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  • 1. the new concept of Hospitality for a reciprocal relationship between guest and host
  • 2. MISSION XENIA Lab accompanies the customer that strives for hospitality’s future. With unparalleled service and a team of proven ability, yet receptive and assertive, XENIA Lab delivers cost-effective solutions to drive long term commercial benefits to its partner, You. XENIA Lab is your life-long partner of choice and the new concept of Hospitality, for a reciprocal relationship between guest and host.
  • 3. PHILOSOPHY • XENIA Lab teams up with the client to establish a lasting working relationship based on trust allowing XENIA Lab suite of products to identify the guest and to ensure that reciprocal exchange of gifts between the host and the guest. • From the Greek word ξενία (xenía), Xenia is the concept of hospitality, or generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home. It is also translated as “guest-friendship” because the rituals of hospitality created and expressed a reciprocal relationship between guest and host. • The Greek god Zeus was also referred to as Xenios to indicate, amongst its many virtues, his role as patron of wayfarers – a person who goes on a journey or one who travels – and of guarantor of the xenía. Thus the concept of hospitality contained in the ritual of xenía, is spiritually embedded in that it created a religious obligation to provide a refuge to wayfarers, albeit themselves invested with responsibilities beyond mere reciprocity. • The rules of the xenía ordained the host to offer hospitality and provide food and beverages, to offer a bath and to wear clean clothes, or perhaps news from other parts of the ancient world. It was not permitted to ask the guest questions, not until the guest himself allowed it. At that time, it was thought that gods could travel disguised as a human being: had you played host to a deity and performed poorly, you would incur the wrath of a god. The parting gift proved the host’s honor to have welcomed the guest.
  • 4. COMPANY ORGANISATION General Strategical and Commercial Manager Product Management, Technical Web Web Sales and Product Development Development Marketing Account Development and Marketing Director Director Management Management Management Web Web Product Sales Product Delivery Developers Designers Managers Marketing Executives Consultants
  • 5. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA BOOKING ENGINE Xenia Lite Xenia Professional Xenia Premium Mobile Congress Golf Portal
  • 6. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA WEB Website Design and Build Content Management System Internet Positioning Tool Web Mobile Web Portal Web Radio
  • 7. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA CONNECT Channel Management Competitor Price View GDS Connectivity IDS (OTA) Connectivity
  • 8. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA Guest Relation Management
  • 9. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA Property Management System CRM Revenue Management System Food & Beverage / POS application Congress Management WIFI (hardware) application
  • 10. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA MARKETING Web Marketing Search Engine Marketing Web Tracking Reputation Checker Direct Email Marketing
  • 11. PRODUCT SUITE XENIA ADVANCED SPECIAL PROJECTS Xenia Academy Xenia Artificial Intelligence
  • 13. CONTACTS