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  1. 1. You are now in the: MERIT roomOption 2: If you have a microphone, raise your hand bypressing the button. You will be entered into aqueue. When I am ready to take your questions, I willprompt you to speak.When prompted, press the button andspeak into your microphone. I will respond to your verbalquestions.To move into another room –click onbutton and select the room that you wish to enter fromthe dropped down list.(hold down control key on a Mac).Main Room is the reception.Should you have any further queries, please email me exit this software go to ‘File > Exit’ (on a PC) or‘Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing menu’ > Quit’(on a Mac).Option 1: I If you do not have a microphone, type amessage in the box to the bottom left and press theEnter button on your keyboard.I will respond to your text questions.I am Chaminda Pathirage, the Programme Director. The agenda for this session is as follows:1.I will begin with a 15 minute presentation2.If you have questions as we go along, please either type them in the chat box (Option 1) or raise yourhand (Option 2)3.At the end of my presentation I will read through the text questions and answer them; I will also givemicrophone rights to those who wish to verbally ask questions4.I will start my presentation at 18:30pm, and will repeat it again at 19:05pm.
  2. 2. HistoryMERIT was launched in January 2004Professor Mustafa Al-Shawi’Brains behind MERITProf. David Eaton1STProgramme directorMERIT Programme director – January 2005
  3. 3. MERIT teamMiss Sarah RickettsIT supportRachel LilleyAdmin SupportVian AhmedProgramme Director
  4. 4. MERIT support and supervisors:Management, Economics Researchand IT
  5. 5. Current and Past IntakeLocation-Ireland,-Kuwait,- UAE,-Palestine,-Lebanon,-Jordan,-Saudi Arabia-Canada,-USA-Nigeria-Ukraine-Hong Kong- UKBackground– Industry based / academia or neitherReasons for leaving– financial or lack of performanceMore of the MERIT community onBlackboard
  6. 6. Admission and Registration- Entry requirements same as all PhD- But Must have an MSc- Must chose their local advisor in their country of residenceAdmissionsOffer letter issued-Prepares the inductionProgramme.Induction
  7. 7. All have 2 weeks induction-Meet the programme director (overview).-Meet their local advisors and supervisorson-line.-Train to use endnote and library resources.-Receive their timelines.-Receive a list of required reports.-Receive Research Methodology Training.Beyond Registration
  8. 8. Sulaiman Saleh Al-ShuraimLocationSaudi ArabiaProposed ResearchIn spite of existing contributions to resolving this issue I think there is still room for furthercontributions and improvements especially that the research will be not only library based for allthe previous literature involved but will also involve field work conducted on representativesamples of related parties such as developers, contractors, loaners, purchasers, leasers,lawyers, scholars, engineers, architects, building materialSupervisorPaul ChynowethLocal AdvisorDr Nabil Moh’d AliAbbas
  9. 9. Amira Myra KhattabLocationUnited KingdomProposed ResearchApplying the principles of sustainability to human activities requires close scrutiny of allsectors of economic activity to assess the changes that are necessary to provide for a highquality of life for future generations. Businesses, in light of their impact on environmentalquality and resources, will be scrutinized and evaluated. The sustainability of the corporatesector is dependent on a fundamental shift in the way resources are managed. This willrequire a shift from using non-renewable items to utilizing renewable products, fromdemonstrating high levels of waste to high levels of reuse and recycling, and from use ofproducts based on lowest first cost to using products based on life-cycle costs and full costaccounting.SupervisorDr Vian AhmedLocal AdvisorBob Von Bernuth
  10. 10. Local AdvisorDr Mohammed-Asem MalakSupervisorDr Gerard WoodProposed ResearchThe general idea behind the proposed topic is to get the Facilities Management best practices,knowledge, and requirements integrated in the Design and Construction Phases of a facility.Introducing FM (Facilities Management) from day zero, when the concept starts beingdeveloped evolving into a detailed design and complete contract documentation then enteringinto the construction phase through to handing over to the Owner.The abovementioned procedure should be carried out for purposes of optimal constructionprocesses, in addition to reduced operation and maintenance costs, increased efficiency andfunctionality, and a longer facility lifetime.As a result, the services needed by a particular organization and which are provided throughfacilities management, will lead to optimal performance.Location - LebanonHabib Bu Jawdeh
  11. 11. MERIT TIMELINEMERIT CANDIDATE: Sample student: Yr 2COMMENCE FINISH DURATION COMMENTS(Months)INDUCTION 19/01/2004 19/02/2004 1RESEARCH METHODS 19/02/2004 19/05/2004 3PROPOSAL 19/05/2004 19/08/2004 3LITERATURE REVIEW 19/08/2004 19/04/2005 8RESEARCH Part 1 19/04/2005 19/10/2005 6RESEARCH Part 2 19/10/2005 19/04/2006 6TESTING 19/04/2006 19/07/2006 3WRITE UP 19/07/2006 19/01/2007 6VIVA 19/01/2007 19/03/2007 2
  12. 12. Stage 1 (Research proposal)- within 3 months-20 pages-to clearly establish the aim and objectives of theresearch and the rational behind it.Stage 2 (Literature Review)-8 month-30 pages.-Contains the preliminary work within the research.MERIT Reports
  13. 13. Stage 3: Research Package 1-6 Months-30 pages report.-Include the preliminary works of the research andtechnical experimentation.Stage 4 : Research Package 2-6 months-30 pages report.Critical evaluation of the findings with respect tothe literatureHow MERIT works
  14. 14. Stage 5 – Testing.-3 months.-Summary of findings.Stage 6 – Writing up (6 months).– Viva at Salford.How MERIT works?!
  15. 15. Monitoring Progress
  16. 16. Date andtype ofsessionNotes on progress made to-date andfeedback givenActions to be taken by next supervisionsessionProgress reportMERIT PROGRAMME – Monthly Progress and Feedback SheetTypes of MERIT sessions may include –horizonwimba sessions, meetings, group tutorials,e-mails, phone calls, etc.Students should fill this form out and pass tolocal advisor to email to the MERITadministrator. These forms will only beaccepted if received directly from the localadvisor.SupervisorAdvisorStudent
  17. 17. Communicating the progress reportsProcedureStudent SupervisorLocal Advisor E-mail toPG administratorProgramme DirectorShared DriveShared Drive
  18. 18. Stages of your researchLearning AgreementInterim AssessmentInternal EvaluationVivaWithin the first 3 monthsA minimun of 12 monthsAssessment at Salford12 months after IAAssessment at SalfordAnnual progress reportSelf evaluation reportAssessment at Salford
  19. 19. Motivating Students
  20. 20. ‘Research Over Coffee’
  21. 21. Delays in registration.Technology and Culture (supervisors andlocal advisors).Technology.Change of admin.Students’ background and culture.Regulations !!Teething Problems
  22. 22. MERIT StatisticsIntake Registered Left Completed Progressing2004 7 3 4 02005 4 1 32006 5 1 0 42007 4 42008 8 1 0 72009 8 0 0 82010 2 0 0 2Total 38 6 7 25