MSc Real Estate & Property Management


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MSc Real Estate & Property Management

  1. 1. You are now in the: Real Estate RoomReal Estate & Property ManagementOption 2: If you have a microphone, raise your hand bypressing the button. You will be entered into aqueue. When I am ready to take your questions, I willprompt you to speak.When prompted, press the button andspeak into your microphone. I will respond to your verbalquestions.To move into another room –click onbutton and select the room that you wish to enter fromthe dropped down list.(hold down control key on a Mac).Main Room is the reception.Should you have any further queries, please email me exit this software go to ‘File > Exit’ (on a PC) or‘Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing menu’ > Quit’(on a Mac).Option 1: If you do not have a microphone, type amessage in the box to the bottom left and press theEnter button on your keyboard.I will respond to your text questions.I am David Baldry, the Programme Director. The agenda for this session is as follows:1.I will begin with a 15 minute presentation2.If you have questions as we go along, please either type them in the chat box (Option 1) or raise your hand(Option 2)3.At the end of my presentation I will read through the text questions and answer them; I will also givemicrophone rights to those who wish to verbally ask questions4.I will start my presentation at 18:30pm, and will repeat it again at 19:05pm.
  2. 2. Real Estate at SalfordPostgraduate Taught Course:REPM: Real Estate & Property Management• Who is this designed for?• What subject areas does it cover?• How is it delivered?• Why study this course?
  3. 3. Who? - REPM• The programme does not assume any prior knowledgein the real estate field and is ideal for new entrants to theproperty profession coming in at graduate level. Manystudents are, however, already working in the field.• The programme covers the workings of the commercialproperty market in both national & international contexts.• It provides a wide ranging introduction to all aspects ofthe subject area including property valuation, law,technology, urban planning, development, propertymanagement.• Students will develop competence in property valuation/investment/ development appraisal techniques and willgain insights into legal, economic, technical andmanagerial issues relating to property managementdecision-making.
  4. 4. What do you need?• A minimum of a second classundergraduate honours degree or• A recognised professional qualification in acognate discipline or• Significant relevant work experience• English proficiency - IELTS 6.0 forinternational students
  5. 5. What subjects?MODULE REPMSemester OneValuation & Investment Appraisal M1Property Law & Practice M3Semester Two  Planning & Development M2Buildings in Use M4Dissertation (60 Credits)
  6. 6. Course StructureM330 creditsM130 creditsM430 creditsM230 creditsM230 CreditsM330 creditsM130 creditsM230 creditsM330 creditsM430 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsM130 creditsM230 creditsM330 creditsM430 creditsTaught Module Research Methods/Dissertation ModuleDissertation45 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsDissertation45 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsDissertation45 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsDissertation45 credits1 2 3YearSemester 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3Full-time(Sept)DL(Sept)DL(Jan)Full-time(Jan)M430 creditsM130 creditsM330 creditsM130 creditsM430 creditsM230 creditsM230 CreditsM330 creditsM130 creditsM230 creditsM330 creditsM430 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsM130 creditsM230 creditsM330 creditsM430 creditsTaught Module Research Methods/Dissertation ModuleDissertation45 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsDissertation45 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsDissertation45 creditsResearchMethods15 creditsDissertation45 credits1 2 3YearSemester 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3Full-time(Sept)DL(Sept)DL(Jan)Full-time(Jan)1 2 3YearSemester 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3Full-time(Sept)DL(Sept)DL(Jan)Full-time(Jan)M430 creditsM130 credits
  7. 7. Assessment• All taught modules are assessed by written assignments: one or two pieces of work per module • The research component takes the form of a separately assessed research proposal followed by the dissertation and is undertaken when all taught modules have been successfully completed.• The dissertation is a major piece of work, 15,000 – 18,000 words - and is based on a topic selected by the student.  It is progressed by the student under the supervision of a member of academic staff.
  8. 8. How are they taught?Full Time– Weekly lectures and tutorials– Supplementary classes– Site visits– Guest speakers– Use of VLE “Blackboard”Distance Learning– Use of “BlackboardCollaborate” (formerly Elluminate Live)– Regular live lectures & tutorials, recorded for later review– Opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions– Superb e-resources: learning packages, e-books– On-line, e-mail & telephone support from academic staff
  9. 9. Further Support• Study skills & information management– Library– IT training– Student Life• Careers guidance• Professor and Visiting Professor lecture series(PVPLS)– Fortnightly lectures on Wednesday afternoonsheld on campus and on BlackboardCollaborate
  10. 10. Current TutorsJohn Hudson MSc MCIOBMark Shepherd MSc MRICSDavid Baldry MSc MRICS MCIOBJim Kempton PhD MSc MSt MA BSc MCIOBFurther information on staff at
  11. 11. Why?• Accreditation by the RICS– This MSc programme is fully accredited by the RoyalInstitution of Chartered Surveyors and allow you toprogress to its Assessment of ProfessionalCompetence– For more details of this please go to the RICS website(• Career progression, intellectual challenge,gaining new skills, personal satisfaction, makingfriends and industry contacts.• Develop your ability for critical thinking
  12. 12. Student Profile• Full Time students are drawn from across theworld including United Kingdom• Distance learning students are based inlocations from Trinidad and Tobago to Nigeria toMauritius to China to London to Manchester• Students’ previous degrees range from estatemanagement to law to quantity surveying tobusiness studies – all subjects can beconsidered• Graduates are working in FM consultancies, realestate consultancies, NHS, education and localauthorities, residential development companies,regeneration specialists, major retail chains, etc
  13. 13. Next Steps…• On-line application• Further information available online:–• Contact me:David BaldryProgramme Director: Real Estate & Property ManagementPostgraduate CourseRoom 424, Maxwell Building, Salford M5 4WTTel: +44(0)161-295-4499Fax: +44(0)161-295-5011Email: