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Nairobi, 14th July, 2014. Presentation by Charles Kiinde Mutuku (Mobipay Kenya Limited) at the "Plug and Play" day of the Fin4Ag conference.

Nairobi, 14th July, 2014. Presentation by Charles Kiinde Mutuku (Mobipay Kenya Limited) at the "Plug and Play" day of the Fin4Ag conference.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. BACKGROUND • Agrilife service has been developed by Mobipay Kenya Limited a technology-based company registered in Kenya and which is locally owned. • Agrilife platform; aims at facilitating linkages of agri-producers (smallholder farmers in groups) and other value chain actors to unlock their potential and open new possibilities in Africa’s agriculture sector via the mobile phone or web platform.
  • 2. AGRILIFE INTRODUCTION • Agrilife is highly data driven and this data is converted to offer solutions, trigger business opportunities and enhance linkages. • Agrilife being cloud-based can easily integrate/interface with any operating system to offer agri- technology solutions to facilitate & impact on farm production, aggregation, produce quality, traceability, access to markets, insurance, finance, etc and at affordable fees to the smallholder farmers.
  • 3. AGRILIFE’S CORE PILLARS • Collecting CREDIBLE DATA e.g. farmers’ bio info, farm status info, historical info & production info. • Creating farmers’ VISIBILITY to value chain- actors & enhancing LINKAGES in the value-chain. • Offering CONVENIENCE to farmers to access services when needed & affordably via mobile phone platform. • UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL within the farmers’ value chain eco-system.
  • 4. THE COMMON VALUE CHAIN ECO-SYSTEM Smallholder Farmers Farmer Groups / Aggregators Service Providers Farmers’ credit scoring engine Buyers/Processors/Millers Banks, MFIs & Saccos Underwriters Animal Insemination Fertilizer, Seeds & Animal Feeds Pesticides & Animal Health products Transport AGRILIFE PLATFORM
  • 5. BENEFITS TO SMALLHOLDER FARMERS • Farmers’ are credit rated/appraised based on current deliveries, historical data, farm –status data, etc to facilitate access to services. • Farmers can access credit services through mobile phone requests at their convenience. • Farmers on transacting at service providers via phone based POS (point-of-sale) devices, visibility & traceability will be provided. • SMS notifications to farmers on deliveries & transactions done in the value-chain. • Charges are not paid by farmers but spread to other value chain players.
  • 6. BENEFITS TO OTHER VALUE CHAIN ACTORS • Improved farmer visibility via Agrilife platform to enable better tailoring of products/services by service providers to suit the farmers and at affordable rates. • To vital value chain actors e.g. farm in-put providers, their payment is done in 72hrs for the services rendered thus boosting their business cycles. • Policy makers & research scholars will have credible data about the farming community, for better decision making & for enhancing of research. • Enhancing trade & information flow that benefits the interaction of value chain actors and farmers.
  • 7. TURNOVER ON AGRILIFE PLATFORM 2013 & 2014 Month Paid payroll Paid payroll in millions (2013) in millions (2014) Jan 0 288 Feb 0 90 Mar 0 77 Apr 98 76 May 150 29 Jun 134 22 Jul 48 Aug 33 Sep 88 Oct 129 Nov 101 Dec 167 Total(KES) 948 582 Total(USD) 10.77272727 6.613636364 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Millions(KES) Months TURNOVER IN AGRILIFE 2013 & 2014 Paid payroll in millions (2013) Paid payroll in millions (2014)
  • 8. DAIRY FINANCING IN 2013 & 2014 - 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec DeliveredMilk(MillionLitres) Months Litres of Milk Delivered (2013) Litres of Milk Delivered (2014) Month Litres of Milk Litres of Milk Delivered (2013) Delivered (2014) Jan - 9.60 Feb - 3.00 Mar - 2.57 Apr 3.27 2.53 May 5.00 0.97 Jun 4.47 0.57 Jul 1.60 Aug 1.10 Sep 2.93 Oct 4.30 Nov 3.37 Dec 5.57 TOTAL 31.61 19.24
  • 9. CONTACTS 2nd Floor-North Star Offices, Lenana Road-Nairobi, Kenya. +254 717 352739 (mobile) +254 20 2115725 (landline)