How to tell an engaging story - Iowa Nonprofit Summit 2013


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How to tell an engaging story - Iowa Nonprofit Summit 2013

  1. 1. How to tell an engaging story Iowa Nonprofit Summit November 2013 Altoona, Iowa #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  2. 2. Welcome! • Who is this guy (@ctrappe) ? Where I came from … where I’m heading #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  3. 3. Rules, rules, rules! • Got a question? Ask it. That increases your chances of it being answered. • Share your thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc. • This session is on the record…  You may Tweet. you can find the slides here: ting/midwinter2013/ #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  4. 4. Today! Telling stories Takeaways: • How to identify stories • Identifying the best way(s) to tell them • How to execute efficiently • Identifying channels, measuring results • Tips on making time to respond and talking with people on all those channels. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  5. 5. Stories • Who can tell me something that has happened that’s: – Interesting – Worth sharing – Possible: That you shared at breakfast this morning, dinner last night, mentioned on the phone, calling home? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  6. 6. Stories • What made it worth sharing? • How do you know? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  7. 7. Source: http://www.getpaidtow
  8. 8. I have a story … • Traffic tickets story from Gazette… #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  9. 9. Stories • Could you picture somebody driving past a church …. • And praying? • What else? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  10. 10. Stories OK…. Are you sold, yet? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  11. 11. OK… but telling a story isn’t enough! Take a guess: What’s the average attention span nowadays? #uwmidwinter
  12. 12. Attention spans Avg: 8 seconds Down 4 seconds from 2000 Attention span of a goldfish: 9 seconds Source: #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  13. 13. Attention spans OK… that’s funny, but what does it mean to us: We need to get to the point! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  14. 14. Attention spans Simplify Then simplify some more #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  15. 15. How to spot/develop a story? • Pay attention (gym example, outside, etc.) • Write down ideas … • Bring them up to co-workers (at home maybe?) Is this interesting? What do you think of this? • Does it fit into our mission? – Why would we share it? How does it fit into our business goals?
  16. 16. How to spot a story – Hold That Thought! • Your stories need to fit into your business goals! • What would sharing a story accomplish? – Engaging – Entertaining – Eye opening – Educational! What are your business goals? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  17. 17. Examples of business goals • Be the community connector • Raise funds to improve the community • Connect people to resources Can you verbalize how this story fits into those (or your) goals? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  18. 18. Once we have story, let’s share it… #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  19. 19. Identifying the best way(s) to tell them True/False? Every story fits on every channel! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  20. 20. Stories Who has a story that was shared in a print brochure, for example? Can you share details? …. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  21. 21. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  22. 22. Execute efficiently • • • • Keep your eyes open Write down ideas! Make the time. Find the value! An easy way: Record things on video/audio – “I’m out. I don’t have the equipment.” Anyone say that? Let’s look at the equipment you have. • Summaries and pictures • What are you most comfortable with? • Share stories on channels. Don’t have a “scoop attitude.” #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  23. 23. Stories – What to do • Share authentic stories (Doesn’t mean to share everything!) • Involve real people – Clip art/models >>>> Authentic/Real people – Explain why this is important. One (off-camera) comment from a client shown in video: “I hope this will help donations.” • Explain it simply. – 21st century skills >>> Skills you need in tomorrow’s jobs, for example • Be specific! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  24. 24. Stories – What not to do • • • • Use big words Use acronyms Make up names Look for reasons why not to share it. – Ask people (interviewees) nicely. Give them the option. Don’t assume people don’t want to participate. • Share confidential things! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  25. 25. Stories If it doesn’t feel right to publish, probably shouldn’t be published … but figure out what’s amiss, fix and then publish! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  26. 26. Your brand voice • How do you want to come across? • Example for United Way in Cedar Rapids… #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  27. 27. Brand voice Serious, but fun. But not silly! Definitely not markety! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  28. 28. What’s markety? • Avoid words like this: – This FANTASTIC event. – Everyone has/will have fun. – Biggest event ever. – The best – The fastest – The slickest From: #uwmidwinter
  29. 29. Measuring success How are we going to do this? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  30. 30. Measuring results #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  31. 31. Time management • Do you check emails? Voicemails? • Same for social/website/etc. Check if anyone has said something and respond …. • Could set time periods for this. Set expectations … especially social. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  32. 32. Time management #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  33. 33. But everyone knows marketing. Wait, what? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  34. 34. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  35. 35. OK. I’m tired. Time for a break… On your own… (make a plan!) • Pick a story (one you’ve featured or know of) • Does it fit into business goals? • Tell the story in 15-20 words! • Outline how you would share on the different channels! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  36. 36. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  37. 37. Group discussions • Please share with your neighbors! – What’s your story? – What was hard? – What was easy? – What will hurdles be? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  38. 38. Class discussion What did you learn? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  39. 39. Did we go over time? Questions? #uwmidwinter
  40. 40. We didn’t go over time? Please fill out the evaluations before you go! Stay in touch: 319-804-9853 #INPOS13 @ctrappe