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SocialCreeper Success Stories. Join Us! Be our next success Story.

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SocialCreeper Success Stories

  1. 1. SOCIAL CREEPER – SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY We have came across a few business owners who were quiet surprised to see the way we drive results and wanted to show a few of our many success stories before they actually consider us. So here we go, for everyone out there we have just spent some time and compiled a few screen grabs from Getclicky web analytics. CASE STUDY 1: (Visits before optimization 25- 30 visits a day) 1. Website Name: Nature Of Business: SEO/ SEM services Campaign Set up Date: June 09 Visits/ month after Optimization: 1644 Campaign Objective: Generate Qualified Prospects Strategy Applied: LinkedIn and other Social Media Description: Client wanted us to generate prospects for them by increasing free sign ups. Traffictrigger is a new website with little or no SEO done and Zero PPC. Saved: $ 2 / Click on LinkedIn Advertising Time frame Taken into consideration: 30 Days
  2. 2. CASE STUDY 2: (Visits before optimization- Average 20 visits a day) 2. Website Name: Product: Luxury Hand Bag Hooks Campaign Set up Date: July 09 Visits a month after optimizing: 2876 Campaign Objective: Enhance Site Experience and Increase Sales Strategy Applied: LinkedIN, Facebook and other networks Description: Pavina Store wanted us to generate traffic focusing on Facebook strategy, due to high investment on Facebook Ad's. In less than 4 months we could generate massive sign ups and improve Sales. Saved: $ 1 / Click on FB Advertising Time frame Taken into consideration: 30 Days
  3. 3. CASE STUDY 3: (Visits before optimization- Average 30 visits a day) 3. Website Name: Nature Of Business: Get Paid To Program, Market Research Services and Mystery Shopping Services provider. Campaign Set up Date: May 09 Visits a month after optimizing: 1918 Campaign Objective: Increase Free sign up's with high conversion to paid Strategy Applied: Facebook and other social media Description: Surveycheese wanted us work on LinkedIn and twitter strategies. Surveycheese Enquiries drastically improved with high conversion rate Saved: $ 2 / Click on LinkedIn Advertising and $ 1 / Click on FB Ad’s Time frame Taken into consideration: 30 Days
  4. 4. CASE STUDY 4: (Visits before optimization- Average 50 visits a day) 4. Website Name: condos-for-sale-in- Nature Of Business: Real Estate in Pattaya, Thailand. Campaign Set up Date: July 09 Visits a month after optimizing: 3098 Campaign Objective: Increase website visitors and enquiries Strategy Applied: Facebook and other social media Description: Condos for sale in pattaya wanted us to apply Facebook and other social media strategies, due to high investment on SEO and AD's. In less than 3 months we could generate massive free sign ups and improve paid conversions. Client could save more than $500 - 700 a week with increased Margins. Saved: $ 1.25 / Click on FB Advertising Time frame Taken into consideration: 30 Days
  5. 5. CASE STUDY 5: (Visits before optimization- Average 35 visits a day) 5. Website Name: Nature Of Business: Green Marketing Campaign Set up Date: Aug 09 Visits a month after optimizing: 2471 Campaign Objective: Brand Visibility and Increase website visitors Strategy Applied: LinkedIn and Facebook Description: Leap Marketing wanted us to apply LikedIn and Facebook strategies, due to high advertising cost on LinkedIn. We could considerably increase traffic in a month time, Brand Visibility is our next step for leap marketing. Saved: $ 2 / Click on LinkedIn Advertising and $ 1 / Click on FB Time frame Taken into consideration: 30 Days
  6. 6. At SocialCreeper, we understand the complexity of marketing. That's why we want to provide the most relevant resources to make your job easier. SocialCreeper is an Internet-Based Service For Sharing & Discussing Information about Brands among Human Beings. Engage with Customers Where they Are, with Content they Value You can promote almost any product on Social media. Social Media gives you a added feature to target customized geography or demography. If your product, service, or opportunity would appeal to a very limited market or is so specific that you would need to target your visitors to a specific location or demographic, socialcreeper can still work for you. Here are some examples of products, services, and opportunities our clients have marketed successfully with this type of program: • Business Opportunities • Online Casinos sites • Network Marketing/MLM • Joke and Humor sites • Franchise Opportunties • Online Games, Chat, etc. • Work-at-home programs • Music, Sports, Movies, etc. • Shopping, Gifts, etc. • Credit Cards/Repair • Sports/Sporting Goods • Personal Finance • Travel, Cars, Outdoors • Insurance offers • Pets, Hobbies, etc. • Investment sites • Computers, Software, etc. • Mens/Womens Health • Education, Jobs/Career • Dieting, Fitness, etc. • "Free Stuff", Coupons, etc. • Cooking, Gardening, etc. • Internet/Web Services • Home Improvement
  7. 7. The above list is by no means complete; these are just some of the things that have been promoted successfully with this system. If you're not sure that this is right for you, just remember the basic rule: Is there a reasonable chance that the average person surfing the net might be interested in what you're promoting? If so, then there is a good chance that this will work very well for you! We listen and understand to your business needs, we spend some time analyzing the market place and finally design a custom Social Media approach that integrates all the 6 degree of social media to leverage for your business  We will establish a Web 2.0 Traffic Channel by replacing traditional paper community newsletters with blogs on Blogger, WordPress, Ning….etc. Each blog linking back to website home page  We will establish a Micro Blogging channel by creating Social Media Profiles on Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn…and invite existing contact list to join.  We will establish an Image Search Channel on Flickr, Photobucket….similar and upload property photos optimized for image search  We will establish a Video Search Traffic Channel by and uploading videos pertaining to business/ service/ offer and optimize them for video search  We will establish a Niche Audience Targeted Traffic Channel by creating social websites on SocialGo, Pligg…..etc to enhance brand visibility  We will establish a Document search channel for prospects that usually dig information from Social Media sites like Slideshare, Docstoc… to enhance your product and brand awareness. All this applied strategically in a 3 dimensional approach. To Involve, To Engage and To Promote your online business. Social Media is growing by hundreds of thousands of users every Day, so if there was ever a time to get ahead of the game, it's now, because
  8. 8. "Millions of people are creating content for the social Web. Your competitors are already there. Your customers have been there for a long time. If your business isn't putting itself out there, it ought to be." Remember, social media isn’t a conversation. It’s a place where conversation takes place For more information about Social media, Mail us at or simply get started with our standard plan. SocialCreeper Worldwide Av. de l'Eglise-Anglaise 10, City: Lausanne State: Vaud Pin: 1006 Switzerland E-Mail SKYPE: gogetter23 AOL: socialcreeper SEE YOU INSIDE!