Crowdfunding: Grandma’s not the only one with the checkbook.


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Angel Adams Presentation from 2013 Social Media Tulsa aka #SMTULSA Conference. Grandma’s not the only one with the checkbook.

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    Visit this link to view an active campaign benefiting needy families that have suffered through the paralyzing effects of the winter storms of 2014! Share please, and donate if you can! God Bless Folks!
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  • This is Wikipedia’s version…definition.My definitioncrowdfunding is “being vulnerable.”
  • Missionary…writing letters. “woe is me” and a “begger’s” mentality.Most of us had a grandma or that one certain relative who never seemed to mind helping us out. Most of us…Realize that there are people out there that believe in us. Believe in our ideas and vision and they are willing to show their support by giving what they can.We have to be vulnerable to show our understanding that we CAN’T do this alone. What I mean by vulnerable is as an artist opens up their guts and exposes their deepest thoughts.We have to become transparent and real.We’ve got to be honest with ourselves and we’ve got to get over ourselves.
  • Go out to the crowd and ask questions…walk away while they are talking.How did you find out about the conference?Why did you want to come in and hear this particular session?What’s your favorite icecream flavor?HOW DO WE CONNECT?!?!Communicate, engage and over-deliver. More specifically:Celebrate their supportAcknowledge and publicize that you reached your goalAnnounce and celebrate as you begin your projectDo ´thank you´ shout-outs now and againInvite them to continue on your journeyKeep funders updatedUse multimedia to document your progressAsk for input on your projectDeliver the GoodsSet expectations for timing and delivery (give yourself room to over-deliver)Follow through and deliverAsk funders to post their reactions to the Goods (helps broaden your network)Most projects that are crowdfunded also require support in their next stage to be successful. Whether you want them to support your brand, come to your performances, or buy your products, think of crowdfunding as a way to gain loyalists early. And, ideally, they are with you for life.Amanda Palmer – Musician. Asked for $100K and ended with $1.2 million. “become the hat”. “how did you make all these people PAY for music?” I didn’t make them…I asked them and by the very act of asking, I Connected and when you connect, people want to help you.Asking makes you vulnerable and accountable.People who give you a hard time are the ones who haven’t been with you in the trenches, making connections.Change from looking at it as taking a risk to adjusting to trust.
  • Go to the website if you can.
  • Myriad of different projects. Just reading them…I got teary eyed. That’s why these work.
  • Generally there is a flat 4.95% charge for the profit fundraising event, but there’s blurry transaction fee involved in extra charges. For non-porfit organizations, you could choose from a range of account types from free to one with a $199 monthly fee.
  • The best thing you can do to help you learn which platform is right for you is to spend some time in their FAQ’s section.
  • Crowdfunding: Grandma’s not the only one with the checkbook.

