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A quick primer on how we attack big data projects for marketers, and the questions that can be solved by becoming more data-driven.

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The Consumer Marketer's Guide to Data - Polygraph

  1. 1. The Data Driven Business The Consumer Marketer’s Guide to Data How to Take Advantage of Big Data November 2013 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  2. 2. About Us Chris Treadaway, CEO • MBA, University of Texas • Microsoft 2005-2008, last role as Group Product Manager, Web & Social Media Strategy • Co-Author of bestseller, Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day May 2010, 2nd Edition May 2012 • Charter “Facebook Developer Hero” & participant in Facebook Developer Customer Council Robert Starek, CTO • 3-time startup founder, Chief Architect • 11 patents in big data, data security and management • Windows Azure Cloud services expert 1 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  3. 3. Stages of Marketing Competency Manage by Feel Analytics Reliance on experts Reliance on opinion Use of “vanity” marketing & operational metrics 2 Data Literate Data Optimized Collection of data Data heavily integrated but data is being in culture and is used used primarily for to help make key basic community decisions & drive sponsored management decisions content campaigns Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  4. 4. Data Strategy & Implementation Capture • Audit available information & opportunities, and how data is currently used • Analyze data sets and reconfigure/clean them for easier analysis • Establish processes for collecting and storing data properly/accurately Measure • Understand the needs of key stakeholders and decision-makers • Audit current key KPIs being used and operational impacts • Find opportunities for new, data-driven metrics and propose new solutions Inform 3 • Create dashboards that integrate opportunities, findings, and new procedures • Train executives on how data can improve customer experiences & better inform decisions • Produce custom reports and analyses on demand as business needs require Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  5. 5. Mapping Customers to “The Funnel” • Each stage of the funnel is an opportunity for Social Media optimization Web Site • Rarely do organizations E-Commerce mine & understand the data to better Loyalty Programs optimize the Social media turns funnel in its customers into advocates & entirety “free” person-to-person marketing/evangelism 4 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  6. 6. Understanding Customers What and how often customers buy • The products and services each customer is buying and has bought in the past • The frequency of purchases of each product Segmentation & Contribution to Revenue • Is there a functioning segmentation that is accurate and relevant to the marketing context? • Does customer data (internal and third-party) suggest a different or modified customer segmentation is necessary? • Is segmentation used in a way to help maximize revenue & profit? 5 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  7. 7. Understanding Purchase Decisions How they decide between competitors • What are the key decision-making criteria (e.g. price, convenience, quality, brand association, etc.)? • What interactions are needed to make a purchase decision? How customers buy • What channels do they use to buy products? • What other related activities or interests might impact buying decision/process or product use? 6 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  8. 8. Understanding Marketing Touch What pre & post-sale interactions do customers require • How do our various marketing channels perform? • How does e-mail, social media, and mobile marketing translate to revenue? • What information does the customer require after a visit? • Can marketing channels impact other KPIs? • How has couponing & event marketing impacted my business? • Does the data suggest greater or lesser investment in certain parts of the marketing mix? 7 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  9. 9. Understanding Customer Evangelism How do you turn customers into evangelists for your product/service? • Who are your repeat customers? • Are they influencers in the social media channel? • Are you calculating the number of influencers that you have, how often they are communicating, how positive they are, and how they impact other KPIs for your business? • Are they transmitting positive messages about your product(s), your employees, your brand? • Are specific experiences highly correlated to creating new evangelists? • Are your influencers communicating more/less frequently? • What makes your influencers communicate with their friends/followers more often and more positively? 8 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  10. 10. Data for Predictive Marketing Who are your customers? Social Segmentation What have they done? Social What customers will do in the future Transactional = What have they said? Social Transactional What do they like? Social 9 Future Revenue Segmentation Web/Reviews What tactics & strategies should be used E-mail Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  11. 11. Anatomy of a Project • Custom Data Projects have up to 4 core elements – – – – 10 Data Audit – assessing where are we currently Normalization – fixing what needs to be fixed Visualizations & Analysis – getting answers from the data Strategy & Operations – putting a data-driven approach into practice Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  12. 12. Anatomy of a Project – Data Audit • What is available to inform executives better? • What is on the wish list & what are the operational difficulties inherent in getting it? • What can be collected that is not currently being collected & used in decision-making? • Are you collecting all the data you need in a useful, repeatable, and scalable manner? • What third-party data could be beneficial to arrive at a better understanding of business or customers? 11 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  13. 13. Anatomy of a Project – Normalization • Editing & reshaping of raw data to allow for analysis – E.g. data example to the right needs to be cleaned – data formatted properly and consistently for analysis • Can data be exported in time frames necessary for decision making? • Is all data exportable in consistent and largely automated ways? • How is reporting & analysis done currently? Can it be standardized and optimized for efficiency? 12 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  14. 14. Anatomy of a Project – Visualizations/Analysis • Bringing data to life with visualizations to inform decision making • Better understand a specific business problem through data 13 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  15. 15. Anatomy of a Project – Strategy/Operations • Who currently uses data to improve operating efficiency & make more money? • Are there opportunities to create dashboards to easily provide insight that is needed? • Who is empowered to see certain KPIs and when? • Can data/analytics help people perform their jobs better? • What training is necessary to become a more datadriven organization? 14 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  16. 16. Customer Testimonials “Mindblowing. The most actionable analysis of customer data we’ve ever seen.” Director of Media Responsible or over $1b Ad spend for Fortune 50 consumer brand “Polygraph enables scenarios we’d only hoped we could do sometime soon. It’s like they’ve bugged our offices.” Sean Carlos Fleming Director, Web & Text Analytics “Groundbreaking work for the television industry.” Senior Vice President $1b Local Media Conglomerate 15 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.
  17. 17. Getting Started Contact us for a free consultation & needs assessment. We can put a package together that is designed for your success and budget. Chris Treadaway, CEO Polygraph Media 512-797-6001 16 Copyright 2012-2013, Notice Technologies Inc.