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94 beatriz, gabriel paixão, larissa, mariana
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94 beatriz, gabriel paixão, larissa, mariana






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    94 beatriz, gabriel paixão, larissa, mariana 94 beatriz, gabriel paixão, larissa, mariana Presentation Transcript

    • Body idiomsTeam: Beatriz Xavier, Gabriel Paixão, Larissa Tolini, Mariana CabralClass: 94Teacher: Carla
    • 1. Eyes are bigger than ones stomach.- Taking more food than one can eat.My eyes were bigger than my stomach when I went to the buffettable and took too much food.
    • 2. Get off my back- We use this expression when someone is criticizing you or telling you what to do allthe time. Stop telling me what to do. Get off my back!
    • 3. Look down your nose.- When you look down your nose at someone you think you are better or more importantthan them.Because hes rich he seems to think that hes better than everyone. He really looks downhis nose at people.
    • 4. A sight for sore eyes.- We use this expression when we are very happy to see someone or something.Hi Frank. Youre a sight for sore eyes. I havent seen you for years.
    • 5. To cost an arm and a leg. - To be very expensive.That shirt costs an arm and a leg!
    • 6. Give someone a hand. - To help someone.Can you give me a hand with this box? It’s too heavy to carry on my own.
    • 7. Keep your chin up.- To try to stay positive when things seem negative.Keep your chin up! Things will get better soon.
    • 8. Like pulling teeth. - To be very difficult.Getting Bobby to clean his room is like pulling teeth.
    • 9. Not have the stomach for. - To have no desire to do something because you think that it is unpleasant or wrong.I do not have the stomach for handling blood.
    • 10. Words stick in ones throat. - One can hardly speak because he or she is overcome by emotion.I tried to ask the girl for a date but the words stuck in my throat and Icould not say anything.