The simple present and the present progressive


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The simple present and the present progressive

  1. 1. THE SIMPLE PRESENT AND THE PRESENT PROGRESSIVE Past Now Future (a) Ann takes a shower every day. (b) I usually eat lunch at the cafeteria. (c) Babies cry. (d) The earth revolves around the sun. (e) A square has four equal sides. (f) The sky is blue. The simple present expresses daily habits or usual activities, as in (a) and (b). The simple present expresses general statements of fact, as in (c) and (d). In sum, the simple present is used for events or situations that exist always, usually, or habitually in the past, present, and future. FROM SIR CARL MARTIN 1 1
  2. 2. PRESENT PROGRESSIVE Past Now Finish? in progress (a) Ann cannot come to the phone right now because she is taking a shower. (b) It’s noon. I am eating lunch at the cafeteria right now. (c) Jimmy and Susie are babies. They are crying. I can hear them right now. Maybe they are hungry. SIMPLE PRESENT [ I, You, We, They ] work. [He, She, It ] works. PRESENT PROGRESSIVE I am working. [You, We, They] are working. [He, She, It] is working. NEGATIVE: [ I, You, They] do not work. [He, She, It} does not work. QUESTION: Do [I, you, we, they] work? Does [he, she, it] work? I am not working. [You, We, They] are not working. [He, She, It] is not working. Am I working? Are [you, we, they] working? Is [he, she, it] working? STATEMENT: FROM SIR CARL MARTIN 2 2
  3. 3. Complete the sentences by using the words in parentheses. Use the SIMPLE PRESENT or the PRESENT PROGRESSIVE. 1. Shhh. The baby (sleep) _______________ . The baby (sleep) __________ for ten hours every night. 2. Right now I’m in class. I (sit) ________________ at my desk. I usually (sit) _________ at the same desk in class every day. 3. Ali (speak) ____________ Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak)_____________ English. 4. Our teacher (stand, not) __________________ up right now. She (sit) ____________ on the corner of her desk. She always walks to school early in the morning. They always walk to school early in the morning. She always studies at night. I walk to school every morning. I notice that you walk to school every morning. FROM SIR CARL MARTIN 3 3
  4. 4. Present Tense using “Is” and “Are” Mr. Carl is lecturing right now. They are eating their lunch at the cafeteria right now. Subra is repairing his car now. Farid and Henry are studying together in the library right now. FROM SIR CARL MARTIN 4 4