Successful Communication Strategies


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Successful Communication Strategies

  1. 1. Successful Communication Strategies at CSU DIVISION OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Quotation-CommunicationThen you should say what youmean, the March Hare went on.I do, Alice hastily replied; at least—atleast I mean what I say—thats thesame thing, you know. Not the samething a bit! said the Hatter.You might just as well say that"I see what I eat" is the samething as "I eat what I see"!„Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  3. 3. Why is it Important?•Communication is central in the lives of humans and ourengagement with each other•Even more so when we live in a world where computer programsand systems are designed to „communicate‟ and „respond‟ inways or contexts that put at risk quality communication…instantbut how effective?How does this relate to work at CSU? Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  4. 4. What do we mean?•Communication is a transaction between two or more people, withall participants having an active role in the process.•One person transmits a message to another and must ensure thatthe message is delivered clearly.•A recipient /listener takes delivery of the message and must be anattentive. Effective communication takes place only when therecipient clearly understands the message that the transmitterintended to send.• How does this happen at CSU? Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  5. 5. Key Issues?The six (6) key challenges posed by working at CSU•“Presence” •where are my team/supervisor/clients•“Spontaneity” •Expectation of response…instant, delayed• “Logistics” •CSU is BIG! Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  6. 6. Key Issues?•“Complexity” •CSU is complex•“Cohesiveness and Connection” •What is the connection…do I know you how does it relate to me?? •Whats in it for me??•“Supervision and Accountability”. •Attitude, motivation, direction, support, responsibility Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  7. 7. Three(3) Key AreasTo tackle these challenges you need to focus on three key areas:•Systems•Technology• Communication….how what ,where, why ,and when• But….how does this happen at CSU? The Systems Technology Message Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  8. 8. Tool BoxExamples of Systems/technology/communication•The use of CSU Communicator •Example•Effective use of Video Conferencing ( desktop and videomeetings) •Example•The Teleconference meeting- how to avoid “white noise” andimprove the quality of the meeting and outcomes? •Example•Meeting management ( 3 steps to planning an effective CSUmeeting- my 5 point meeting agenda) •Example Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  9. 9. Email!!!Email management made simple …start working “on” you Inboxnot in it!Inbox• Reply• Waiting• Mail Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU
  10. 10. QuestionsCommunication stratigiesThree key areas to work on • Get organised Systems • Use the right “tool”-training..get Technology prepared • What,when, and by Communication who Admin Future Focus 2012 | CSU