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  • Some tips of do’s and don’ts of powerpoint presentations. Follow these simple 10 steps to have a great presentation.
  • Be sure not to make the slides too busy; it will distract the viewer away from listening to you. Keep it simple and you will keep the viewers attention.
  • Putting too much information on a slide will cause the viewers to read the slides and not listen to the additional information you are saying about the points. Also maybe at a convention where you are giving this presentation a person asks for a print off of it and they can leave because all of the information is already up on the slides.
  • Be sure not to use too many transitions. It gets too busy and will distract the viewer.
  • Clip-art was ok to use when were in middle school and high school. Instead look for high quality images, and be sure to credit the persons photo. Also, do not use google images.
  • Templates are a great way to get an idea of what you want to have your presentation look like, but avoid using the template. Everyone has used them before and they become very recognizable. Do something that will intrigue the audience.
  • Use charts to help explain all of the data you are trying to explain. Visual tools are a lot easier to understand rather than trying to make their own picture in their mind.
  • Studies show that certain colors affect the emotions of people. So try and use colors that make the person happy about the subject you are discussing, unless you want them mad. But know your colors and how to use them t benefit you and your presentation.
  • Be careful not to use a font that is hard to read. Yes, some may look really flashy and fun but always think about the person in the back of the room; can they read it?
  • Mix it up a bit and throw in some videos, this will be sure to bring back the attention of the wandering minds of some people.
  • After creating your presentation, take some time to go through it and make sure it is in the right order and then it flows together, smoothly and makes sense as to why it is in the order that it is.
  • Cathy stahl top 10 slide tips for upload

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    2. 2. Simple NOT Busy Source: Image: 'Frozen' Found on
    3. 3. 1 Point per Slide Source: Image: 'The best part of backlit keyboards...' Found on
    4. 4. Thats too much... Source: Image: 'untitled' Found on
    5. 5. Clip-art is Cheesy Source: Image: 'Delicious Cheese' Found on
    6. 6. BE ORIGINAL! Source: Image: 'Background rainbow 2' Found on
    7. 7. Translate the Data Source: mage: 'Pi: The Transcendental Number' Found on
    8. 8. Catch their Source: Image: 'The job of the artist is to always deepen the mystery...' Found on
    9. 9. Make it Clear Source: mage: 'Snowflake' Found on
    10. 10. Intrigue the Viewers Source: mage: 'Green screen' Found on
    11. 11. Does this Make Sense? Source: Image: 'Brain cell(s)' Found on