RVC 2012. Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Visa processing and modernizing.
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RVC 2012. Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Visa processing and modernizing.






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RVC 2012. Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Visa processing and modernizing. RVC 2012. Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Visa processing and modernizing. Presentation Transcript

  • Rendez-Vous Canada 2012(May 13, 2012)Visa Processing Modernization andTourism
  • CIC’s Engagement in the Federal Tourism Strategy• CIC’s engagement in the strategy: “ facilitate ease of access and movement for travelers, while ensuring the safety and integrity of Canada’s borders”. 2
  • CIC’s Modernization Vision for Service Delivery• CIC is committed to providing: – simpler, more accessible services – continuous, innovative and adaptable operations – robust quality assurance and anti-fraud activities – the delivery of quality service 3
  • CIC’s Steps to Facilitate Tourism1. Make the process simpler2. Modernize technologies3. Facilitate low-risk travellers and focus resources on high-risk travellers 4
  • Step #1: Make the process simpler (part 1) Initiative Service Outcome Streamline the TRV - Mission-specific forms reduced - Make application application and - Business Express Program process less onerous express programs - Improves client satisfaction Streamline security - New security screening form - Questions that were screening requests minimal information from perceived as being overly the client intrusive have now been - Increased validity of security removed or reworded. screening to 4 years from 18 months Longer Visa Validity - As of July 2011, the validity of -Reduces repeat multiple-entry visas was extended to applications of low-risk 10 years up from 5 years, subject to travellers. passport validity. - Makes travel to Canada easier. 5
  • Step #1: Make the process simpler (part 2) Initiative Service Outcome Increase number - CIC currently has 60 VACs in - Expands the global of Visa 41 countries. Under the new network beyond the Application global VAC model, CIC envisions footprint of Canadian Centres (VACs) expanding this network to 150 missions abroad. VACs by 2014. - Provides an additional venue for tourism promotion. Special Events - Provides information and - Enhances client Unit guidance on visa and entry satisfaction. requirements to event organizers - Supports tourism http://www.cic.gc.ca/engli of international events taking promotion. sh/resources/publications/ meeting.asp place in Canada Special.Events@cic.gc.ca 6
  • Step #2: Modernize technologies Initiative Service Outcome Come to Canada - Interactive portal that helps -Helps applicants self- Wizard people determine if they are serve more efficiently eligible to live, work or study in - Over 1 million visits Canada since Aug 2011 launch Global Case - A single, integrated and - Network can be Management worldwide system used internally leveraged, moving work System (GCMS) to process applications for to resources citizenship and immigration services eSuite of Services Coming in 2012-2013: - Improves processing efficiency - On-line submission of TRV - Improves client service application package with on-line through client payment empowerment, accountability and understanding. 7
  • Step #3: Facilitate low-risk travellers, focus resources on high-risktravellers Initiative Service Outcome Joint Border Action Plan Facilitates entry: - Facilitates low-risk - Electronic Travel Authorization travellers. (eTA) - Assists in preventing those - Automated decision making who are inadmissible from travelling to Canada. Biometrics - Planned roll-out spring 2013. - Provides greater certainty - Fingerprint and photograph in facilitating those who have collection of certain foreign proven travel records. nationals. Criminal Inadmissibility Effective March 1, 2012. - Allows for flexibility in the - Stakeholders in the tourism - New public policy will provides a application of the industry raised the issue of one-time TRP fee exemption if no inadmissibility provisions. inadmissibility of foreign term of imprisonment was - Raises public awareness of nationals due to DUI offences imposed as part of the sentence Canada’s admissibility and there have been no requirements. subsequent convictions or acts - Informs those issued the committed that would render TRP of their inadmissibility them inadmissible. without disrupting their travels. 8
  • Challenges Ahead• CIC is positioning itself to be able to meet the challenges ahead: – Growth in the number of TRV (visitor) applications received abroad • 14.6% increase in number of TRV applications submitted annually since 2008 • Projections as high as 30% year over year increase from key tourist source countries (China, Brazil, India, Mexico). – Security versus mobility – Resources and funding 9
  • How CIC and the tourism industry can work together• Perception is part of the reality: positive messaging• Continue to work together in targeting key markets• Continue to keep CIC informed of major tourism concerns and issues 10
  • Canadian TRV Facts• 82% - Canada’s approval rate of visitor visa applications in 2011.• 80% - Committed percentage of applications to be processed within 14-day service standard.• 55 – Number of countries that are visa exempt.• $75 – Cheapest fee for a single-entry TRV compared to FCC partners.• Canada interviews less than 5% of TRV applicants. 11
  • CIC’s Steps Forward• Continue participation in the Federal Tourism Strategy.• Expand tourism promotion into the VACs.• Further streamline and modernize the TRV process.• Greater outreach to tourism partners.