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Performance and Capacity Planning

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Brochure Sp Monitor

  1. 1. Performance & Capacity ManagementSP MonitorGlobal Event Management &Service Availability Monitoring Overview SP Monitor is a solution specifically designed for incident management and IT service avail- ability monitoring. It provides real-time management of IT infrastructure events while cor-Who relating them to business processes. By means of powerful aggregation mechanisms, SPHelpdesk teams Monitor facilitates immediate determination of the impact of an event on the availability ofApplication owners applications, business processes or on the service provided to a particular geographic area. SP Monitor receives and stores event data, makes correlations and groups them within cus-Service Level Managers tomizable views which can be accessed via an ordinary web browser.System Support Managers + Real-time management of application availability + Instant evaluation of incidents impact on availability + Monitoring of service levels + Event-based service views + Push-Pull data interfaceWhyFaster incident processingReduced risk of systemunavailabilityEffective communicationbetween IT teams & managementITIL compliant (escalation &traceability)SpecificationsRemote web interfacePermission-based user accessCentralized database SP Monitor provides an immediate view of events occurring within any part of the infrastructure through a smart web interface.Simple integration with a CMDB Key FeaturesPush-Pull data exportPowerful and light-footprint data Functionalities Monitoring Mechanismscollection architecture Real-time event flagging & monitoring of Built-in and custom device monitoring (IP, POP, service availability SMTP) Data correlation & aggregation into intel- SNMP trap receiver ligent availability indicators SP Analyst agent event receiver (OS, virtualized User-defined, automated reactions systems, databases & applications) Top-down view of service availability, from an Sysload Log Monitor receiver enterprise level view down to a server-level view Custom event receiver (API) Incident and event reporting over time Agent-based or agentless
  2. 2. Performance & Capacity Management SP Monitor Global Event Management & Service Availability Monitoring Monitor Availability and Maximize Server Uptime n Real-time infrastructure event monitoring SP Monitor features its own monitoring modules which facilitate remote servers, SNMP device or web site testing. It also receives events from any Sysload module installed within the infrastructure and inte- grates third-party event sources, including SNMP traps. n Event classification for impact assessment purposes SP Monitor’s event correlation engine generates readable indicators in real-time that help assess event impact (application availability, services, user groups, geographic location). These events can be filtered by source, type, business unit, severity, etc. n Service monitoring automation SP Monitor includes both set monitoring scripts to track standard service level availability (IP address ping, HTTP, URL scan, POP server test, etc.) and fully customizable scripts which allow users to enhance their default monitoring. n Service level management SP Monitor facilitates easy service level management by line of business as it correlates lower level assessments to produce a meaningful indicators corresponding to a particular user’s defined objectives, facilitating proactive service level management without an overload of data. n Push-Pull data interface SP Monitor facilitates easy information sharing, compliant with ITIL practices. + Pull: API & web-services enable access to event lists and generate SLA graphs + Push: Customizable notification (e-mail, SNMP traps, scripts…).EMEA HeadquartersTour Franklin92042 Paris La Défense CedexFrance+33 [0]1 47 73 12 12 Availability modeling of an application SP Monitor logs all tasks executed by its distributed across a cluster of 12 servers. monitoring modules: IP address ping, HTTP URL scan, POP server test, etc.Americas Headquarters Compatibility300 TradeCenter 128 + Operating Systems: Windows, Unix (AIX, HP-UX, + Virtualized environments: VMware, AIX LPAR,Woburn, MA 01801 Solaris, etc.), Linux, Citrix, NetWare, OS/400 OS/400 LPAR, Solaris 10USA + Databases: Oracle, SQL Server+1 [781] 569 About ORSYPAPAC Headquarters ORSYP is an independent IT Operations Management solutions provider helping customersHonest Motors Bldg, 1702 assure that IT services are delivered on-time. Headquartered in Paris, France, Boston, USA, Hong9-11 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay Kong, China, ORSYP has more than 20 years of growth and over 1400 blue chip customers.Hong Kong, China ORSYP software, including Enterprise Job Scheduling, IT Automation, Performance and Capacity Management and also ITSM consulting services, are trusted and proven in some of the world’s+852 2575 5966 most demanding physical and virtual© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. 10/09. ORSYP and its logo are trademarks of ORSYP S.A.S. All other trademarks in this document are the property of their respective owners.Specifications are subject to change without notice.