teaching aswell it to teachers. Learning The Center also Plan keeps inexperienced from teachers feelingoverwhelmed.Teachers dont who enioyleading games who apprehensive telling stories leave tasks others skilled or are about Bible can those to more inthoseareas. Learning Plan often good The Center is a option mediumlarge for or churches. What do students do and who leads tnem? *r Students placedsmall are in permanent (six eight groups to children best Asmuch possible, isthe size). as form groups children with ofsimilar ages. alK group atleast guide leads group various Each has one who the to (Color name foreasy centers. code tags group identification.) aYr group, with guide(s), each Each along its during session.groups visits center each All participate inthe atonce Worshio Center. lf you ofchildren, groups participate center thesame have numbers large two may inone at time. O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. t0 purchaser Posspon Adventure granted original only. to,.Oa - .a f i .a a a
    • What do teachers do?)K Each teacher responsibility center, takes forone remainingthecenter instructing group it visits at and each as the (Note. both center. lf preschool elementary-aged visit same and children the teachers center, modify activities as shown each in lesson.) During Worship>Y< the Center, (and teachers guides)sitwith students participate them theactivities. and with inWnat are the centers?)lk Oneroom outside isdesignated each thePossportAdventure or area for of to learning Post centers. a large to sign identifv center. each DecorateaY< (see centers theDecorating onpp. ldeas 29-32) give and centers names theme-park such fun of rides as Coaster Planet* Super or Submarine fortheBible Tour Story Center, West Wild General Store* Astro fortheArt or Art Center, Game The Plank* Fiesta Wheel theGame or Ferris for Rocket or Rushing Boat forthe Center, Ride River Ride Coloring/Puzzle and Center Celebration or Plaza Square CarouseltheWorship for Center. Choose thecenters from suggested following inthe diagram: Bible Storv Center Game Center Worship Center Art Center Coloring/ Puzzle Center(0ptional:The Theme offered each Bonus ldeas in sessron beused anadditional can as learning center.) ja.t- ".ata ...::::* Note: forthese Signs center names bedownloaded www.gospellight.com. may fromO 20086ospel Permission photocopy Light. to granted originai Io purchaser to only.P0ssport Adventure
    • ,,;i#ti* * t::::.i a* r:!, 7t:?j.: | 6 r i - ll / rt: Wheneverpossible, recommendedyougroup its that preschool (Ages children 3 to Kindergarten)elementary chil- and age dren(Grades separately PossportAdventure. 1-6) for to Teachingmost is when effective childrenaregrouped others with at developmental While similar is levels. there some benefit mixing in children various together,isdifficult pre- of ages it to the vent oldest children feeling from thattheactivities "baby" because younger are are stuff the kids also involved. Even am0ng children similar youarelikely finda variety skills abilities. of ages, to of and However,if there arent enough children form to groups preschool- elementary-age youmay separate for and children, need combine to children both levels of age The and in to will you together. tips ideas PossportAdventure help combine children a wide from and provide variety ages still of teaching effective Eame and Art Eenter Tips )K Use games artactivity the and ideas suggested theage for level themaiority of of childrenyour in class.needed, lf modify games artactivitiessug- the and as n l o r r ( A g e3 t o g e s t eid e a c he s s ofn re i t h eo l d e( G r a d e t o 6 ) 0 ry o u n g e r 1s s Kindergarten) children. modificationsthesame similar The use or materials so thatyoudont have collect prepare entirely setof materials. to and an new lf you are using material younger this with preschoolers, especially two-year-olds, addi- tional modification games artactivities beneeded, to the and may depending on theskill level thechildrenyour of in class. ;lKUse Bible the memory thatcorresponds age themalority chil- verse to the of of dren thegroup. in However, withchildren, the in individualconversations use age-appropriate memory Bible suggestions discussion verse, and questions found thelesson. in )lKHave older the children lead games have help the or younger children cheer ontheir teams theolder as play. children Bible Story Eenter TIps Even childrenvarying are >lk if of ages combined game forartand activities, con- keeping Bible [enter a center sider the Story as which through groups small ofsimilar rotate. theleader thecenter tailor ofchildren ages Then of can the story each t0 particular ensuring allchildren taught Bible group, that are the story their level. on own aY<youhave lf primarily elementary-age use Bible children, the StoryCenter 0ption 0lder for provide preschoolers However, [hildren. for thelessons col- page them extend interestthestory. oring asa way involve and to their in atiKyouhave lf preschoolers, Bible mostly usethe Center Story Option Younger for P.ul.nd Sil.5si.E thildren. elementary-age to participate Invite children byacting thestory out praiseb cod injril. ordrawingBible murals. story.. : . aI fao-- :i$i::: O 2008Gospel Permissi0n photocopy Liqht. to to purchaser Possport Adventure granted original only. to
