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Art 1 narrative portrait  artists
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Art 1 narrative portrait artists



This is an Art 1 October 7, 2013 slide show. We are starting on our Narrative Portrait project.

This is an Art 1 October 7, 2013 slide show. We are starting on our Narrative Portrait project.



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    Art 1 narrative portrait  artists   Art 1 narrative portrait artists Presentation Transcript

    • Art 1
    •  Bosch produced several triptychs. Among his most famous is The Garden of Earthly Delights.  He was from the Netherlands and was part of the Northern Renaissance.  Bosch is also one of the most revolutionary draftsmen in the history of art, producing some of the first distinctive sketches in Northern Europe.
    • Triptych: (three panels) “TheGarden of Earthly Delights” Bosch uses fantastic imagery to illustrate moral and religious concepts and narratives
    • Right Panel: Adam and Eve Detail:
    • Center Panel: Garden of earthly delights Detail:
    • Detail: The man is a self portrait of Hieronymus Bosch Right Panel: Hell and punishment of sinners
    • Closed: God creating the Earth
    • Triptych: “The Last Judgment” Detail
    •  Did not want to be expected to create “Indian Art”  “I did not find an interest in drawing traditional American Indian cultural icons. If I did, I changed a lot of the images and made them more intricate and interesting.”  “I wanted to create my own art on a new level and steer clear of the old traditional Indian style of art.” -StarWallowing Bull
    • Draws vibrantly detailed imagery in Prismacolor pencils
    • Incorporates historical and personal events, American pop culture, and Native American heritage
    •  Creator & Illustrator of Where’sWaldo books  "My earliest influences were cinema epics and playing with toy soldiers. I attempted to recapture the excitement in my drawings, which started out as crowds of crude stick figures." -Martin Handford  Martin was asked to create a book showcasing his talent, and the characterWaldo was born to provide a link between each scene.  "That’s whoWaldo is - an afterthought," he says. "As it turns out, the fans were more interested in the character than in the crowd scenes."
    •  As an artist Martin's Where'sWaldo books have been immensely successful  43 million copies worldwide  33 countries  22 languages.  "I can’t tell you how pleased I am thatWaldo has taken on a life of his own, I’d like to inspire children--to open their minds to explore subjects more--to just be aware of what’s going on around them. I’d like them to see wonder in places that might not have occurred to them."
    • Martin Handford was inspired by Pieter Bruegel (The Peasant Wedding)