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  • SHCS only serves CSUSM students. We provide basic medical coverage such as general health and wellness, women’s health services, health education, counseling, immunizations and we have an onsite pharmacy.
  • Here is are Welcome message to our parents from our medial director, Dr. Karen Nicholson.
  • We are fully staffed with board certified physicians and we are an accreditted clinic.
  • Sh sparentorientation

    1. 1. Student Health &Counseling Services Cathy Nguyen, Health Educator Student Health Services SMACC Ste 100 1
    2. 2. Student Health & Counseling Services
    3. 3. How much is theStudent Health Fee your student pay every semester?
    4. 4. Every semester a $70 health fee and $60 mental health fee are paid as part of their tuition giving themaccess to health care
    5. 5. Student Health Services• General Health & Wellness routine outpatient services such as colds, flu, asthma, sore throat …• Women’s Health pap smears gynecological exam contraception or birth control• Laboratory services no cost: pregnancy testing, micro UA… low cost: pap exams, STD testing, physicals, blood tests..• Health Education counseling one on one educational outreach• Pharmacy low cost prescription and over the counter medication
    6. 6. Staff Members • 2 Doctors • 2 Nurses • 1 Nurse Practitioner • 1 Pharmacist • 1 Psychiatrist • 5 Psychologists • 1 Health Educator • 1 Medical Records Technician • 1 Business Office Manager • 3 Medical Administrative Assistants
    7. 7. As an incoming student, what are the 2 immunizationsthat your student must show proof for?
    8. 8. Immunization RequirementHepatitis B- 3 seriesshot injectionMMR-Measles, Mumps& RubellaYou must show us proof you had these immunizations or there will be a HOLD on your REGISTRATION for the next term
    9. 9. -Vaccination records from Dr’s Office/ Yellow Card-Laboratory blood test proving you are immune to MMR/HEP B: Titer-Make an appointment to receive MMR/HEP B vaccine
    10. 10. FAQ’s• What is the Student Health Services Fee?• Is there a co-pay for the visits?• How can my student make an appointment?• What if my student have insurance, can he/she still use SHCS?• Does the pharmacy provide over the counter medication?• Do you accept other prescriptions from another doctor?• My student has been currently seeing a counselor/psychiatrist, do you offer mental health services?• My student will be living on campus, do you offer the meningitis vaccine and how much is it?• My student needs MMR & Hepatitis B vaccine, how much will this cost?• Who has access to my student’s medical records?• Do you offer supplemental insurance?• What resources do you offer if my student was sexually assaulted?• I’m concerned regarding alcohol usage and misusage, are there any alcohol awareness programming or prevention?
    11. 11. Student Health & Counseling ServicesAll services require an appointment with a provider and are CONFIDENTIALCall for an appointment @ 750-4915Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:45 PM
    12. 12. got Questions? Email SHCS shcs@csusm.eduCheck out our website at:
    13. 13. Website Blog YouTube