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  • Image of test centre
  • Can be completed at any time in the review period (2 month window) Open book Can only be completed once Topic specific Compulsory
  • Repeating the study with internal students
  • 49 responses 107
  • 9% undecided for Understanding and ease of Use 22% undecided for more quizzes and use for answering different types of questions
  • Do students who used test centre perform better on their exams? 43% pass rate pass rate 2008


  • 1. What do students think about the Test Centre in CSU Interact? Dr Sokcheon Pak1 Leanne Hamilton1 Sarah Hyde2 A/Professor Jenny Wilkinson3 School of Biomedical Sciences Bathurst1, Orange2, Wagga Wagga3
    • Test Centre
      • Create/manage assessment tasks
      • Simple online quizzes
      • Multi-part assignments
      • Survey
    • OASIS was replaced with Test Centre
    • Autumn semester of 2009
    • Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
    • Nursing students
  • 4. How we used Test Centre
    • Designed to assist students to maintain their study schedule throughout the session and to provide ongoing feedback on progress in the subject
    • Through 7 online review sheets which overall contribute 14% towards the final grade
    • Each review sheet consisted of 20 MCQs randomly selected from a question pool
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7. AIM
    • To investigate students’ perceptions of Test Centre and the use of review sheets as a learning tool
    • Survey - Four 5-point Likert scale questions (1 = Strongly agree, 5 = Strongly disagree)
    • 2 open ended questions
    • Administered through test centre
    • Study used for DE only in Autumn session
    • First offering of the subject by distance
    • 107 students
  • 9. SURVEY
      • Do you think using Test Centre is a good way to check understanding of the subject material?
      • I found Test Centre easy to use
      • I would like to have more quizzes
      • Test Centre is useful for answering different types of tests (e.g. true/false, multiple choice and short answer)
      • Response rate 46%
  • 10. Open questions
      • The aspects of Test Centre that I found most useful were:
      • The aspects of Test Centre that I would like to see improved or changed were:
  • 11. RESULTS
  • 12. Aspects found most useful
    • ‘ easy to use’ ; one question at a time
    • See results immediately
    • Convenient; never failed
    • a ‘good way to check understanding of the subject material’
    • ‘ being able to mark questions you were unsure of allowed you to remember which ones you wished to relook at’
  • 13. Aspects to improve
      • Expanding the time constraint in accessing each topic
      • Making the correct answers available following each test
      • Developing more relevant questions for the specific student cohort
    • Makes a positive contribution to learning
    • BUT pass rate still low
    • Could be utilised in a variety of different subjects
    • Great opportunity for staff to further develop their professional capability