Visualize or Fossilize: Growing Your Kiwanis Club


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A presentation to provide Kiwanis Club leaders with tips and suggestions for growing their Kiwanis Clubs so they can recruit more volunteers to accomplish more service in their communities. This presentation was originally given at the Florida Kiwanis District Convention on August 3, 2013.

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  • Visualize or Fossilize: Growing Your Kiwanis Club

    1. 1. Visualize or Fossilize: Growing Your Kiwanis Club Presented by: C. Todd Smith 2013-14 Membership Chair, Florida District of Kiwanis @ctoddsmith
    2. 2. Why is Growth Important?
    3. 3. What do you love about your club? Whatever it is, members make it happen. The service, the leadership, the fellowship, the fundraising—it all requires Kiwanians. And it all helps strengthen your community.
    4. 4. Imagine all of the service you have done in Kiwanis the past year… Now imagine all of the service your club has done since it was founded…
    5. 5. Think about how many lives your club has touched or improved…
    6. 6. Now imagine… NONE of that service ever happened because there was no Kiwanis club.
    7. 7. That’s what’s at stake if we continue to lose members and fail to grow.
    9. 9. YOU!
    10. 10. 100% of the people you don’t ask to join Kiwanis will not join.
    11. 11. YOUR CLUB’S TO DO LIST: 1. Each club must have a membership committee chair. 2. Hold regular membership committee meetings. 3. Conduct regular membership drive initiatives (suggested for October, February, May, September).
    12. 12. YOUR DIVISION’S TO DO LIST: 1. Each division should identify growth team members. 2. Identify “new-club builder” and “club counselor” in each division. 3. Develop and implement growth plan for the division.
    14. 14. Poor Member Experience SIGNS OF A BAD MEETING •No meeting agenda •Never end on time •No greeter •Not fun •Lack of a interesting speakers •Inside jokes, games, collecting money, singing or contests not explained to guests •NO DISCUSSION OF UPCOMING SERVICE PROJECTS
    15. 15. IMPEDIMENTS TO GROWTH Lack of focus or disregard for growth NOT DISCUSSING THE PROBLEM Lack of Follow Through“NO TIME” EXCUSE or SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT. Inflexible or too rooted in traditionREFUSAL TO CHANGE EVEN IF IT MEANS GROWING
    17. 17. Is your club ready for new members? • When do you meet? • What are your dues? • What are your membership requirements? • How many social events do you hold? • How often are your service projects? • What is the nature of your projects?
    18. 18. What are your Dues? Cut dues to the bare minimum = $102 + club dues + + + $62: $30: $5.00: $5.00: Kiwanis International Dues/Insurance/Magazine Florida District Dues Kiwanis International Foundation Florida District Foundation Ideas to Lower Dues: Don’t include meals in your dues Create a separate dues plan for different types of members: Under 40, SLP Faculty Advisor, Parent of SLP Also remember 2 yr. dues waiver for former SLP members
    19. 19. What do younger members want? •More service •Lowers Dues •Less Meetings Many of these desires are the same for ALL MEMBERS. •Hands-On Activities •Representation Within The Club •Social Activities •Service Leadership Programs Is your club ready to meet their needs?
    20. 20. FLEXIBILE OPTIONS Club Satellites Corporate Memberships 3-2-1- Club
    21. 21. Now that your club is ready, where do you find potential members?
    22. 22. MEMBERSHIP IS ABOUT MARKETING Share your story (Elevator Pitch) – Why My Club What's Our Community Impact How do we do it? and PRACTICE telling your story Assign a PR person for every project to maximize exposure. PR before and after the event and marketing materials at the event
    23. 23. Branding Matters See the new Kiwanis Brand Guide at:
    24. 24. BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS WITH COMMUNITY PARTNERS Ask the charities, schools, churches that you work with to help you recruit a member Visit with your local elected officials and ask them for recommendations for members Join chamber and attend/sponsor chamber event
    25. 25. Sponsor a lunch and learn or CLE for local bar association or professional association (like CPAs) Meet with clergy and ask for member recommendations Invite your Facebook Friends to a service project – not a meeting People like to help if you ask for their help Reach out to SLP members and their parents
    26. 26. Recruiting a Key Clubber? Contact is KEY! • Be involved and have a relationship with the Key Club or CKI club • Attend last meeting of the year, host an end of year party, OR host a event to talk about continuing their K family involvement at the next level • Submit your projects on the Key club/CKI Alumni website
    27. 27. BUILD YOUR TEAM • Must appoint Membership Chair for every club and have an active membership committee that reports every meeting • Every division should have a New Club Builder and Club Counselor
    28. 28. Recruitment Event – 10 Step Checklist A systematic process to organizing a membership event 1. Order the materials 2. Set up your team 3. Plan your guest event 4. Develop a prospect list 5. Mail out information
    29. 29. A systematic process to organizing a membership event 6. Invite prospects personally 7. Hold your meeting 8. Follow up 9. Welcome new members 10. Plan your next event Worksheets and checklists are available at
    30. 30. LINKS
    31. 31. Times have changed
    32. 32. Spreading the word about Kiwanis is easy. Just click “Like”.
    33. 33. Remember YOUR CLUB’S TO DO LIST: 1. Each club must have a membership committee chair. 2. Hold regular membership committee meetings. 3. Conduct regular membership drive initiatives (suggested for October, February, May, September).
    34. 34. Visualize or Fossilize: Growing Your Kiwanis Club Presented by: C. Todd Smith 2013-14 Membership District Chair @ctoddsmith