    • .Worshlp Centerfips{r M preschoolers likely feel While they still are will enioy not to cheering their for volunteeringthefunteam comfortable teams. for games other and activities, M M {k Make thattheteachers helpers thepreschoolers sure and of sitamong children provide the to security and attention. Set space preschoolers atthefront theWorship ;Yr aside for to sit of Center sothatthey able see. area are to A-A Make copy theTheme aYr a of Music foreach CD child take to home. Familiarity thesongs help with will pre- AiA schoolers comfortable large-group feel inthe setting. preschoolers notbeable remember Although may to allthewords a song, willeasily of they catch to and thesongs on sing chorus can participate and still by doing songs the lf a songdoesnt motions include and/or clapping by by or playing motions clapping, them. or add rhythminstruments asshakersbells. such or M M M M M $ ^R ff O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission light. granted original to purchaser PossportAdventure only. to a
    • Themeldeas, TheBonusThemeldeas offered every in session add unforgettable will an dimension PossportAdventure. are to to Here additional to fillyour ways church thesights sounds a theme-park with and of adventure.Scenery )K Use decorating onpages the ideas 29-32 decorate classrooms activity to the and centers.Set a ticket up booth through which children every asthey enter day arrive PossportAdventure. each at to Stamp childshand heorshe as enters, issue child theme-park tag(see or each a name patterns p.234). onSounds >X< Theme The Music provides songs help CD lively to yourstudents Bible learn truths. These memorablesongshelpstudents adults discover it means make and alike what to choices show forand that love obedience to God. music Play yourthroughout hallways outdoor and areas.At thebeginning end each and of Worship Center segment, a volunteerdress a theme-park ask to as character ring and a playbell, a trumpet blow airhorn. may use sound signal or an You also this to transition inyour times schedule.Groups children enjoy of will creating own their chants cheers say or to while moving between centers while or enteringtheassembly area.Spectal DaYs >YrBuildinterest create and enthusiasm PossportAdventure for to by.asking teachers students, andhelpers bring orwear to in items enhance fun. to the Consider one more thefollowing: doing or of)lk HatDay thildren leaders fun, and wear funny fantastic thattheybring and hats fromhome thattheymake or at PossportAdventure a variety artsupplies. to using of)ik Funny or "Bedhead Day Hair Hair" Encourage everyone involved PossportAdventure come withhisor her in t0 to up most outrageous hairstyle.)lKTheme Character Park Clothing children leaders wear Ask and to clothing representing a theme-park (cow- character boy, princessprince, spaceman, or pirate, animal,etc.).)lkColor theDay of Using color your the of choice, children leaders thecolor theday their and wear of in clothing or even theirhair! WackyaliK Sunglasses Encourage Day everyone involved PossportAdventurewear in to to sunglasses-the colorful more thebetter!Statt Names and Group Names )K Director: Director, a name a theme-park Park or of character asa suchpirate named Captain ora cowgirl Mike named West Wild RosieTeachers Helpers: Guides,leteach and Tour or teacher helper and create owntheme-oark their character namesGroupNames. oftheme-park (Colossal Type rides Coasters, Rockets, Carousels, Cards, Log Ready Crazy Cool Lucky Rides, etc.),type theme-park (5pace of lands Explorers, Hands, Ranch Castle Teacup Crew, Log Jammers, (Optional. Spinners, Ride etc.) Giveeachgroup sheet poster a of board make sign their to a for group. Groups signs they carry as rotate center center.) from toEurriculum Resources ;Y< yourself thetheme-related provided Familiarize with ideas throuqhout curricurum. theEach session includes a page ideas decorating, additional of for snacks, activities, etc. j.t"- "..:. ".o lfr a"O 2008 Gospel Permission Light. to photocopy granted oriqinal to purchaser Possport only. to Adventure ."":tYt:-" t. .a a o a . a