Opportunities For Law Firms In Social Media

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How law firms may make use of social media/web2.0

How law firms may make use of social media/web2.0

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  • 1. Christian Sinclair, MD
  • 2. Who owns your Twitter account Important points: •Highlights legal issues depending on how social media accounts are setup •Focuses on Twitter but could be applied across different platforms •Could be an issue SBLSG helps companies settle (billing hours) •Potentially incorporated into Social Media Usage Guideline •More here on who owns your ‘connections’ •More on social media ‘non- compete contracts’
  • 3. Foley Hoag •Multi-industry law firm •AmLaw200 •Podcasts •Multiple blogs depending on subject content •Blogs are multi-authored •Prominent use of video blogs •Prominent use of RSS feeds
  • 4. Law Firms on Twitter •As of 1/31/09, few of AmLaw 100 on Twitter •Complete list on LawyerKM blog (click pic to access) •Blogger is a lawyer: Patrick DiDomenico. Knowledge Management professional living in New York City. •Check out the comments on this post
  • 5. Lawyers on Twitter •JDSupra blog has 700+ and growing list of lawyers on Twitter
  • 6. JDSupra Presentation •Example of use of presentations already created to share and create more attention for law firm/lawyer •This one happens to be on Social Media as well.
  • 7. Reasons why Social Media may lead to more billing Law firm may need to protect current clients from social media •Defamation, Privacy Torts, IP infringement •Trade Libel •Trade Secrets •Securities Fraud •Selective Disclosure •Gun-jumping •Forward-looking statements •Employment issues •User privacy •Discovery
  • 8. 16 Reasons to Tweet on Twitter Click through to see the reasons.
  • 9. Deloitte 2009 Ethics & Workplace Survey •Excellent study. A MUST READ! (click through) •74% of employees surveyed say it’s easy to damage a company’s reputation on social media. •58% of executives agree that reputational risk and social networking should be a board room issue, but only 15% say it actually is. •27% of employees surveyed don’t consider the ethical consequences of posting comments, photos, or videos online — and more than one- third don’t consider their boss, their colleagues, or their clients.
  • 10. Christian Sinclair, MD – christian@klxmedia.com