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Performance and Capacity Planning

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Brochure Sp Analyst

  1. 1. Performance & Capacity ManagementSP AnalystServer Performance Management OverviewWho SP Analyst is a cutting edge productivity tool that helps IT teams diagnose performanceSystem architects problems and manage server resource capacity while minimizing their workload. With pow- erful monitoring and analysis funtions, SP Analyst offers real-time and historical dashboardsOperational support for servers, databases & applications.Performance analysts + Comprehensive control of server and application performance + Detection of operational incidents and root-cause analysisCapacity planners + Identification of trends and normal operating profiles (typical day, week, etc.) + Validation of consolidation/virtualization scenarios and projectsWhyPerformance and capacityforecastingIncident and failure risk predictionSupport for planning consolidationprojectsAutomated operations reportingEffective communicationbetween IT teams &managementITIL compliantSpecificationsStandalone, platform-specificmonitoring agentsMeasurements stored in an ultra-slim database embedded in theagentSupport for managing multiple SP Analyst dashboards provide precise, homogeneous and relevantviews of all servers performancesites from a single console in real time, 24x7. It measures saturation levels to highlight risks and anticipate problems.Open solution allowing easyintegration with otheradministration software Key Features3-tiered architecture with user- + Real-time data collection and incident noti- + Instant access to historical datalevel security fication + Profiling of server operation + Historical analysis of operating system, + Real usage measurementRemote agent deployment application & database metrics + Capacity and saturation measurement + Alert mechanism with user-defined thresholds
  2. 2. Performance & Capacity Management Key Features SP Analyst Server Performance Management Proactive IT Resource Analysis n End-to-end, 24x7 continuous performance monitoring However large or complex your information systems, SP Analyst provides a comprehensive view of the servers and applications installed on them. It includes real-time monitoring features that allow it to evaluate the quality of service delivered to users. n Incident prevention By automatically comparing the metrics collected with user defined thresholds, SP Analyst can reveal any risks of failure or performance deterioration. Detailed and continuous resource monitoring facilitates the identifica- tion of factors responsible for such risks. n Performance & capacity analysis SP Analyst makes maintaining server capacity easier by identifying any over or under utilized resources. Additionally, by combining measurements relating to previous activity and usage profiles, SP Analyst can gener- ate capacity and performance forecasts that are valuable for planning reconfiguration or consolidation projects. n Support for virtualized environments SP Analyst fully supports virtualized environments by measuring the performance of both physical servers and virtual guests. It is the ideal tool for maintaining complex virtualization projects and assessing their impact on infrastructure capacity and performance.EMEA HeadquartersTour Franklin92042 Paris La Défense CedexFrance+33 [0]1 47 73 12 12 Virtualization: base lining host/guests CPU load for one CompatibilityAmericas Headquarters + Operating Systems: Windows, Unix (AIX, HP-UX, + Virtualized environments: VMware, AIX LPAR,300 TradeCenter 128 Solaris, etc.), Linux, Citrix, NetWare, OS/400 OS/400 LPAR, Solaris 10Woburn, MA 01801 + Databases: Oracle, SQL ServerUSA+1 [781] 569 About ORSYPAPAC Headquarters ORSYP is an independent IT Operations Management solutions provider helping customersHonest Motors Bldg, 1702 assure that IT services are delivered on-time. Headquartered in Paris, France, Boston, USA, Hong9-11 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay Kong, China, ORSYP has more than 20 years of growth and over 1400 blue chip customers.Hong Kong, China ORSYP software, including Enterprise Job Scheduling, IT Automation, Performance and Capacity Management and also ITSM consulting services, are trusted and proven in some of the world’s+852 2575 5966 most demanding physical and virtual© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. 10/09. ORSYP and its logo are trademarks of ORSYP S.A.S. All other trademarks in this document are the property of their respective owners.Specifications are subject to change without notice.