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My mom went to Ghana this summer thanks to a great gift from my brother. They were both moved by the trip. Here are a few photos I helped her present to her church about her trip.

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  • Thats Francis in the Blue hat. He was pretty much the leader or the only one that spoke english. His hands were nothing but scars and calluses from hauling fishing nets
  • Catch of the day. In Ghana they dont fillet the fish they cook the whole thing.Catch of the day. In Ghana they dont fillet the fish they cook the whole thing.Catch of the day. In Ghana they dont fillet the fish they cook the whole thing.
  • The slave castle in Cape Coast is so big that I could not fit it all in one shot. This castle held up to 1000 slaves at a time for up to 3mths before they were put on the ships.
  • This is one of the male dungeons in Cape Coast where up to 150 men were kept in 3mth rotations. The letters on the wall are indication of how high the human waste was when they cleaned out this dungeon. Add to that the fact that some of the men died and were living with very little ventilation food and water. You can get a sense of the death and despair of the place. Btw, those marking are about 3ft high. I would assume that when the place was been used for slavery that mark was probably more like 5 or 6ft.
  • One of the female dungeons in Cape Coast. Besides the dimensions of the cell the thing that struck me as ironic was that in both Cape Coast and Elmina castles above the female slave dungeons were churches. So while slaves were crying, dying and living in inhumane conditions those portuguese, Sweedish and Dutch people would be having church. 
  • That door right above where the people are standing was the church which was conveniently located right above the women's dungeon. Marinate on while women were dying, suffering and living in their on filth, they would have church?
  • For those of you who say that I would have done this or they would not have done that to me, well this is where you would end up. It's called the Condemnation Room, it's where those that didnt co-operate with being a slave were sentIt basically had no ventilation and had a total of three doors. The first door eliminated any light you might have, the second door cut down on the oxygen, and the third door eliminated the oxygen completely. You were left there to die. They have removed the 2 inner doors. Each castle had a condemnation room but this was probably the most inhumane.
  • Ghana presentation for ll

    1. 1. From Tulsa to Ghana A gift from my son, Michael
    2. 2. Flight time @ 13 hours