YAPC::EU::2009 - How Opera Software uses Perl


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In Opera Software we use Perl extensively.

From internal systems to high traffic web sites and browser-integration services like Opera Link and Opera Unite.

Most of them are mission-critical systems, up and running 24x7.

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YAPC::EU::2009 - How Opera Software uses Perl

  1. YAPC Europe ~ Lisboa 2009 cosimo streppone <cosimo@cpan.org> H õ w Õ p é r ã us é s P é rl
  2. Geek company We make a browser, but not only Engineering-driven Most of Opera employees still work in Eng Very smart people I am an exception Opera Software
  3. Opera browser C++, huge number of platforms Opera Mini client - server J2ME, C++, Pike maybe you have it on your phone Opera Turbo C++, Pike, speed up page loading Opera products
  4. C++ Kingdom Perl Republic Python Dictatorship Pike Islands
  5. PRL
  6. Opera Intranet Integrated with company-wide LDAP directory BCD Opera browser Build scripts Composer, to assemble custom versions Distribute, publish on the download system Statistics Browser downloads Opera Mini stats, hundreds of servers worldwide … hundreds of systems ... Internal systems
  7. www.opera.com Company institutional website my.opera.com Opera Community, browser add-ons, skins Support forums, photo albums, blogs, etc... dev.opera.com Technical in-depth articles Web Standards Curriculum labs.opera.com Public web sites } DML = XML + XSLT
  9. Auth.opera.com Central authentication system, user profiles, (soon) single-sign on Auto update Serves component updates Site-check Fraud, malware, phishing protection ASD (Alien service discovery) Opera Unite related, tracks logged in users Connects them together Browser integration systems
  10. Opera Link Recently added Perlbal. Cut 90% load. In 1 day. Browser integration systems
  11. ok, great, but...
  12. Very few people, but very noisy Usually young people Experienced developers don't care Tendency to generalize about Perl and Perl folks... Perl “bashing”...
  14. Python getting more and more popular “ They just know Perl, that's why they stick to it” “ Perl is not suited for large applications” “ Perl is a write-only language” (ever heard this?) “ Perl sucks” “ No interesting jobs” Perception
  15. We know what the reality is: Perl runs everywhere (and I mean everywhere) Large or small-scale applications … Python code can be horrible too... Python projects can fail too... Reality
  16. Understand better how Perl is really perceived and possibly why Expected 10 answers and some boos Got lots of answers (and some boos ) Survey: Perl in Opera Software
  17. Survey: Perl in Opera Software Most common reason for “Perl is awful” Syntax is too complicated Most common reason for “Perl is great” Syntax is flexible Make it an expressive language
  18. Survey: Perl in Opera Software Most people that complain about syntax have none or very little experience in Perl
  19. Survey: Perl in Opera Software 70% CPAN is an extremely valuable resource
  20. Survey: Perl in Opera Software 1% Strawberry Perl users
  21. Varies greatly “ Legacy” systems We're trying to build a “Quality Culture” Prepare to be shocked... :) Quality of Perl work in Opera
  23. We are the Perl Community! Aim for the highest quality Set documentation and coding guidelines in your team Respect them! No quick & dirty please We can make a difference...
  24. More CPAN Munin realtime statistics Storage subsystem Opera-core foundation classes More “modern” Perl Migrate majority of systems to 5.10.x More Catalyst? More Moose? Future of Perl at Opera
  26. Strive for high quality Write about Perl. Go, Ironman! Get your company (more) on CPAN Hire unexperienced young developers. Train them. Perl is never the problem. Call to action!
  27. obrigado! ¿perguntas?
  28. opera.com/jobs jobs.perl.org