YAPC::EU::2009 - How Opera Software uses Perl
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YAPC::EU::2009 - How Opera Software uses Perl



In Opera Software we use Perl extensively. ...

In Opera Software we use Perl extensively.

From internal systems to high traffic web sites and browser-integration services like Opera Link and Opera Unite.

Most of them are mission-critical systems, up and running 24x7.



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YAPC::EU::2009 - How Opera Software uses Perl Presentation Transcript

  • 1. YAPC Europe ~ Lisboa 2009 cosimo streppone <cosimo@cpan.org> H õ w Õ p é r ã us é s P é rl
  • 2. Geek company We make a browser, but not only Engineering-driven Most of Opera employees still work in Eng Very smart people I am an exception Opera Software
  • 3. Opera browser C++, huge number of platforms Opera Mini client - server J2ME, C++, Pike maybe you have it on your phone Opera Turbo C++, Pike, speed up page loading Opera products
  • 4. C++ Kingdom Perl Republic Python Dictatorship Pike Islands
  • 5. PRL
  • 6. Opera Intranet Integrated with company-wide LDAP directory BCD Opera browser Build scripts Composer, to assemble custom versions Distribute, publish on the download system Statistics Browser downloads Opera Mini stats, hundreds of servers worldwide … hundreds of systems ... Internal systems
  • 7. www.opera.com Company institutional website my.opera.com Opera Community, browser add-ons, skins Support forums, photo albums, blogs, etc... dev.opera.com Technical in-depth articles Web Standards Curriculum labs.opera.com Public web sites } DML = XML + XSLT
  • 8.  
  • 9. Auth.opera.com Central authentication system, user profiles, (soon) single-sign on Auto update Serves component updates Site-check Fraud, malware, phishing protection ASD (Alien service discovery) Opera Unite related, tracks logged in users Connects them together Browser integration systems
  • 10. Opera Link Recently added Perlbal. Cut 90% load. In 1 day. Browser integration systems
  • 11. ok, great, but...
  • 12. Very few people, but very noisy Usually young people Experienced developers don't care Tendency to generalize about Perl and Perl folks... Perl “bashing”...
  • 13.  
  • 14. Python getting more and more popular “ They just know Perl, that's why they stick to it” “ Perl is not suited for large applications” “ Perl is a write-only language” (ever heard this?) “ Perl sucks” “ No interesting jobs” Perception
  • 15. We know what the reality is: Perl runs everywhere (and I mean everywhere) Large or small-scale applications … Python code can be horrible too... Python projects can fail too... Reality
  • 16. Understand better how Perl is really perceived and possibly why Expected 10 answers and some boos Got lots of answers (and some boos ) Survey: Perl in Opera Software
  • 17. Survey: Perl in Opera Software Most common reason for “Perl is awful” Syntax is too complicated Most common reason for “Perl is great” Syntax is flexible Make it an expressive language
  • 18. Survey: Perl in Opera Software Most people that complain about syntax have none or very little experience in Perl
  • 19. Survey: Perl in Opera Software 70% CPAN is an extremely valuable resource
  • 20. Survey: Perl in Opera Software 1% Strawberry Perl users
  • 21. Varies greatly “ Legacy” systems We're trying to build a “Quality Culture” Prepare to be shocked... :) Quality of Perl work in Opera
  • 22.  
  • 23. We are the Perl Community! Aim for the highest quality Set documentation and coding guidelines in your team Respect them! No quick & dirty please We can make a difference...
  • 24. More CPAN Munin realtime statistics Storage subsystem Opera-core foundation classes More “modern” Perl Migrate majority of systems to 5.10.x More Catalyst? More Moose? Future of Perl at Opera
  • 25.  
  • 26. Strive for high quality Write about Perl. Go, Ironman! Get your company (more) on CPAN Hire unexperienced young developers. Train them. Perl is never the problem. Call to action!
  • 27. obrigado! ¿perguntas?
  • 28. opera.com/jobs jobs.perl.org