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Info Night Slideshow

  1. 1. A Day in the Lifeof an 8yo Student Created by Mrs. Szeryk’s Eight Year-Old Class
  2. 2. MATH• Solving• Estimate• Addition /Subtraction• Problems• Rounding• Graphs• Money• Tests
  3. 3. ReadingIn Reading weLearned about the Part of a Story which are calledLiterary ElementsWrite summaries and responsesPost on Kidblogs and Edmodo and Have reading groupsAre doing Global Read Aloud (Charlotte’s Web)Make connections while we read help us understand the story better
  4. 4. Language Arts!•We wrote autobiographical poems•We learn about the Writing Process•We write various Paragraphs, including Descriptive Paragraphs•We Revise and Edit our writing•We learned about Transition words•We do Spelling•We practice Grammar in our Skills Book
  5. 5. IE•Raz-kids – we read books online•Writing – we study about end marks•How to write paragraphs•Reading – we read stories and nonfiction•Spelling – we practise every week•Journals – We write about anything
  6. 6. Snack recess • Snack recess is 20 minutes long. • There are swings, slides and a Bubble gym. • Also some of the games we play areescape, two square, tag and we also swing as high as we can go on the swings.
  7. 7. Cultural Studies• We learned the provinces and territories of Canada• We learned about the Native People of Canada and the European explorers• We learned how to read a map and make a map• We did projects of the provinces and territories of Canada
  8. 8. Science dissected an owl pellet learned about Habitats who needs an oak tree we are studying about biomes went on a nature walk made leaf posters modeled a cactus stems made out of paper and wax paper dissected a cactus to observe how it survives in its habitat
  9. 9. Lunch Recess •Lunch recess is 45 minutes long.• Some of us have home lunch and some of us have school lunch•We eat for 20 minutes and then go outside to play
  10. 10. Native and Foreign Languages: Slovak French German IE Support
  11. 11. SLOVAK• Read Slovak Stories• Write In Slovak• Spelling test• Writing In Fun Spelling Books
  12. 12. French • We are learning about family and numbers • We sing French songs like “Frere Jacques” and “Sur le Pont Davignon”
  13. 13. German•In German class,we go to a website calledAtanto Extra•We also sing German songs•When we learn a new word, we write it inour notebooks
  14. 14. Special Classes: Music Library PE ArtTechnology and Tablets
  15. 15. MUSIC In music we learn musicWe listen to musicWe play music with drums and tambourinesWe sing a little bit
  16. 16. • In Library, Ms Beata reads us a book• She asks us questions about what we read• We use rulers to hold book places and then we check out our books
  17. 17. We Love P.E. Very Much ! • P.E. is very fun because we play : soccer and tag games like freeze tag, fisher man and fish, and police and robber • We really like our teacher Mr.Slahor
  18. 18. ART IS FUN!In art we make lots of crafts, such asmaking a imaginary animals and clay beads and puppets!I think ART is the best subject ever!
  19. 19. TechnologyWe made picture collages of our summer vacationsWe learned how to use Word ArtWe learned how to save pictures and documentsWe practise typingWe learned about how to write good commentson the Internet and keep our information privateWe learend how to make and upload avatarsWe learned how to use Edmodo and Kidblog
  20. 20. On Edmodo and 8isgreat We first read Charlotte’s Web In Edmodo we all talk about our comprehension And on 8isgreat we comment on other school blogs or we comment on 8isgreat
  21. 21. Tablets• We use Edmodo• Sometimes we play games like Brain Lab, vocabulary games, and Minecraft• We watch YouTube videos• Sometimes we listen to our favorite songs
  22. 22. ActivitiesEvery day, we have activities from 2:50 to 3:40 Some activities are: Digital Photography, Animation, Drama, Cross-Stitching, Flat Classroom Project, Online Magazine, Capoeira, Scouts, Floor Hockey, Slovak, French, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Art, Dance, and Choir Then we go home!
  23. 23. Thanks for coming!
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