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Fox Cities Managers   May 2009
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Fox Cities Managers May 2009


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Hiring is the most important thing managers do. Get it right and you build a winning team. Get it wrong and you spend time and money to correct mistakes. This presentation gives you a powerful tool …

Hiring is the most important thing managers do. Get it right and you build a winning team. Get it wrong and you spend time and money to correct mistakes. This presentation gives you a powerful tool for an effective interview experience.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. May 12, 2009 Behavioral Style Interview Questions Chuck Tomasi
    • 2. Time Description Person(s) 6:00 Introductions All 6:20 Behavioral style interview questions Chuck Tomasi 7:15 Future topics Chuck Tomasi 7:30 Open discussion All
    • 3.  
    • 4.
      • Check with your organization for info
        • Hiring process
        • Fair and legal hiring practices
        • Your company EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) policy
    • 5.
      • Get a consistent interview experience
      • Target a specific skill, knowledge, competency, or ability
      • Avoid legal issues
    • 6.
      • Start with the job description
      • Identify the Skill, knowledge, competency, ability, or other (SKAO)
        • What do your best people do that you like?
        • What do I expect them to do?
        • What does your team require to be effective?
      • Create a lead-in or setup statement
      • Ask for an example of a situation
        • What behaviors are you looking for?
    • 7.  
    • 8.  
    • 9.
      • Accountabilities/Responsibilities
        • Responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining servers at 5 remote locations
      • Duties/Tasks (consider tools)
        • Maintains tracking log for all system maintenance issues
      • Work Environment
        • Multiple temporary offices; varying work conditions
      • Relationships
        • Operates with little or not supervision
    • 10.
      • Competencies
        • A set of demonstrated behaviors (technical or leadership)
      • Skills
        • What a person does on the job
        • Combines knowledge with action
      • Knowledge
        • What a person needs to know to be able to do to a job
        • Involves information
    • 11.
      • Abilities
        • Aptitude or capability to do or learn to do the job
          • “ Can do”, not necessarily “will do” the job
      • Other personal characteristics
        • Related to attitudes or personality traits
    • 12.
      • Express a time frame
        • Periodically, occasionally, from time to time…
      • What is it you do (or need to do)?
        • We need to travel to work in different locations
    • 13.
      • Start with an open ended question
        • Tell me about a specific situation…
        • Explain your experience in…
        • Give an example to illustrate how you…
    • 14.
      • Gather data about the:
        • Circumstances of the S ituation and T ask
          • Who was involved in the situation?
        • Past A ctions specific to the SKAO defined
          • What strategies did you use to sell your position?
        • R esults
          • What was the outcome?
    • 15.
      • Position: Administrative Assistant
      • Job Requirement: Create PowerPoint presentations for executive level audience
      • Critical Knowledge: Advanced knowledge/use of PowerPoint
    • 16.
      • Questions:
        • This position frequently requires one to prepare presentations for the senior executive team. Tell me about a time you used PowerPoint to create a high profile presentation.
        • What kinds of features did you incorporate?
        • How did those features reinforce the points you were trying to make?
        • Describe the most complex presentation you’ve created.
        • How well-received was the presentation?
    • 17.
      • Good to get “other side” of one-sided evidence
      • Gain a balanced view of skills and experience
      • Seeking positive information
        • Susan, describe a situation in which you were able to make a critical decision with limited information. What were the consequences of an incorrect decision? What was the outcome?
    • 18.
      • What would you do?
      • Premise: Intentions are related to behavior
      • Use when candidate has no prior experience
      • Example:
        • You received a call from an angry client. She has been trying to obtain a report recently prepared by your supervisor. However, her calls have not been returned. She askes you to send her the report. What would you do?
    • 19.
      • Can be open or close ended
      • Used to gain insight to experience
      • Example:
        • What experience do you have with preparing executive presentations?
    • 20. 0 1 2 3 4 5
    • 21.  
    • 22.
      • Manager Tools is working on one
        • ETA later this year
        • Available to Premium Members
      • Podcast
        • How to create simple behavioral style interview question
    • 23.
      • On-boarding/training process ideas
    • 24.
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
    • 25. 2 nd Tuesday of Each Month Date Topic June 9 Conflict Management – Ryan Kehl July 14 Thank you Notes August 11 Presentations Made Better September 8 Say It Well With E-mail October 13 Email management November 10 Personal productivity (GTD intro) December 8 Non-verbal communications
    • 26.
      • We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and spending it with us to improve yourself and your organization