Pan African Food Exchange
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Pan African Food Exchange



Nairobi 16 July, 2014 - Presentation by George Magai (PAFEXE) at the Fin4Ag Conference.

Nairobi 16 July, 2014 - Presentation by George Magai (PAFEXE) at the Fin4Ag Conference.



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Pan African Food Exchange Pan African Food Exchange Presentation Transcript

  • Pan African Food Exchange A Simple To Use Online Trading Platform Transforming The Lives Of African Farmers LAUNCHES IN KENYA
  • At PAFEXE, we strongly believe in a sustainable and bright future for Africa. We believe in trade, not aid and that through our business model, we can provide African farmers with the necessary resources and tools to increase their income and productivity, thereby alleviating poverty and helping to end hunger. Communication is key and that’s why PAFEXE is so focused on CONNECTING Emerging and Developed markets together. We know that our fully integrated value chain WILL make a difference and help transform African farmers lives. WHY?
  • •Africa holds over 60% of the world's uncultivated arable land. •Africa is such a vast continent with a huge population of approximately 1.3 billion, of which 70-80% work in the agriculture industry. •The platform offers the global food industry, manufacturers and service providers the ability to reach an untapped market place of 300-500 million African farmers. •The farmers need to sell and produce more efficiently. The platform offers a simple new way for them to significantly increase their farm income and maximise their crop return. It gives them a local, regional and global markets for their goods. Communication with the farmers will let us track and data plan for each farmer. They will be able to communicate as never before to maximise their crop and to learn what crop is needed (Rotation). They will be able to plan for extreme weather conditions. With increased revenue and improved education, the farmers increased productivity will improve their lifestyle. AFRICA? View slide
  • Pan African Food Exchange™ (PAFEXE) is the African online portal for the food security and agriculture industry. PAFEXE allows farmers in Africa to register free of charge to connect via smart and feature mobile phones or fixed internet with food industry professionals, input suppliers and service providers worldwide. PAFEXE and its many features connect developed and emerging markets together in a fully integrated value chain. PAFEXE is launching in Kenya and this will provide a benchmark for all the African countries we introduce the platform to in the future View slide
  • •PAFEXE is a fully integrated information communication technology (ICT) solution, a virtual, ‘peer-to-peer’ web based dairy and agricultural commodities trading exchange, networking and education platform. •PAFEXE offers users access to an untapped market of African farmers. Members are connected to worldwide partners and markets and have the ability to do business on whatever scale they want, whether it be micro, local, regionally or globally. •PAFEXE Information Hub gives users access to information needed from seed, post harvest storage, finance, crop care, weather, insurance including local, regional and global market prices etc. The TECHNOLOGY
  • PAFEXE CONNECTS: •African farmers to local, regional and international marketplaces (the Value Chain). •International and local food manufacturers, processors, traders, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to the farmers and global service providers. •Input suppliers, machinery suppliers, farm technology companies including irrigation, off grid energy and ICT companies to the farmers and global businesses. •Governments, foundations, farming organisations, NGO’s, research councils, universities and executive agencies to the entire sector and gives them access to vital Big Data.
  • A HYBRID PROGRAM All farmers have to be a member of our verified farmers organisations, Co-ops or NGO’s to be able to access PAFEXE platform. Each invited organisation we work with is running a cluster program which groups farmers into a minimum of 100 farms (maximum of 150) to achieve economies of scale. Each cluster is managed by a key cluster leader and several group leaders. Cluster leaders access the platform to trade on behalf of their farmers via our smart phone mobile app or fixed internet. All farmers have profiles published on the Exchange and although they may not have smart phones they are still able to receive text alerts, general and educational information and utilise a mobile payments service via their mobile phones. All farmers have free memberships on PAFEXE
  • REVENUE STREAMS Mobile Network & Payments Revenue Share Scheme •Mobile network revenue share scheme via branded SIM (or other method) to include data, voice, text and mobile banking payments. Fixed Monthly or Annual Membership Subscription •Monthly or Annual membership fees from organisations including input suppliers, processors, traders, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, research councils, executive agencies, NGO’s, foundations and Governments. Online Sponsorship And Advertising •Bespoke online sponsorships for commercial companies including banner and key words search advertising, private message mail blasts and text advertising. Big Data Reporting •Big Data reporting on a fee based model via the CMS.
  • REVENUE STREAMS Insurance Applications And Policies •Commission from insures of payments, storage, transport and marine insurances applied for via the Exchange. Finance & Banking •Finance & Banking companies will offer financing across the sector. PAFEXE will receive commission on deals agreed via the Exchange. 2.5% Platform Transaction Fee •Payable by all commercial members on any transactions carried out on the platform (Commission free for farmers).
  • SUSTAINABILITY •We give 25% of our mobile network & mobile banking payments revenue to our partners for the sole benefit of the farmer. •With our monitoring and evaluation system, we know that the money we give back to farmers is being used to create a sustainable future for Africa through inputs, education, irrigation and mechanisation etc.
  • LAUNCH EVENT The PAFEXE launch event is taking place 16th -17th October 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya and will bring together key leaders from verified famers organisations, co-ops and decision makers representing 19 African agricultural ministries, 19 African commerce and trade ministries, 47 counties of Kenya, as well as universities, research councils, NGO’s, executive agencies, foundations, financial institutions and commercial organisations. These invited attendees will be invited to become the PAFEXE founding members for the platform when it launches in Kenya this year.
  • If you are interested in becoming a founding member, helping to fund PAFEXE or have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: Email: TEL: +44 (0) 2071938414 Visit the Site: