Facebook - The Road to 500 million users


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Facebook is anticipated to announce reaching over 500 million users. CTN Consulting takes a look at some fun facts and the road to Facebook's 500 million user mark.

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Facebook - The Road to 500 million users

  1. 1. The Road to 500 million active users Listen. Engage. Inspire.
  2. 2. Some fun facebook facts Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com Copyright 2010 CTN Consulting
  3. 3. The Average Facebook User…(per month)  Has 130 friends on the site  Sends 8 friend requests  Clicks the Like Button 9 times  Writes 25 comments  Becomes a fan of 2 pages  Is invited to 3 events  Is a member of 12 groups Source: Mashable Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  4. 4. The Average Facebook User (per day) Spends > 55 minutes on Facebook Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  5. 5. 50% of Users log on every day Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  6. 6. Oxygen Survey Says…  34% women 18-34 say checking Facebook is the first thing they do when waking up in the morning  26% women 18-34 get up in the middle of the night to read text messages  37% women 18-34 have fallen asleep with their PDA in their hands Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  7. 7. facebook has over 150 million mobile users. Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  8. 8. Top 10 Pages on Facebook Name # of Fans 1. Texas Hold'em Poker 17,059,832 2. Michael Jackson 16,490,570 3. Facebook 13,317,394 4. Lady Gaga 12,850,472 5. Family Guy 12,626,477 6. Mafia Wars 11,745,115 7. Barack Obama 10,895,541 8. Starbucks Coffee Company 10,435,608 9. House 10,082,864 10. Twilight 9,632,275 Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  9. 9. Founder and CEO The original founder of Facebook and CEO is Mark Zuckerburg. Mark and 3 of his roommates created Facebook while attending Harvard University and launched the site on February 4, 2004 from their college dorm room. Forbes Magazine named Mark “the world’s youngest self-made billionaire” being worth an estimated $1.5 billion due to his creation of the popular website. Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  10. 10. Listen. Engage. Inspire.
  11. 11. 2004  February Mark Zuckerberg and co-founders Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin launch Facebook from their Harvard dorm room  March Facebook expands from Harvard to Stanford, Columbia and Yale  June Facebook moves its base of operations to Palo Alto, Calif.  September Groups application is added; the Wall is added as a Profile feature  December Facebook reaches nearly 1 million active users Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  12. 12. 2005  May Facebook raises $12.7 million in venture capital from Accel Partners; Facebook grows to support more than 800 college networks  August The company officially changes its name to Facebook from thefacebook.com  September Facebook expands to add high school networks  October Photos is added as an application Facebook begins to add international school networks  December Facebook reaches more than 5.5 million active users Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  13. 13. 2006  April Facebook raises $27.5 million from Greylock Partners, Meritech Capital Partners and others Facebook Mobile feature launches  May Facebook expands to add work networks  August Facebook development platform launches Notes application is introduced Facebook and Microsoft form strategic relationship for banner ad syndication  September News Feed and Mini-Feed are introduced with additional privacy controls Facebook expands registration so anyone can join  November Share feature added on Facebook, simultaneously launched on over 20 partner sites  December Facebook reaches more than 12 million active users Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  14. 14. 2007  February Virtual gift shop launches as a feature  March Facebook reaches over 2 million active Canadian users and 1 million active UK users  April Facebook reaches 20 million active users Facebook updates site design and adds network portals  May Facebook launches Marketplace application for classified listings Facebook hosts F8 event to launch Facebook Platform Facebook Platform launches with 65 developer partners and over 85 applications  October Facebook reaches over 50 million active users Facebook launches Facebook Platform for Mobile Facebook and Microsoft expand advertising deal to cover international markets; Microsoft takes a $240 million equity stake in Facebook  November Facebook launches Facebook Ads Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  15. 15. 2008  January Facebook co-sponsors Presidential Debates with ABC News  February Facebook launches in Spanish and French  March Facebook updates privacy controls to include Friend List privacy Facebook launches in German  April Facebook launches Facebook Chat Facebook releases Translation application to 21 additional languages  August Facebook reaches over 100 million active users  December Facebook Connect becomes generally available Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  16. 16. 2009  January Facebook reaches over 150 million active users CNN Live/Facebook integration  February Facebook reaches over 175 million active users Facebook joins OpenID board “Like” feature added  April Facebook reaches over 200 million active users  May Digital Sky Technologies makes a $200 million investment for preferred stock at a $10 billion valuation  June Facebook launches Facebook Usernames  July Facebook reaches over 250 million active users  August Facebook acquires FriendFeed  September Facebook reaches over 300 million active users  December Facebook reaches over 350 million active users Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  17. 17. 2010  February Facebook reaches over 400 million active users Facebook surpasses Google in traffic!  April Facebook acquired Divvyshot.  May Facebook acquired ShareGrove. Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  18. 18. 2010 July Facebook anticipated to announce 500million active users Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
  19. 19. We leave you with this… If facebook were a country, it would be the THIRD Most Populated Listen. Engage. Inspire. www.ctnconsulting.com
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