How to use social media to advance palliative care sep 2010 handout

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  • 1. How To Use Social Media to Advance Palliative Care<br />Christian Sinclair, MD, FAAHPM- Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care<br /> - @ctsinclair – 913.461.8793<br />Objectives:<br />Understand the definitions and potential impact of social media and social networking on the palliative care field <br />Develop a comfort level with social media and reduce risk <br />Employ two social media platforms to advance palliative care knowledge among professionals and the public <br />Have you ever wondered (aloud or to yourself) why people never hear or understand about hospice and palliative care until you have to explain it to them? What are you doing to change that?<br />Cognitive Surplus (by Clay Shirky)<br />100M hours creating Wikipedia; 200B hours/year US TV viewing.<br />We have the greatest cognitive surplus at anytime in human history.<br />At our core humans like to create and share. BY NATURE, WE ARE SOCIAL BEINGS. Air is a social networking tool because it communicates sound. Newer internet based tools are rapidly increasing the ability which we can create and share information.<br />We are the ‘people formerly known as the audience’ – Jay Rosen of PressThink<br />Metcalfe’s law - Value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2)<br />As new technologies emerge, an explosion of information occurs and the old technology usually becomes secondary to the emerging technology. <br />Opportunities and Risks:<br />Start a conversation <br />Interact with your peers<br />Educate the public<br />Filtered search engine<br />Immediate feedback<br />Speak directly to your target audience<br />Get ahead of the competition<br />Build your brand online<br />HIPAA violation<br />End a conversation<br />Make someone mad<br />Give out false information<br />Wasted time and effort<br />Risk your own privacy<br />Identity theft<br />Actual theft<br />5 -10 Minute Social Media Fix:<br />Read Pallimed, possibly comment/share to FB/Twitter/LinkedIn<br />Read GeriPal, possibly comment/share to FB/Twitter/LinkedIn<br />Go to Facebook pages for San Diego Hospice, AAHPM, NHPCO and like/comment/share things<br />Update Twitter status on interesting project you are working on<br />Future ideas: Weekly podcast/slidedeck of FastFacts, Academic Assault on Wikipedia, Blog covering HPM conferences, Blog covering core HPM journals, Podcast of recent blogs, Finding the best of HPM on YouTube, Fellowship Blog<br />