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Canada’s international tourism opportunity

Canada’s international tourism opportunity



World tourism is growing at an unprecedented rate. The UNWTO estimates that international arrivals will grow 3.3% annually between 2010 and 2030, adding an average 43 million more tourist arrivals ...

World tourism is growing at an unprecedented rate. The UNWTO estimates that international arrivals will grow 3.3% annually between 2010 and 2030, adding an average 43 million more tourist arrivals each year. By 2030, the total will reach 1.8 billion. This presentation examines how Canada can benefit from this tourism growth and shares the Canadian Tourism Commission’s vision on how tourism businesses can realize this opportunity.



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    Canada’s international tourism opportunity Canada’s international tourism opportunity Presentation Transcript

    • CTC 101 – Looking forwardMichele McKenzie, President and CEO, Canadian Tourism Commission,Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, February 5, 2013
    • Tourism presentsunprecedentedopportunity
    • Arrivals to reach 1.8B by 2030 World International Tourist Arrivals, billions 1.8 billionSource: Tourism Towards 2030 / Global Overview, UNWTO
    • By 2015, arrivals to emerging economies will surpass those of advanced Emerging economies will add on average 30 million arrivals a year By 2030, emerging economies will surpass 1 billion arrivalsSource: UNWTO
    • Overnight trips to Canada Index 2005=100 200 Core (UK, DE, FR) 180 Emerging (CH, BZ, IN) 160Overnight Trips (000s) 140 Transition (JP, MX, SK) 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    • Futurebrand Country Brand Index2012-2013Rank 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 1 Italy Australia Australia Australia USA Canada Canada Switzerland 2 Australia USA USA Canada Canada Australia Switzerland Canada 3 USA Italy UK USA Australia NZ NZ Japan 4 France France France Italy NZ USA Japan Sweden 5 Maldives Greece Italy Switzerland France Switzerland Australia NZ 6 Greece UK Canada France Italy Japan USA Australia 7 Fiji Spain Spain NZ Japan France Sweden Germany 8 Thailand NZ NZ UK UK Finland Finland USA 9 Egypt Maldives Greece Japan Germany UK France Finland 10 Bahamas India Japan Sweden Spain Sweden Italy Norway 11 n/a n/a n/a n/a Switzerland Germany Germany UK 12 n/a Canada n/a n/a Ireland Italy Norway Denmark
    • MOST RECOMMENDEDDESTINATION TO VISIT“A strong country reputation builds stakeholder support, makingCanada a country people will recommend as a place to visit, investin, live in and work in.”– Nicolas Trad, Managing Partner, Reputation Institute
    • What we’ve learned
    • Since the 1940s…
    • We relied on three calling cards…. MOOSE MOUNTAINS & MOUNTIES
    • 1940s 2003…and nothing changed in 60 years
    • Needed a new frame of reference to makeeverything that potential travellers believe to betrue about Canada more interesting. Cold Inclusiveness Pristine ToleranceTODAY Natural Peace, Moutains Order Multicultural Relaxation Vast Good A Northern country Clean Safety Nature Governance Peacemaker Top of Mind Attribute Benefit Territory Value Role
    • And we wanted to find something that would make usstand out from the rest.
    • Research, Research, Marketing PlanResearch… Brand Articulation Field Research Positioning Refinement Field Research & Industry Consultations Hypotheses Stakeholder Interviews Desk Research
    • Cold, pristine, natural, Inclusiveness, tolerance,TODAY mountains, Mounties, peace, order, A northern Relaxation / Vast good multicultural country safety Nature government Peacemaker clean Top of Mind Attribute Benefit Territory Value Role Intrigue Beauty, Intimate, A life less A catalystTOMORROW? Freedom, Modern, ordinary Compassion, Evocative, Creativity, Lack Upbeat, of Artifice Clean Extra-ordinary Stories
    • The new brand launched in 2006…. Canada. Keep Exploring Connects the curious traveller with everything rewarding about a vacation in Canada —stunning geography, diverse culture and progressive society— and attaches that to the idea of exploration, the fundamental joy of travel.
    • A new look and feel
    • BrandCanada 22
    • What we continue tolearn and apply
    •  market share, revenue FREE SPIRITS potentialTarget CULTURAL EXPLORERS  age, gender, incomethe right AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCERS  travel motivators – trip type, accommodation, food,customers NO-HASSLE TRAVELLERS activities  preferred media sources for inspiration, planning, advocacy GENTLE EXPLORERS  what sorts of Canadian REJUVENATORS tourism experiences appeal to them  marketing considerations – messaging, voice, personality
    • Bringing Canada’sUnique SellingPropositionsto life through theSignatureExperiencesCollection
    • SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms for real travellers to provide us that powerful ‘advocacy’
    • Only20%of Canada’s customersmake it to the point ofimaging themselves inCanada.
    • Purchase decisions are vulnerable tochange – even at Point of Purchase.
    • A business modelfor success
    • Marketing 58%helps drive of the decision to visit Canada is driven by the tourism brand*visitation * Interbrand study A strong national brand is administered by Harris Decima. critical 32
    • We focus on markets ofhighest ROI whereCanada’s brand leads 2011 34
    • VSTransition
    • keepexploring.canada.travelnew consumer site – inspiration and information for the traveller
    • Business DevelopmentVisitor Entry Air Service
    • 89% Partner satisfaction 0.8 : 1 partnership ratio (target is 0.6)are an essential ingredient to success
    • Challenges exist
    • Competition Brazil Britainis fierceBrand USA Australia 43
    • Bolder IntegratedCompetitive Tourism Policy• UK announcing 10 M Pound Sterling investment in China & 150 new visa officers• Australia linking Air Passenger Movement charge to increased marketing in Asia
    • 45
    • Tourism Marketing Budgets of Select Countries* India† $222And we are Mexico† South Africa† $171 $168being Australia† $164severely Malaysia† $134 France† $112outpaced in UK† South Korea§ $88 $84our marketing New Zealand† $79investments Ireland‡ Switzerland§ $76 $75 Brazil§ $73* CTC research† Budget for 2012-2013‡ Budget for 2013 Canada‡ $61 $58M by 2014§ Budget for 2010 46
    • Full MarketWithdrawalActiveMarket Our world is shrinking…
    • Lemons toLemonade
    • US is already the gateway to Canada for all our markets. US Canada
    • We have big consideration hurdles. 66% Fall off Barriers: Distance. Cost. UnderstandingSource: P2P Research
    • +Canada……in reaction to Brand USA, promoting thedual-nation vacation
    • TourismGreaterRecognition of People ExportsLink Between NationTourism Brand Culture and GovernancePromotion & HeritageTrade Growth Investment and Immigration Source: The Nation Brand Hexagon, Simon Anholt, 2000
    • 2013 GLOBAL COMMERCE STRATEGY 5 Structured Sector Practices Aerospace Clean Technology (Wind, Solar etc) Infrastructure/Engineering Business Life Sciences Events Information/Communication Technology Canada 2 Key Priorities Natural Resources Agriculture & Food
    • Corporate site: corporate.canada.travel Consumer site: Canada.travel follow us @CTCCCT