A request from Christian Sinclair (@ctsinclair) to my social media peers,<br />From Wednesday February 16th to Saturday Fe...
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A request to my social media peers


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My request to the influential people of the Twitterverse to be a part of the hospice and palliative medicine community this week for the #hpm Annual Assembly.

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A request to my social media peers

  1. 1. A request from Christian Sinclair (@ctsinclair) to my social media peers,<br />From Wednesday February 16th to Saturday February 19th, I will be attending the Annual Assembly of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. My hope is that you will join me this week in directing people to the great content that will be curated around the hashtag #hpm. Make a column in HootSuite, TweetDeck, or get on Tweetchat, and re-tweet some of the material that resonates with you. Ask questions to the people at the conference. Engage with us and share with others. <br />As many of you know I have been a vocal supporter for engagement of health care professionals in social media, particularly in hospice and palliative care. I also am a palliative medicine physician and have seen the difficulty when hospice and palliative care are underutilized and misunderstood. I have put more than 5 years into blogging and two years tweeting about academic, professional, and social media issues in our field, so you know I am serious about these issues.<br />I will be compiling stats and blogging on the various stories and exchanges, so that others may learn how to effectively use Twitter in health care. Your contribution may even be featured, and I will try to recognize all who contribute. If you notice something that I should blog about in regards to this event, please email me at ctsinclair@gmail.com <br />When we all contribute great things can happen. <br />I promise to pay it forward and help other people tweeting from medical conferences. If you are helping a health care conference get the picture on social media, just tweet and I will gladly let my network know about your conference.<br />On behalf of hospice and palliative professionals, thanks so much, <br />Christian Sinclair, MD<br />Editor, Pallimed<br />Cell: 913-461-8793<br />Email: ctsinclair@gmail.com<br />PS feel free to Tweet this on to others, and remember the hashtag is #hpm<br />