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Nbad case study
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Nbad case study


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Transition to strategic sustainability atNational Bank of Abu Dhabi Presentation for CSR in Action By Belinda Scott, Senior Manager Corporate Sustainability April 2013
  • 2. Setting the scene Tipping Point 2 Pre-2006 Tipping Point 1 2010 Helping fund 2008 Transparency & 2011 infrastructure Commitment Governance Elected to General development; by Executive Published Secretariat of ADSG;sponsorships & Management: sustainability automation ofcharity; 1st CSR Stakeholder report with environmental data policy in 2003 analysis; forward looking & trends being Alignment with 2009 commitments; monitored; number Abu Dhabi Integration created SSG & of sustainability Vision; into BP&S for engaged champions 2006 - 2007 Founding strategic sustainability increased; NBAD member of Reporting on alignment; 6 champions recognised for ADSG CSR; Blood priority focus sustainability donations & areas; journey and entered health Commenced S&P Hawkamah ESG awareness; work on 1st Index at 8th recycling GRI aligned position; top 3 sustainability shortlist for IFC/FT report Sustainable bank of the year 1
  • 3. This is the past 2
  • 4. Transition in 2012 ADSG First Choice for External recognition as Government an accountable andParticipating transparent organisation; partnerships in flagship Up to 3rd position on ESGprogrammes 1. DoT – Transport Index;to influence Mobility Regularly featuring ingovernment Management Plan; sustainability-related policy 2. HAAD – Weqaya publications Health Strategy; Dubai Sustainability 3. Emirates Network Inclusion of Sustainability Foundation – in Internal Audit; Collaborating with Development of ongoing development of member National Financial Ratibi; Al Ain Call Centre; organisations to Literacy initiative annual measurement of develop tools to help sustainability maturity companies embed level; sustainability to be sustainability into included and cascaded their business through balanced scorecard 3
  • 5. Contributing to NBAD’s 2013 Strategic ThemeDelivering aPlatform forSustainableGrowth – what willthat mean for us?It means workingwith thebusinesses to helpthem deliver in keyareas of NBAD’sstrategy by lookingthrough asustainability lens 4
  • 6. From Concept to Reality –Our theme for 2013Some of our overarching objectives for CorporateSustainability in 2013:1. Increase NBAD’s sustainability maturity level by 20 per cent using the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group Maturity Assessment tool2. Sustainability included in the balanced scorecard of the bank3. Membership of the Global Banking Alliance for Women to help us identify key business opportunities around women’s development internally and externally to implement a integrated approach across all priority focus areas (eg products, career development, SMEs) 5
  • 7. Optimising value We will continue to use the 6 Focus Areas which have been tested and continue to be relevantPriority Focus areas Owned /delivered by CS Owned / delivered by the businessEconomic Performance Evaluate the wider contribution of NBAD to Abu Dhabi, eg through engagement with Abu Dhabi Economic DeptEmbracing New Develop KPIs for BSC to keep Publically disclose theAccountability Realities NBAD in the top 10 of number and value of Hawkamah ESG Index monetary and non- financial fines and sanctions for non- compliance with laws and regulations 6
  • 8. Optimising valuePriority Focus areas Owned /delivered by CS Owned / delivered by the businessInvesting in our People Develop employee health Increase monitoring of strategy supporting the specific HR data points; HAAD Weqaya programme identify risks and opportunities and implement changes to improve positioning as employer of choice and publish to improve transparencyEnvironmentally Smarter Monitor power, water, toner and paper use through QPR for all international offices. 7
  • 9. Optimising ValuePriority Focus areas Owned /delivered by CS Owned / delivered by the businessProduct & Service Collaboratories with Monitor customerQuality and Innovation businesses to help them /stakeholder perception integrate sustainability into their work eg Equator Sustainability assessment Principles integrated into Policy Review ProcessOutstanding Continue collaboration withRelationships HAAD, DoT to demonstrate NBAD as a partner of choice of government and seek further similar opportunities 8
  • 10. Please 9