Ho’s and blingbling


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Ho’s and blingbling

  1. 1.  “Nu lood overal als ongezond wordt geweerd, zijn we klaar om het te linken aan criminaliteit en de ondergang van het oude Rome”. “[...] vandaag reikt [rap] jongeren vooral het belang aan van dames van lichte zeden (ho’s), geld en juwelen (blingbling) en het criminele bestaan om voorgaande te verwerven (the thuglife). Wie zichzelf culturaliseert met die boodschap, loopt het risico zijn culturele voorbeelden voor werkelijkheid te nemen en zich te bezondigen aan criminaliteit”.
  2. 2.  Because of the ubiquity (D: alomtegenwoordigheid) of films and music containing violent and misogynistic scenes/lyrics, society is not willing to admit the connection between this kind of (hip hop) culture and criminality yet.  = bottom line of the article?  => society should recognise this connection because, just as was the case in ancient Rome, it could endanger the proper functioning of our communities?
  3. 3.  Kendrick Lamar  ° Compton, 1987
  4. 4.  Kendrick Lamar  ° Compton, 1987  Early career: K-Dot Good kid, m.A.A.d City  Released: October 2012  26 February 2013 : Late Show with David Letterman
  5. 5.  So now Im down Rosecrans in a caravan Passing Alameda, my gas meter in need of a pump I got enough to get me through the traffic jam At least I hope cause my pockets broke as a promise man
  6. 6.  Im thinking bout that sex, thinking bout her thighs or maybe kissing on her neck, or maybe what positions next Sent her pictures of her titties blowing up my texts I looked at em and almost ran my front bumper into Corvette Enthused by the touch of a woman shes a masseuse And Im a professional porn star when off the Goose
  7. 7.  I had a fifth in the trunk like Curtis Jackson for ransom I, hoping to get her loose like an Uncle Luke Anthem Im two blocks away 250 feet and six steps from where she stay She waving me cross the street I pulled up a smile on my face And then I see Two niggas, two black hoodies I froze as my phone rang
  8. 8.  Please leave your message for 323- Record your message after the tone Kendrick. Where you at? Damn, Im sittin here waitin on my van You told me you was gon be back in fiffteen minutes! I gotta go to the county buildin, man These kids ready to eat! I’m ready to eat, shit I gotta get them food stamps, come on now You on you way or what? I hope you ain’t out there messin with them damn hood-rats out there, shit Especially that crazy-ass girl Sherane Plus you got school tomorrow You keep fuckin around in them streets, you ain’t gon pass to the next grade