    1. 1. CROWDFUNDINGGrandma’s not the onlyone with the checkbook.
    2. 2. What is crowdfunding?Crowdfunding describes the collectiveeffort of individuals who network and pooltheir money, usually via the Internet, tosupport efforts initiated by other people ororganizations. Crowdfunding is used insupport of a wide variety of activities,including disaster relief, citizen journalism,support of artists by fans, politicalcampaigns, startup company funding,motion picture promotion, free softwaredevelopment, inventions development,scientific research, and civic projects.
    3. 3. What crowdfunding ISN’T…Woe is me… Begging…
    4. 4. It’s ALL about people, folks.•connections•balanceationships
    5. 5. KICKSTARTER.COM• Raised a total of $220 million so far.• Launched 61,000 projects.• Crews evaluate your form and determine whether to accept you or not.• Backer rewards. (Rewarded ONLY if the project is successful.)• All or nothing.• Fees – Kickstarter charges 5% for every successful project.• Amazon Payment with a processing fee of 3-5% of your raised funds.• DOWNSIDE: You have to be a U.S. resident with a Social Security number to useKickstarter.• Usually accepts all kinds of creative projects but NOT for causes, awarenesscampaigns, charity, or vacations.• Super straight forward and user friendly.
    6. 6. The Video.
    7. 7. INDIEGOGO.COM• Similar to Kickstarter…user friendly• Helps ANY type of project including donations forcharity.• Backer rewards are known as Perks.• Anyone can receive funding.• Paypal is the payment option.• “Flexible Funding” – you receive the fund even if theproject has failed to reach the funding goal.Indiegogo charges a 9% of funds raised fee for that.• Fees – Indiegogo gets 4% and there is a 3% fee forcredit card processing.
    8. 8. ROCKETHUB.COM• Super simple 3 step process to upload yourproject.• Easy tracking.• Opportunity to work with top-notch brands,companies and marketers to help raise interestand seek more potential opportunities.• Fees – Rocket Hub charges 4% for a successfulproject and 8% for projects that missed theirfinancial goal. Plus a 4% credit card processingfee.
    9. 9. GOFUNDME.COM• Based solely on the idea of raising money, for acause or even yourself .• Has crazy amount of opportunities to shareyour project.Donation pages, widgets, dashboards,social media integration.• Fees – 5% goes to GoFundMe and uses PayPalas the payment process. PayPal charges 2.9% -3.5%
    10. 10. RAZOO.COM• Has helped to raise $97,000,000 for thousands ofworthy causes.• Divides fundraisers into 4 major categories:1. Nonprofits2. Individuals3. Corporations4. Foundations.• Widgets galore.• iPhone app that enables you to manage your projectand ENGAGE your donors.• Fees – 2.9% flat rate of your total fund.
    11. 11. CROWDRISE.COM• Funding for animal welfare, arts, cultures, diseases,education, and even religion.This is a platform that helps raise money for charity.• You can also raise money for personal activities like birthday,weddings, even college.• Crowdrise uses “points” where the more people who donate,the more points the fundraiser receives. Based on the points,Crowdrise members will then know which fundraiser ororganization has made more “impact to the world”; it helpsthe organization raise their opportunity and improve theirreputation.• Fees – Gloriously complicated.
    12. 12. PLEDGEMUSIC.COM• Focus is solely to bring in new talent to themusic industry.• PledgeMusic’s interface is VERY similar toKickstarter and Indigogo.• “Backers” receive rewards…the more you back,the greater your reward.• Fees – 15% of what you raise will go toPledgeMusic.
    13. 13. SELLABAND.COM• This site is dedicated to crocheting.• MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC.• This platform has the flair and changeability ofMySpace.• Stand alone webpage can act as a blog, bio page,photo or video page.• Through this site, you are offered special prices forprofessional 3rd party services.• CD printing and promotion.• Fees – 15% out of the budget to support their full-timestaff.
    14. 14. APPBACKR.COM• Nothing but Apps.• Backers buy an app listed with a lower price.• The money you pay funds the development ofthe app.• Once the app makes earnings in the app store,Appbackr will pay the backers back with thesales price of the app.• Fees – No fixed percentage. The amount willdepend on your app price and it still could varybased on several factors.
    15. 15. CITIZINVESTOR.COM• Only local government entities can post projects that raisemoney on Citizinvestor.• A citizen can not build a park, put in speed bumps orrenovate a city pool by themselves; they need to partnerwith government. Citizinvestor makes that partnershipeasier than ever.• Petition to Project platform. Projects raise money whilepetitions raise signatures. Successful petitions have theopportunity to turn into projects in the future.• Unlike taxes, Citizinvestor gives you the power to tell yourlocal government exactly where you want them to investyour hard-earned money.• Fees – 5% to Citizinvestor and 3% to credit card processing.
    16. 16. Now…it’s time to just freaking do it.Nothing you can’t handle. You can do itand you know it. Go for it. Buckle downand push forth. Put your game face on.
    17. 17. Thank YOU! for Alvaris Falcon for theresearch.